Synonym of eximious


Exceptionally good in a particular skill, activity or capacity
extraordinaire outstanding extraordinary remarkable phenomenal marvellous excellent fantastic wonderful special prodigious stellar exceptional unsurpassed especial superior unequaled unequalled unexcelled unparalleled unrivaled unrivalled marvelous matchless notable peerless unsurpassable great impressive incredible magnificent superb breathtaking fabulous fine good premium sensational terrific awesome dazzling eminent super cracking distinguished mean wicked splendid sterling first-class first-rate tip-top top-notch unusually good world-class second to none of the first order of the first water pre-eminent one in a million extremely good in a league of their own very good memorable bodacious high signal fab phat boss amazing grand brilliant tremendous glorious sublime spectacular prime supreme divine lovely cool capital smashing out of this world superlative neat heavenly swell groovy topping stunning striking beautiful perfect wizard dandy astonishing exquisite fantabulous radical peachy choice dope corking brill ace stupendous keen wondrous jim-dandy incomparable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mind-blowing quality admirable magic ripping boffo famous noble accomplished bully amazeballs spiffing bonzer champion top-shelf slick par excellence transcendent mega consummate imposing hot supernal crackerjack astounding prizewinning bang-up gilt-edged blue-ribbon awe-inspiring high-class high-quality staggering delightful top high-grade exemplary nifty top-hole classic dynamite topflight bosting primo immense preeminent bumper banner crucial prize unique select blue-chip first-string five-star gilt-edge dreamy out-of-sight number one top-of-the-line numero uno far out peachy keen of high quality rare worthy unmatched miraculous on fleek sovereign elite frontline gangbusters hype gangbuster gorgeous rad brag down brave bonnie bonny spanking gone majestic renowned sound formidable def singular righteous fabby captivating enchanting marvy beaut surpassing four-star bewitching dramatic unbelievable beezer goodly lank kif A-OK of the highest quality of the highest standard towering illustrious enviable topnotch bad vintage unreal tiptop applaudable celebrated commendable laudable deluxe fantastical ideal jaw-dropping best eye-popping greatest flawless unbeatable startling mind-boggling faultless magical tops arresting crack monumental A-1 without equal out of sight beyond compare inimitable valuable elegant invaluable thrilling class exclusive desirable noted attractive priceless inspired top-level fancy meritorious estimable praiseworthy fairytale-like standout advanced crowning dominant lofty really good premier charming better A1 optimum nonpareil chillin' sik eye-opening exo untouchable too good to be true effusive highest extreme winning excessive portentous inflated exaggerated worthiest quintessential splendorous resplendent fascinating of a high standard uppermost moving confounding far-out zero cool surprising lavish luxurious top-drawer sumptuous of the highest order above and beyond of highest order dreamlike charmed spellbinding coruscating mighty greater colossal entrancing radiant to die for beyond description beyond words unforgettable sweet unexampled virtuoso skilful skillful masterful masterly bigger than life mythical immortal famed awing nice overwhelming only scrumptious delectable proper top-quality banging leading schmick refined cream star stupefying intense humbling rockin belting pearler lead awesomesauce improved enhanced barrie bosker flagship good quality high-caliber a cut above top-class top-grade top-tier unchallenged first class prize-winning award-winning eloquent agitating most powerful better than usual of the best quality better than average highest quality very best chur exalted good-quality finest high-calibre noteworthy way-out in a class all by itself too much profound something else stately top of the line top of the range extravagant eye-catching palatial august massive dignified reliable commanding prominent inspiring arrestive electrifying showy larger than life penetrating absorbing certified unmitigated magnific sightly mint legit outrageous enthralling exciting top-of-the-range able envigorating blissful competent unimaginable sensorial invigorating unheard-of mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating empyreal fabled beguiling out of the ordinary ethereal enlightening fairy-tale dream-filled like a dream come true

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