Synonym of extremely bad


Miserable or unpleasant
the pits worst abysmal appalling awful deplorable dreadful lousy terrible unspeakable wretched chronic dire grotty pants lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps a load of pants distressing bad horrible horrendous unpleasant troublesome troubling disconcerting horrid irksome objectionable disquieting horrific worrisome discomforting miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable torturous severe stressful grim woeful unsettling forbidding revolting loathsome agonizing perturbing traumatic daunting horrifying foul humourless poor execrable harrowing detestable irritating sober annoying unsavory mortifying harsh vile humorless unbearable crummy offensive abominable sombre disagreeable upsetting odious repellent nasty repulsive gruesome repugnant dismal difficult uncomfortable solemn discomposing distressful unnerving doleful bitter somber disturbing ghastly agitating frightful atrocious troublous displeasing gloomy unsatisfactory unwelcome hairy icky stinking nightmarish unendurable tormenting frightening sickening fraught worrying obnoxious heartbreaking vexatious regrettable grisly gross hideous undesirable diabolical lurid macabre disgusting depressing nauseating unfortunate unacceptable grave sedate monstrous godawful tragical unhappy pathetic abhorrent tragic unappealing saddening repellant uncool uninviting awkward grody yukky cruel ugly yucky afflictive afflicting shocking hellacious affecting lamentable sour sad nauseous mean agonising off-putting beastly uncongenial unlovely nerve-racking unpleasing anguished unsavoury galling hostile nail-biting excruciating hurtful sorrowful heartrending grievous nerve-wracking painful gut-wrenching concerning heart-rending heart-breaking

Antonym of extremely bad

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