Synonym of even tempered


Remaining calm even in situations that would cause many others to become angry, frustrated, panicky, etc.
calm composed level-headed placid serene equable imperturbable steady tranquil unexcitable unruffled cool cool-headed peaceful easy-going mellow mild poised unbothered untroubled unworried relaxed stable together unflappable unflustered collected complacent easygoing equanimous laid-back patient unfazed well balanced self-possessed unperturbed cool, calm and collected undisturbed unagitated coolheaded sedate unemotional dispassionate unmoved nonchalant nonplussed quiet unshaken self-composed at ease levelheaded chilled self-controlled possessed level phlegmatic smooth equal recollected easy sober limpid as cool as a cucumber reasonable sensible balanced rational temperate tolerant confident insouciant controlled assured casual stoical stolid moderate impassive sane grounded indulgent at peace even realistic practical mature sound still wise commonsensical forbearing blithe carefree cool as a cucumber happy-go-lucky self-assured unexcited amenable lenient unconcerned stoic good-natured unhurried pragmatic halcyon circumspect gentle dependable pacific judicious businesslike prudent philosophical complaisant detached reliable unaffected unshakable full of common sense well-balanced all there cool as cucumber clearheaded well adjusted agreeable understanding liberal considerate resigned accommodating long-suffering permissive undemanding uncomplaining unfluctuating discreet restrained free and easy civil benign hushed stilly lown constant restful accepting philosophic comfortable breezy keeping your cool measured unimpassioned disimpassioned stress-free mild-mannered centered centred calmed good-tempered well-adjusted balmy regular deliberate lackadaisical idyllic unchanging unvarying reposeful unperturbable logical sure sanguine uniform fatalistic with both feet on the ground secure well-disposed clubby neutral passionless in control nerveless straight with one's feet on the ground self-confident assertive consistent invariable in one's right mind enlightened profound deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical pellucid reconciled content resting fair satisfied quiescent flexible unaltering unalterable low-pressure affable devil-may-care keeping a stiff upper lip serious have one's act together not turn a hair sure of oneself quieted keeping one's shirt on soothed staid repressed suppressed undismayed thick-skinned smug self-satisfied untouched immovable broad-minded amiable easy-peasy enduring forgiving stabile orderly systematic methodical open-minded cordial good-humoured good-humored pleasant generous indolent uncritical lazy hang-loose offhand outgiving informal uninhibited persistent kind persevering peaceable roll with punches hard as nails stiff upper lip sober-minded sobersided submissive untiring inexcitable mild-tempered longanimous passive coherent lucid bovine no-nonsense normal fortitudinous docile irenic self-restrained compos mentis in possession of all your faculties down-to-earth matter-of-fact right of sound mind clear-headed able to reason clearly sound of mind having all marbles mentally sound with both one's feet on the ground able to think clearly right in the head hard-headed regulated reserved conservative unexcessive warm medium modest muted checked unextreme curbed with the patience of Job deliberative farsighted formal dignified undemonstrative cold aloof distant indifferent fearless reticent proper seemly decorous somber positive inhibited stiff solemn sure of yourself stately demure sombre self-contained self-reliant taciturn prim unresponsive self-asserting bold frigid unvexed laid back emotionless grave apathetic urbane unstirred uncommunicative brave gutsy remote unfeeling courageous retiring shy unapproachable secretive cold-blooded close-mouthed withdrawn close diffident cautious upbeat unhesitating dauntless standoffish soft-spoken misanthropic solitary backward uncompanionable conventional bashful icy ceremonious noncommittal reclusive offish eremitic poker-faced constrained disinterested guarded believing in oneself undaunted resolute lax leisurely firm conciliatory uninterrupted suave unbroken unanxious blasé elegant impassible certain unflurried clinical callous unflinching numb affectless unsentimental intrepid audacious insensible trouble-free without a care in the world unafraid settled impersonal serious-minded can-do filled with aplomb gung ho heartless commanding authoritative cocksure unsympathetic overconfident nonpassionate objective hard-boiled unswerving puffed up cozy not surprised unalarmed in a relaxed manner daring graceful plucky supine debonair blissful taking your time cosy in check tamed restricted disciplined limited contained fine undistracted easeful even-keeled happy unsurprised not moved anxiety-free loose silent euthymic at rest in repose not dismayed doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear earnest leisured fixed slack liberated free unrestricted compromising unceremonious unrestrained unrushed unsociable under control rosy high unforthcoming untaxing responsible private cocky believing expectant expecting hotshot hotdog undoubtful know-it-all self-secure hassle-free calm and collected good having both feet on the ground calculable unfriendly stand-offish pumped up unimpressionable stuffy unrestrictive inscrutable friendly stick-in-the-mud boring starchy media-shy chill coldhearted obdurate marble hard-hearted uncompassionate inexpressive blah insensitive deadpan listless flat glacial closemouthed chilly timid tight-lipped laconic dumb shrinking introverted self-effacing freewheeling understated downbeat full of oneself Olympian retired snobbish airy unpassionate laissez-faire unimpressible insusceptible perceptive unconfused cold sober analytical scientific heedless solid uncaring non-restrictive unrevealing hardened dry indurated spiritless gay sunny light-hearted along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches tough abstract iceberg low-key lacking concern pococurante buoyant unserious incurious uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous uninterested strong live-and-let-live non-emotional chilled out fast unfaltering unerring safe thoughtless careless cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less self-sufficient free from worry free from care staunch steadfast unwavering surefooted sure-footed self-assertive self-respecting impartial unbiased uninvolved honest uncolored nondiscriminating even-handed independent without favor on-the-fence evenhanded nonpartisan unslanted fair-minded unbigoted nondiscriminatory unprejudiced nonaligned disconnected equitable


(of a person or action) Pleasant or kind in nature
sweet kind agreeable friendly gentle kindly pleasant caring compassionate considerate genial good-natured lovable nice personable affable amiable benevolent congenial cordial kind-hearted lovely amicable approachable cheerful gracious likable likeable mellow soft sympathetic tender thoughtful warm charming delightful easygoing engaging obliging prepossessing unassuming understanding unpresumptuous warm-hearted winsome accommodating appealing bighearted big-hearted goodhearted good-hearted good-humored good-humoured good-tempered kindhearted large-hearted mild-mannered sociable softhearted soft-hearted sweet-natured tenderhearted tender-hearted tolerant warmhearted affectionate captivating enchanting sweet-tempered taking winning as nice as pie companionable generous harmless helpful loving mild mushy patient reasonable sensitive simpatico unselfish well-disposed barley-sugar decent good wonderful modest well meaning humble well intentioned swell ingratiating respectful self-effacing jovial neighbourly magnanimous charitable supportive lenient happy acquiescent altruistic moderate easy breezy complaisant compliant marshmallow softie neighborly willing to please well disposed favourably disposed easy-going benign hospitable convivial courteous pleasing polite civil social gregarious humane comradely merciful amenable conversable unreserved easy to get along with beneficent benignant clubbable all heart accessible couthy attractive clubby buddy-buddy urbane giving cheery munificent greathearted responsive noble indulgent outgoing philanthropical righteous humanitarian chirpy bleeding-heart liberal great-hearted philanthropic well-mannered open bonhomous communicative perky civilized welcoming chummy calm matey harmonious mannerly civilised favourable favorable honest respectable upright ethical all right honourable virtuous honorable feeling moral selfless angelic benefic maternal motherly fatherly upstanding just principled propitious regardful clement forbearing cooperative downright neighborly chivalrous pitying princely big public-spirited easy to get on with gallant sensible peaceful charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable temperate assent informal natural pally relaxed uninhibited approving good-looking expansive forgiving presentable hearty compatible cozy copacetic handsome regular cosy kindred empathic commiserative empathetic like-minded canny nice-looking bonny pretty broad-minded open-minded sentimental human palsy-walsy company-loving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat elevated free moralistic high-minded conscientious valiant goodish fair lofty great self-sacrificing high heroic lordly wholesome favourably inclined favorably inclined fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable shared public comforting eleemosynary unstinting soft touch brotherly tactful unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish bounteous attentive bountiful fatherlike heart in right place openhanded openhearted freehanded deferential solicitous well-suited sympathique well suited fond congruous amical consistent consonant good egg regular fellow right neighborly trustworthy community amusing popular familiar informative common pleasurable collective organized communal group entertaining polished general diverting receptive incorrupt worthy dependable peaceable right straight true organised societal clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean well mannered stand-up right-minded

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