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expects, expected, expecting

Synonym: anticipate, await, hope, look for, suppose, think,

Antonym: despair,


Confident in one's own abilities
self-assured assured confident self-confident self-reliant assertive authoritative bold can-do commanding fearless poised positive secure self-asserting self-possessed believing brave cocksure cocky composed courageous dauntless expectant overconfident sure unafraid well-balanced believing in oneself puffed up full of oneself sure of oneself sure of yourself collected calm unruffled cool tranquil unperturbed unfazed serene cool-headed unflappable cool, calm and collected level-headed at ease together imperturbable laid-back untroubled placid unworried controlled undisturbed unshaken certain nonplussed nonchalant equanimous relaxed impassive unflustered equable unmoved coolheaded self-composed self-controlled domineering peaceful unemotional firm sedate unagitated level self-assertive decisive pushy bullish audacious sanguine strong-willed limpid equal recollected possessed smooth levelheaded unbothered at peace overbearing bossy even-tempered strong insistent forceful determined feisty unconcerned forward emphatic easygoing aggressive phlegmatic gutsy patient dominant imposing chilled intrepid upbeat doubtless unshakable gung ho imperious filled with aplomb cool as a cucumber as cool as a cucumber dogmatic demanding dignified urbane suave undismayed daring fierce ambitious elegant powerful casual in-your-face decided undoubtful enterprising implicit clear unflinching civil unhesitating militant zealous unaffected stolid easy spirited sensible stress-free mild-mannered grounded calmed commonsensical self-respecting clearheaded not backward in coming forward dispassionate swaggy hotdog know-it-all hotshot self-secure controlling unabashed plucky driven committed settled defiant resolved resolute self-sufficient nerveless surefooted sure-footed staunch steely steadfast dashing tough tenacious unvexed unflurried unstirred graceful strong-minded debonair philosophical stoical stoic dynamic mellow neutral centred centered passionless steady in control unexcited detached unimpassioned unexcitable keeping a stiff upper lip cool as cucumber serious have one's act together temperate not turn a hair keeping your cool quieted keeping one's shirt on soothed disimpassioned staid repressed suppressed amenable vigorous reserved mild complaisant energetic tolerant insouciant potent carefree balmy halcyon balanced practical stable lackadaisical pacific idyllic peremptory dominating rational reasonable wise pragmatic prudent circumspect mature realistic pushing driving restful reposeful sober businesslike sane judicious reliable sound dependable resounding competitive violent vehement full-blooded muscular go-ahead strenuous lordly optimistic cheerful moderate unhurried straight buoyant hopeful masterful authoritarian autocratic dictatorial well adjusted with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well balanced well-adjusted happy-go-lucky easy-going having no doubt unshakeable in one's belief trusting in no doubt secure in one's belief convinced satisfied unwavering with no doubts about masterly cheery bright tyrannous despotic tyrannic arrogant autocratical imperative magisterial tyrannical in good heart of good cheer enthusiastic disposed to look on the bright side happy ridibund lively animated officious doctrinaire complacent brazen rosy high go-getting high-pressure assaultive carnivorous pushful pumped up absolute quiet still restrained formal blithe even undemonstrative cold gentle self-restrained breezy free and easy aloof distant indifferent reticent comfortable proper deliberate devil-may-care seemly decorous somber constant inhibited stilly hushed stiff solemn lown stately demure sombre self-contained taciturn prim unresponsive frigid modest forbearing laid back emotionless grave apathetic informal uncommunicative indulgent undemanding remote unfeeling retiring shy unapproachable secretive cold-blooded low-pressure close-mouthed withdrawn close logical diffident cautious fair standoffish soft-spoken misanthropic solitary backward uncompanionable conventional bashful icy ceremonious noncommittal reclusive offish eremitic regular flexible poker-faced constrained resigned disinterested guarded accommodating all there undaunted lax down-to-earth long-suffering forgiving uncomplaining leisurely conciliatory uninterrupted unbroken unanxious content unfluctuating blasé hard-headed peaceable accepting impassible liberal uninhibited philosophic affable clinical callous numb affectless untouched unsentimental benign inexcitable insensible trouble-free without a care in the world discreet thick-skinned good-natured measured impersonal serious-minded lenient heartless permissive unsympathetic good-tempered nonpassionate objective matter-of-fact hard-boiled unswerving cozy not surprised unchanging unvarying unalarmed in a relaxed manner uniform no-nonsense unperturbable agreeable consistent invariable supine blissful taking your time cosy in check tamed restricted disciplined limited contained fine unaltering unalterable deliberative farsighted stabile orderly systematic methodical clubby undistracted bovine easeful understanding immovable smug self-satisfied even-keeled unsurprised not moved irenic docile anxiety-free pellucid reconciled resting quiescent loose considerate silent euthymic at rest in repose not dismayed earnest leisured fixed slack liberated free unrestricted compromising unceremonious unrestrained enduring hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unrushed unsociable under control persistent persevering kind well-disposed fatalistic sober-minded sobersided unforthcoming in one's right mind untaxing submissive untiring mild-tempered longanimous passive responsible private hassle-free calm and collected enlightened profound deep moral ethical deep-thinking learned good having both feet on the ground calculable unfriendly stand-offish fortitudinous unimpressionable stuffy offhand outgiving indolent uncritical lazy hang-loose lucid coherent unrestrictive inscrutable friendly stick-in-the-mud boring starchy media-shy chill coldhearted obdurate marble hard-hearted uncompassionate inexpressive blah insensitive deadpan listless flat glacial normal closemouthed chilly timid tight-lipped laconic dumb shrinking introverted self-effacing regulated unexcessive medium curbed conservative warm freewheeling muted checked unextreme understated downbeat with the patience of Job Olympian retired snobbish airy unpassionate laissez-faire unimpressible insusceptible perceptive unconfused cold sober analytical scientific heedless right solid uncaring non-restrictive unrevealing hardened dry indurated spiritless gay sunny light-hearted along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches abstract iceberg low-key able to reason clearly mentally sound able to think clearly compos mentis in possession of all your faculties of sound mind clear-headed sound of mind having all marbles with both one's feet on the ground right in the head easy-peasy lacking concern pococurante unserious incurious uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous uninterested live-and-let-live non-emotional chilled out fast unfaltering unerring safe thoughtless careless cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less free from worry free from care with both feet on the ground impartial unbiased uninvolved honest uncolored open-minded nondiscriminating even-handed independent without favor on-the-fence evenhanded nonpartisan unslanted fair-minded unbigoted nondiscriminatory unprejudiced nonaligned disconnected equitable


To hold an opinion
feeling believing thinking holding maintaining deeming considering judging assuming holding that viewing concluding figuring reckoning adjudging assessing considering it right esteeming estimating regarding adjudicating coming to the conclusion that opining guessing supposing suspecting presuming trusting surmising calculating fancying theorizing imagining daresaying presupposing postulating conjecturing positing divining forecasting hypothesizing ascertaining speculating foreseeing deducing thinking likely getting the idea thinking it likely having a hunch theorising hypothesising coming to the conclusion drawing the inference taking it as given taking for granted regarding as likely taking it having sneaking suspicion gathering conceiving rating counting understanding gauging calling determining gaging inferring evaluating reasoning perceiving accounting appraising seeing looking on allowing looking upon finding daring say taking setting down sensing deciding valuing appreciating regarding as thinking of seeing as sizing up holding to be looking on as discerning saying gleaning guesstimating weening viewing as summing up resolving apprehending premising setting anticipating interpreting as hazarding a guess weighing up decreeing classing predicating intuiting ranking ruling predicting reading valuating construing making suspicioning placing venturing suggesting taking for classing as crediting computing figuring out working out thinking of as having a feeling observing pronouncing realizing settling recognizing comprehending grasping extrapolating interpreting noticing approximating detecting treating deriving weighing cognizing savvying telling fathoming contemplating foretelling twigging getting knowing making out pretending discovering tumbling to counting on assaying philosophizing realising putting down as recognising philosophising taking stock in taking as gospel truth cottoning on to catching on to swearing by accepting noting declaring proclaiming establishing distinguishing projecting learning assigning arbitrating explaining compassing envisaging putting classifying registering pricing ordaining drawing previsioning ruling on announcing dreaming dare-saying assimilating reputing visualizing visualising numbering pegging decoding deciphering digging foreknowing forefeeling counting upon forming an opinion of allowing for taking it as read rating as setting store by grokking planning on doping out having an idea that taking as read believing to be deeming to be betting making of taking to be taking a stab banking on taking as a hypothesis getting the picture reckoning on bargaining for prescribing fixing setting at taking a shot granting advancing solving imputing propounding submitting ratiocinating syllogizing thinking about formulating a theory forming a theory asserting putting forward building on having an idea drawing conclusions conceding thinking it likely that having as one's opinion postulating that theorizing that proposing stating having a sneaking suspicion hearing taking it for granted posing ordering directing dictating taking something on board seeing through rationalizing differentiating seeing the light hearing tell rationalising stumbling on contextualizing feeling for contextualising setting forth asseverating defining hazarding reviewing classing as being thinking of as being forming an impression of casting regarding as being forming opinion looking on as being laying down the law commanding seeing as being passing upon viewing as being setting a figure on laying down making a judgement implying surveying conceiving of characterising characterizing describing grading sussing swearing inspecting admiring latching on to making a guess at making an estimate of picking out dreaming up picking taking a stab at cooking up taking a shot at going out on a limb having a sneaking suspicion of jumping to a conclusion refereeing umpiring revering falling for remarking commenting editorializing reflecting weighing in respecting factoring in factoring into providing for recceing entertaining the idea taking the view subscribing to the opinion averring betting bottom dollar swearing up and down buying crossing one's heart laying money on lapping up apportioning awarding sentencing charging auditing examining having one's number checking out figuring in eyeing up sizing checking eyeing looking over taking account of identifying picking up measuring positioning standing categorizing envisioning seizing scenting catching putting down for pigeonholing categorising marking down as buttoning down reckoning to be putting a value on tabbing guessing at thinking to be typecasting tagging judging to be finding to be considering to be including prophesying prognosticating apperceiving smelling beholding tasting auguring soothsaying looking at forming the opinion ranking as espying entertaining portending foreboding forewarning becoming cognizant of catching the drift just knowing coming to know getting vibes getting to know feeling in bones feeling in gut being aware of becoming aware of being cognizant of cottoning to becoming conscious of getting the impression getting the drift catching on having a funny feeling feeling in your bones taking in getting the impression of planning presaging vaticinating finalizing waiting for looking for spaeing figuring on auspicating seeing in the cards calling it seeing coming bargaining on prevising preparing for watching for hoping for seeing it coming having a hunch of counting chickens foretasting foreshadowing pre-empting psyching out contemplating the possibility of adumbrating containing involving entailing encompassing specifying confirming designating agreeing to editorialising authorising coming to a decision about authorizing squaring off naming nailing down calling the shots on agreeing on cinching deciding on pinning down settling on fixing upon squaring up finalising taking a decision on clinching estimating as feeling to be imagining to be calculating to be conceiving to be

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