Synonym of favorably inclined


Favouring one side in a dispute above the other
partial biased partisan prejudiced one-sided discriminatory unfair unjust interested jaundiced preferential coloured inequitable influenced parti pris skewed slanted predisposed tendentious unbalanced colored disposed minded prepossessed subjective unindifferent warped bigoted distorted intolerant weighted narrow-minded chauvinistic racialist racist sectarian chauvinist blinkered sexist prejudicial small-minded anti-Semitic opinionated twisted xenophobic parochial loaded anti-gay homophobic heterosexist narrow illiberal dogmatic unequal uneven lopsided discriminating non-objective inflexible false misleading factional limited hidebound provincial insular myopic jingoistic diehard unethical arbitrary swayed misrepresented perverted petty inclined falsified blind rigid ageist disablist invidious wrong fanatical uncompromising classist wrongful preconceived uncharitable discriminative tampered with imbalanced embittered provocative argumentative questionable doubtful angled favouring ill-disposed undemocratic obstinate favorably unrepresentative favourably favoring discriminational racially prejudiced racially discriminatory racially bigoted differential discriminate exclusive devoted overzealous cliquish unreasoning accessory sympathetic fanatic zealous denominational conspiratorial adhering petty-minded localist restricted small-town inward-looking conventional excludent short-sighted set dyed-in-the-wool close-minded ethnocentric flag-waving isolationist misreported inaccurate garbled unjustified nationalist nationalistic jingoist superpatriotic unsympathetic constricted entrenched parish-pump one-eyed misstated resentful undeserved unmerited unforgiving dictatorial woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist cynical bitter jealous jerkwater claustral blimpish shabby fixed unrighteous excessive underhand unforgivable low-down doctored changed altered envious male chauvinist irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse obdurate antipathetic indignant unindulgent individualistic snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious stuffy disdainful tilted suspicious iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled male supremacist sceptical undue dishonorable dishonest unlawful discreditable devious improper fraudulent cheating tinkered with disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic below the belt bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful base low vile criminal grievous wicked shameless distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous spiteful uncalled-for yellow unenthusiastic skeptical grudging tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving unobjective conditioned fattist extreme presupposing closed-minded intransigent doctrinaire leaning picayune Lilliputian small little reactionary conservative extremist strait-laced moralistic prim puritanical prudish priggish starchy prissy shockable pigheaded unimaginative puritan borné inexorable ungenerous closed selfish mean circumscribed clannish contracted secluded sequestered confined separated set in one's ways schismatic ultra-conservative religious sectional nonconforming dissident nonconformist local splinter unenlarged manipulative propagandist polemical adamant assertive pontifical arrogant cocksure dogmatical overbearing pompous imperious opinionative domineering opinioned of fixed views single-minded self-important bull-headed self-assertive stubborn of preconceived ideas self-opinionated

Antonym of favorably inclined

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