Synonym of extending

Alternative for extending


Of, pertaining to, resembling, or connected with a peninsula


Extending a part of the body




The giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony
presentation bestowal award conferral awarding bestowment donation granting presenting according benefaction contribution delivery dispensing entrusting furnishing giveaway giving offering delivering gift investiture offer present donative lagniappe largess largesse handing out handing over freebie fairing handsel comp freebee grant endowment bequest handout conferment alms gratuity boon bounty charity subsidy hand-out bonus allowance gifting legacy perk goodie favour favor settlement benefit dispensation koha allotment accordance stipend lump souvenir philanthropy write-off premium stake prezzie tip provision tribute perquisite courtesy sweetener pourboire inheritance pittance hand honorarium hand-me-down baksheesh free sample disposal brotus pasella tilly promotion benevolence compliment gimmick dowry funding fund bequeathal revenue income concession reward token tithing douceur memento oblation bonsela offertory devise hereditament trial offer special offer property pension trust trophy free go free lunch complimentary ticket product sample free gift free offer free pass nest egg testimonial aid subvention payment assistance relief help beneficence subscription appropriation dole ration helping hand a hand doing one's part support keepsake heritage sponsorship birthright patrimony heirloom remembrancer welfare bursary bribe annuity scholarship estate dividend extra reminder treasure valuable allocation grace cumshaw throw-in gravy succor remembrance memorial patronage succour investment compensation gravy train generosity commemorative monument family treasure money goodwill gesture backhander fee charitableness dues service pledge indulgence service charge benediction mercy deed commission prize relic share inducement symbol extra payment abetment entitlement kindness almsgiving backing sustenance recompense dower finance grants portion cut kind act little extra bit extra windfall good turn good deed emblem act of assistance act of kindness memorabilia alimony fellowship little something graciousness zakat altruistism kickback bung tips submission financing funds thoughtfulness lubrication payment grease payment goodwill tendering conferring advancement antique something inherited widow's mite input altruism memorandum knickknack role supply munificence liberality devisal bequeathment reversion free meal donations vail contributions bonsella dropsy smalls gesture of goodwill olive branch friendly gesture one's part charitable donation handouts subsidisation financial aid indemnity subsidization tradition primogeniture heritance fringe benefit guerdon incentive percentage leg up gifts salve small change financial backing presents scholarships subsidies endowments bursaries turn something extra little something extra addition frosting goody ice blessing benison honor boost honour donatives benefactions financial assistance financial relief alms-giving boot money quota offerings gift-giving superannuation unexpected extra special compensation additional compensation golden parachute signing bonus sign-on bonus pay supplement assist tax deliverance comfort lot IRA retirement pension retirement fund retirement account fixed income social security retirement income welfare payment furtherance salvation skill slice talent duty measure amount charge take piece end proportion stint part levy impost helping limit apportionment remittance salary pay bite wage permitted amount taste budget interest permitted quantity pin money quantity customs ransom toll sign mark evidence index indication expression homage tariff excise manifestation representation badge demonstration proof note token of remembrance something to remember someone by something precious earnest clue recognition attestation warrant sample warning pawn presage symptom significant gesture omen indicia security


Present participle for to increase in quantity by weakening or adulterating additions

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