Synonym of familial

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relating to or having the characteristics of a familytending to occur among members of a family usually by heredity


Of or pertaining to a human family
domestic household ancestral family genetic hereditary inherited marital matrimonial ordinary everyday usual common ubiquitous frequent quotidian familiar commonplace routine workaday garden-variety run-of-the-mill domiciliary homely home plain homey common or garden normal conventional habitual standard regular customary typical wonted general stock accustomed traditional established expected bog-standard average mainstream homespun prevalent prosaic prevailing popular accepted unexceptional unremarkable settled recognized a dime a dozen universal daily natural fixed day-to-day set orthodox garden recognised garden variety mundane generic private acknowledged widespread pervasive dull homemade home-produced homegrown going current time-honored cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue chronic constant stereotypical home-based humble rife proverbial well-known modest characterless public admitted endemic stereotyped confirmed received simple middle-of-the-road so-so well established understood vanilla classical prescriptive fashionable regulation time-honoured no great shakes well worn long-established personal monotonous overall periodic collective ruling home-made home-grown predictable scheduled conjugal shared majority rampant acquired honored seasonal methodical plastic typic matter-of-course grind white-bread adopted hackneyed derived colourless nondescript unpretentious undistinguished honoured vulgar boring unmemorable uneventful uninteresting humdrum pedestrian superabundant OK uninspiring standard operating procedure characteristic same old wont in the groove playing it safe by the numbers sop stipulated according to Hoyle in a rut ornery run of the mill widely held formulaic inferior mediocre fair indifferent mean trivial colorless persistent congruous ten a penny two a penny terrestrial casual unimaginative banal informal cheap and commonplace whitebread nothing to write home about not up to much approved agreed nitty-gritty dime-a-dozen sanctioned acceptable authorized endorsed classic predominant touted prescribed preferred unopposed passed legit okayed authorised tried and true tried and tested agreed upon in vogue arrived at repeated known acquainted unsophisticated recognizable recurring native recognisable well known old hat common variety matter-of-fact


Between siblings


Existing in or as part of a tradition
traditional historical ancestral conservative established former orthodox past traditionalistic ancient folk historic old prior bygone family archconservative brassbound lineal paleoconservative reactionary standpat ultraconservative unprogressive long-established old-fashioned oral unwritten button-down buttoned-down handed-down old-school from the past of yore old-line old-style old-world die-hard hidebound mossbacked outdated outmoded out-of-date conventional traditionalist diehard right bourgeois conformist Tory fogyish illiberal rightist right-wing dyed-in-the-wool inflexible unimaginative strait-laced unchanging retrograde stuffy timid fuddy-duddy unadventurous firm uncreative narrow-minded vintage antique stable quaint sober quiet guarded controlled steady redneck undaring unchangeable obstinate constant fearful unreconstructed square straight middle-of-the-road backward-looking old-time classical blimpish common old line old guard white bread holding to not extreme hard hat ordinary unrepentant inveterate unapologetic nostalgic right of center in a rut suburban rigid ultra-conservative staid parochial retrospective unreformed archaic uncompromising formal antiquarian middle-class strict obsolete dated prudent cautious unenterprising careful accepted alt-right retro old-timey oldfangled mainstream predictable safe intolerant Birchite intransigent philistine obscurantist boring proper correct retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary fundamentalist small-town doctrinal Pooterish ceremonious dogmatic stick-in-the-mud bien pensant extremist convinced immovable middle-England petit-bourgeois moderate contemplative recollective reflective pensive classic time-honored ethnocentric purist true-blue picturesque temperate counter-revolutionary wary universal gentlemanly courteous medieval prehistoric unreceptive mediaeval bigoted unreasonable circumspect tentative cagey stick in the mud obsolescent antiquated passé chary hesitant chivalrous courtly gallant craft set in one's ways socially acceptable timorous unexciting restrained stay-at-home limited anachronous anachronistical behind the times shy uptight decorous provincial property-owning genteel stodgy respectable puritanical commonplace Biedermeier conforming ceremonial early time-honoured heritage anachronistic materialistic shopkeeping propertied comme il faut straight-laced of the old school olden veteran old style parish-pump Victorian received narrow prejudiced approved biased popular recognized normal regular set fanatical puritan official authoritative usual customary jaundiced intractable individualistic prevailing standard authorized prevalent canonical unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical small-minded routine derivative well established well-established kosher religious sanctioned admitted recognised pious punctilious legitimate rightful sound authorised petty-minded close-minded hard-line set in your ways straight arrow in line set in one's opinions fixed in one's views by the numbers according to the book insular petty sectarian myopic blinkered inward-looking partisan restricted small localist picayune Lilliputian little jerkwater short-sighted discriminatory doctrinaire entrenched claustral closed-minded partial chauvinist chauvinistic opinionated selfish pigheaded blind one-sided moralistic prim prudish priggish starchy prissy ungenerous mean unsophisticated shockable racist sexist uncharitable racialist sectional local extreme parti pris xenophobic deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted constricted lopsided one-eyed introverted obdurate borné inexorable shallow regional hick closed circumscribed contracted secluded sequestered confined separated factional clannish cliquish schismatic self-centred self-centered exclusive fanatic denominational uninformed upcountry corn-fed unfair homespun rude unpolished pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable sceptical nonconforming skeptical dissident nonconformist splinter unjust inequitable non-objective loaded weighted distorted unobjective warped influenced coloured ageist disablist conditioned anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist prepossessed classist fattist inclined presupposing predisposed leaning colored preconceived nationalistic unenlarged unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly stingy anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical proscriptive greedy grudging antiliberal penny-pinching


Showing a kindness and care associated with a father
paternal fatherly fatherlike paternalistic benevolent solicitous concerned kindly protective sympathetic compassionate warm friendly parental kind caring affectionate tender maternal benign supportive loving forbearing motherly patriarchal indulgent comforting good-natured watchful parent vigilant warmhearted fond gentle understanding cordial welcoming genial affable amiable soft kind-hearted pleasant brotherly amicable tenderhearted sisterly gracious congenial cheerful sociable likable warm-hearted good-humoured good-humored likeable softhearted kindhearted devoted sheltering matriarchal careful mindful defensive gallant wary possessive avuncular encouraging chivalrous overprotective clinging jealous unselfish soft-centred soft-hearted attentive maternalistic meek modest moral mild-mannered retiring angelic lovable moderate easygoing agreeable large-hearted tender-hearted humble quiet merciful reverent non-confrontational cool pacific respectful peaceable sweet-tempered laid back placid dove-like soft-spoken considerate unassuming obliging pleasing lamblike temperate unoffensive forgiving demure mellow humane shy decent lenient peaceful bland goodhearted dovelike harmless big-hearted hearty hospitable comradely enthusiastic heartfelt happy cheery sincere earnest wholehearted genuine charitable inviting neighborly liberal eager companionable approachable palsy-walsy palsy convivial matey amorous neighbourly bonhomous deep chummy empathetic responsive buddy-buddy generous hail-fellow-well-met helpful thoughtful outgoing collegial mild gregarious hail-fellow open beneficent sensitive clubby good-hearted pally nice benignant extroverted well-disposed social easy-going well disposed doting unreserved extrovert feeling conversable good-tempered sweet clubbable jovial tolerant easy magnanimous good adoring easy to get along with touchy-feely civil patient accessible demonstrative communicative polite ardent altruistic lovey-dovey complaisant amenable sentimental uninhibited engaging courteous empathic all heart receptive accommodating personable fervent passionate dear company-loving commiserative nurturing couthy emotional extraverted selfless intimate cozy cosy close condoling giving philanthropic smiling bleeding-heart delightful clubable expansive winsome familiar consoling pitying great-hearted regular chirpy soothing charming true unfeigned clement perky forthcoming expressive perceptive well meaning easy to get on with harmonious commiserating unrestrained mushy sympathizing bright unconstrained boon sunny humanitarian tight sympathising cooperative favourable sensible lovely effusive openhearted bighearted cheering reassuring bountiful calm reactive impressionable honest cuddly real amatory open-handed munificent unstinting open-hearted conscious lovesome civilized buoyant favorable faithful overindulgent thick fraternal positive enamored philanthropical constant enamoured civilised beaming urbane from the heart bona fide human mother well intentioned intuitive aware profound informal complete jolly blithe heartening talkative uplifting gushing calming inspiriting cognizant merry bounteous conciliatory total absolute upbeat chatty heartwarming gladdening devout glad inseparable propitious perceiving noble thorough chipper jocund gratifying fulfilling tactful loyal dinkum romantic confidential lively reverential solemn communal firm ebullient fast candid cherished inward especial favourite serious special backslapping full-hearted bosom winning impassioned near unpresumptuous prepossessing appreciative close-knit greathearted deferential comprehending whole-souled sweet-natured even-tempered authentic deeply felt dearest favorite benefic lavish heart-to-heart having heart in right place swell loving and giving bleeding heart open-minded buddy buddy as thick as thieves good company thick as thieves well-mannered smiley grinning natural relaxed nonmalignant nonthreatening affirmative inspiring guestfriendly guiding available best glowing fun affectious unstuffy treasured valued lovesick fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous fragile facile loquacious garrulous colonial bluff wonderful non-hostile approving confiding appealing free-handed free breezy copacetic besotted infatuated non-malignant accepting conflict-free broad-minded righteous glad-handering taking captivating enchanting stimulating boosting ingratiating self-effacing high enlivening joyous upper up piteous ruthful ungrudging like-minded concordant agreeing accordant voluble conversational overfond very dear protecting supporting caretaking interested as nice as pie simpatico reasonable sparing red-carpet foolish eleemosynary soft touch dutiful big public-spirited regardful wholesome princely heart in right place openhanded freehanded downright neighborly serene predisposed addicted welcome discursive talky old softie kissy-huggy very friendly admiring worshipping upfront square shooting right nice sunny side up docile barley-sugar attached beneficial auspicious advantageous fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple deepest unpretending meant appreciating vicarious do-good well-intentioned attention-seeking effervescent gushy venerating pretensionless undesigning actual undissembled lucky fortunate silly over tranquil awake alive susceptible boisterous unselfconscious exuberant honest to God twenty-four carat very kind diplomatic discerning partial huggy adulatory idolizing providential opportune sensitized flexible fervid erotic anacreontic amative loud equable chilled easy-oasy generous to a fault all over personal impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable bound up right conducive salutary submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sharp joyful worshiping idolising finely tuned supersensitive expressing adoration light-hearted gay active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive dexter touchy feely tuned in crazy over animated blithesome bubbly nearest and dearest on good terms nutty about soft on optimistic rosy jocose gleeful laughing gladsome vivacious mirthful sparky jocular eupeptic lightsome festive canty turned on to open to suggestions consolatory lighthearted sunbeamy quick to respond committed bright and breezy relieving assuaging emphatic unambiguous full unshakeable categorical unqualified easing satisfying rewarding solid staunch unlimited zealous unmitigated unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided heart-warming sure unswerving dedicated unadulterated steadfast unwavering steady unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations never-failing hundred percent

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