Synonym of eulogising

Alternative for eulogising


praise formally and eloquently


Present participle for to praise, celebrate or pay homage to (someone), especially in an eloquent formal eulogy
acclaiming extolling lauding applauding complimenting panegyrizing praising commending exalting glorifying magnifying ballyhooing praising enthusiastically blessing celebrating enthusing about enthusing over flattering gushing about gushing over hailing hymning idolising idolizing paying tribute to raving over rhapsodising rhapsodizing rhapsodizing about rhapsodizing over singing waxing lyrical about going into raptures about going into raptures over heaping praise on raving about bigging something up bigging up crying up expressing delight over going on about going wild about singing praises throwing bouquets at waxing lyrical giving a bouquet giving a posy praising to the skies singing the praises of honouring honoring emblazoning saluting lionizing admiring paying homage to cracking up lionising worshiping worshipping venerating speaking highly of making much of cheering aggrandizing toasting resounding revering appreciating boosting recommending carolling caroling touting reverencing accrediting expressing admiration for adoring raving approving esteeming congratulating approving of handing it to welcoming valuing commemorating dignifying ennobling hearing it for putting on a pedestal stroking looking up to distinguishing expressing approval of building up speaking well of recognizing taking one's hat off to clapping endorsing recognising sanctioning pushing puffing up saying nice things about singing paeans to encouraging favoring adulating favouring looking on with favour gushing vaunting enthusing respecting feting drooling effusing fussing slobbering hallowing promoting rooting countenancing prizing advocating subliming uprearing erecting supporting cracking someone up plugging rooting for proclaiming immortalizing hero-worshipping enshrining immortalising sounding the praises of effervescing sanctifying felicitating apotheosizing decorating accepting crediting observing espousing backing giving it up for giving accolades to giving credit to showing appreciation of approbating championing giving the nod to giving bouquet giving key to city urging adopting advising vouching for taking to taking a shine to receiving gladly pressing for thinking well of taking a liking to subscribing to going over the top holding in high esteem OKing holding in high regard tilting toward regarding highly campaigning for standing up for giving glad hand lobbying for caring for arguing for rolling out red carpet bucking for okaying rubber-stamping flashing on placing on a pedestal belauding memorializing mobbing building mentioning hurrahing hurraying bragging about affirming upholding publicizing solemnizing bestowing honour on showing appreciation for pedestalizing paying respects to paying respects giving approval giving kudos solemnising memorialising signalising publicising signalizing giving a boost to making a fuss over making a fuss of showing respect singing praises of taking off hat to citing regarding considering rating highly deifying enhancing elevating thanking expressing approval for going into ecstasies thinking highly of going on holding in respect augmenting bubbling over intensifying setting on a pedestal transfiguring lifting haloing holding in awe setting on pedestal giving thanks to rolling out the red carpet bubbling going mad going into raptures going wild going crazy glamorizing increasing romanticizing canonizing idealizing giving a round of applause giving a big hand giving a standing ovation giving a hand showing appreciation giving ovation putting your hands together expressing respect for glamouring up glamourizing adorning lifting up adding dignity to raising talking excitedly showing enthusiasm getting all worked up hugging acknowledging adding distinction to heroizing falling all over making a to-do carrying on about adding lustre to canonising hiking idealising glamorising romanticising patting on back giving a big cigar wishing happy returns wishing joy to giving regards wishing one well rejoicing with putting up eulogising loving cherishing treasuring holding in esteem praying to thinking much of having a high opinion of holding dear giving recognition to bowing down to offering prayers to singing praises to setting store by setting great store by valuing highly rating enthroning liking beatifying holding sacred marveling at thinking the world of having a high regard for expressing admiration of holding high publishing trumpeting celebritizing enskying divinizing remembering keeping illuminating mythifying giving praise to consecrating showing gratitude to setting much store by thinking of embracing making famous doting on bowing down before marking wondering at holding in the highest regard thinking a lot of relishing extolling the virtues of attaching importance to holding in regard apprising apprizing counting guarding placing a high value on attaching great importance to setting a high value on appreciating greatly standing in awe of suggesting proposing offering propositioning tabling posing proffering advancing nominating tipping prescribing presenting submitting seconding beating the drum for going on record for looking with favour on fronting for speaking favourably of standing by holding up putting forward putting in a good word giving a tip offering a suggestion putting in a good word for tipping off


Of or pertaining to praise, or the expression of praise
laudatory adulatory approving complimentary eulogistic acclamatory approbatory commendatory panegyrical extolling admiring celebratory congratulatory encomiastic flattering fulsome glorifying glowing panegyric praising approbative encomiastical laudative praiseful rave raving sycophantic full of praise appreciative honeyed friendly favorable good applauding saccharine sugary positive plauditory celebrating kind well-wishing polite favourable courtly highly favourable fawning civil gracious unctuous honoring respectful honouring fair-spoken highly favorable with high praise with highest recommendation eulogising sympathetic enthusiastic commending supportive ingratiating rapturous recommendatory obsequious bootlicking encouraging oily oleaginous smarmy generous smooth adoring worshipping idolizing worshipful servile pleased cajoling honey-tongued agreeable accepting worshiping rhapsodic silver-tongued affirmative sweet-talking soft-soaping lionizing idolising gushing gushy satisfied receptive cloying toadyish nauseating lionising hagiographical soapy hagiographic keen becoming suitable deferential reassuring flannelling blarneying condign crawling gratifying creeping commendable appreciating well-disposed acclaiming esteeming advisory warm reverential blandishing excellent great fine ecstatic supreme slavish high toadying sensitive responsive highly complimentary understanding conscious aware very happy extravagant knowledgeable mindful excessive inordinate overdone regardful perceptive cognizant immoderate lavish cordial cooperative enlightened alive affectionate considerate profuse extensive liberal ample over-appreciative sickening effusive buttery insincere in the know OTT gross magniloquent hypocritical bombastic slick grandiloquent slimy mealy-mouthed canting glib coarse suave overgenerous wheedling sanctimonious over the top sugarcoated sweet persuasive pleasing sweet-sounding


Enthusiastic and public praise
acclaim applause praise approval kudos ovation tribute acclamation accolade approbation commendation plaudits celebration cheers homage honour laurels accolades admiration cheering clapping congratulations encomium flattery panegyric salutes welcome adulation bays bouquets compliment credit distinction eulogy exaltation glory honor laud laudation props sun eulogium extolment testimonial acknowledgement acknowledgment compliments PR puff rave recognition strokes stroking pumping up a pat on the back pat on the back pat on the head respect appreciation favour tributes favor plaudit support éclat brownie points eulogising laudations eulogies eulogiums encomiums panegyrics extolments adulations esteem paeans suns citations pats on the back ovations testimonials salutations hymns regard fame prestige glorification dithyrambs veneration renown eminence illustriousness worship adoration repute devotion reverence cheerings raves obeisance deference notability dignity awards decorations congratulation lionization deification popularity consideration greatness importance fealty lionisation privilege cheer clappings note pride reputations recommendations attentions big ups merits names nobility elevation canonization trust rounds of applause good name thanks stardom high regard hands blue ribbons welcomes good words prizes gratitude reputation idolization name awe attention standing ovations plumes mentions immortalizations aggrandizements commemorations apotheoses premiums aggrandisements cachets salvos immortality hurrahs rooting acceptance encouragement estimation endorsement notices gifts strokings celebrities hat tips liking a hand a round of applause sanction idolatry aggrandizement merit cachet a big hand blandishments pre-eminence immortalization apotheosis love triumph success commemoration aggrandisement good image high standing rewards good reputation ravings hail estimations validation sycophancies bravos boosts cries handclapping testaments offerings presents memorials enthusiasm standing Os shoutings jubilation roars gold stars ascendancy celebrity réclame lusters lustres honours assent surprise wonder a slap on the back shots in the arm honorable mentions stampings pleasure delight affection ascendancies ratification astonishment amazement account luster charge biddings lustre okay blessing imprimatur OK wonderment honors decoration courtesy blarney cajolery warm fuzzies flattering remarks sentiment honeyed words valuing prizing marveling fondness marvelling bells concurrence consent permission go-ahead psalms anthems alleluias odes songs peans allegiances services faithfulness genuflections duty courts loyalty troths kneelings fidelity big up feather in cap blue ribbon gold star great respect hand stamping good press the nod a standing ovation round of applause big hand standing ovation clean bill of health hero-worship admiring lionizing idolizing rank quality styles superiority worth excellence preeminence flair manners accounts consequences badges perfection honoring high opinion court good opinion puffing up honouring titles palms worshiping sycophancy worshipping praising fawning magnifying blandishment bootlicking magnification lionising hero worship idolising extravagant flattery audation servile flattery fulsome praise

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