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Excessive in obsequious praise or flattery
crawling flattering obsequious abject cringing prostrate sycophantic bootlicking groveling grovelling servile slavish creeping deferential oily oleaginous toadyish unctuous arse-kissing brown-nosing ingratiating slimy smarmy soapy sucky adulatory ass-kissing bowing brownnosing compliant cowering humble kowtowing mealy-mouthed parasitic saponaceous scraping snivelling sniveling spineless submissive subservient suckholing sycophant bowing and scraping Uriah Heepish toadying smooth slick greasy obeisant gushing craven fulsome arse-licking self-abasing silver-tongued menial suave honey-tongued gushy glib cajoling smooth-tongued apple-polishing mean truckling obedient complimentary praising docile sycophantish saccharine insincere cloying base honeyed nauseating reverential hagiographical hagiographic low creepy forelock-tugging smooth-talking ignoble sugary sweet-talking effusive sickening laudatory plausible timid excessively deferential buttery wheedling hypocritical lowly encomiastic dutiful unresisting acquiescent yielding subordinate self-effacing biddable passive pliant appreciative applauding commending reptilian respectful enthusiastic glowing slippery acclamatory eulogistic insinuating parasitical timeserving smug encomiastical soft-soaping cringey beggarly smooth-spoken persuasive tractable manageable despicable subject accommodating soft unassertive duteous meek inferior ductile mild subdued spiritless resigned lamblike resistless longanimous under the thumb under one's thumb humiliating admiring favourable flannelling blarneying gratifying overly flattering conniving winsome winning endearing disarming worshipping crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking complacent compliable supple bland coaxing serving insinuative charming silken favorable commendatory blandishing worshipful rhapsodic lionizing highly favourable all over someone credible rave silky eloquent fast-talking extravagant lionising worshiping eating crow inordinate excessive overdone convincing eating humble pie malleable immoderate lavish amenable non-resisting profuse extensive liberal ample generous over-appreciative unskilled rapturous patient sugarcoated forbearing boring degrading low-status OTT gross hard to resist routine dull sweet pleasing magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious polite civil regardful courteous humdrum downtrodden supine considerate sorry urbane over the top sweet-sounding agreeable domesticated pliable conformable obeying trainable bowing down uncomplaining tame nonresisting nonresistant law-abiding disciplinable comformable governable controllable surrendering obliging teachable amiable giving-in placable complying handleable dancing at one's mercy at beck and call in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches a slave to thoughtful complaisant attentive demeaning vile awed low-grade ignominious reverent deferent phoney blue-collar unworthy creamy pinguid phony ingratiatory mannerly tedious common baseborn basic cooperative persuadable gentle easy willing manipulable tolerant quiet persuasible adaptable peaceable unassuming impressionable flexible suggestible long-suffering orderly workable susceptible well-behaved modest peaceful unresistant tolerating retiring good disciplined indulgent easy-going unprotesting lenient accepting easily influenced shy influenceable calm enduring easygoing forgiving devoted stoical milky restrained cowed diffident cool easily handled receptive timorous stoic gullible hesitant responsive weak serene well-mannered fearful moldable apathetic inactive tranquil good-natured non-resistant like putty in your hands go-with-the-flow demure transformable bendy assenting cowardly laid-back quiescent gracious weak-kneed mellow docious under control decent unobtrusive ready idle loyal faithful unpretentious philosophical game non-violent well disciplined unflappable solicitous proletarian plebeian unconfident unambitious conciliatory nonviolent well trained insecure trusting lowborn sleepy motionless civilized genial susceptive shrinking plain well behaved lumpen low-life vulgar prole lower-class venerating suasible flat charitable kind unsure apprehensive compassionate easily swayed moderate obscure sympathetic lax poor ordinary simple self-conscious merciful civilised unwashed mundane withdrawing prosaic everyday good-tempered well mannered good-humored rolls with punches putty in one's hands cast down with the patience of Job good-humoured administrable conformist assentient accordant consentient seemly domestic consenting tameable tamable controlled acceding conscientious open agreeing conforming approving adoring loving well-trained trained untroublesome convenient amendable fatalistic reconciled courtly chivalrous gallant decorous credulous convincible devout tender rulable adapted well-disposed phlegmatic cordial satisfied adjusted renouncing relinquishing accommodated down-to-earth observant dedicated responsible punctilious mousy acquiescing assentive pacific submitting filial laissez-faire wormlike average declassed commonplace placid backward bashful sheepish supplicatory childlike usable ruly selfless easily persuaded wimpish frightened boneless spongy easily led putty lithy obligatory binding pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero tentative encourageable pious solemn easily manipulated sheeplike honouring hearsome honoring unquestioning wussy unforthcoming aw-shucks warm soft-hearted at peace able to be influenced mim understanding composed sensitive pleasant warm-hearted tender-hearted friendly upholding incumbent on affable uninvolved non-participating wrapped around finger on a string equable chilled easy-oasy permissive imperturbable even-tempered unexcitable mild-mannered jejune vapid forbearant like a lamb to the slaughter honest persistent persevering honourable correct honorable righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable lifeless impassive philosophic fortitudinous solid high-minded worthy moral virtuous lawful ethical principled proper right-minded non-aggressive dominated reactive subjugated bullied browbeaten self-controlled self-restrained static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested unreceptive asleep latent stolid poker-faced moony deceivable unassured nervous anxious oppressed clean-living upstanding upright dupable clement intimidated repressed self-doubting not self-assured lacking in confidence wimpy lacking confidence uncertain lacking assurance lacking self-confidence approval-seeking not confident inert pampering naive unsuspicious mollycoddling deludable unoppressive pardoning benign temperate unburdensome humoring spoiling excusing light condoning fleeceable nagged low-born low-bred straight just respectable hands off constrained uxorious humouring peasant low-ranking henpecked going through motions walking through it above board lethargic indifferent ground down led by the nose deprived treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner tied to someone's apron strings subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel enervated sluggish lazy negligent careless effete indolent lymphatic listless languid uninterested slothful torpid heedless slack unresponsive dormant unoccupied lackadaisical sedentary do-nothing tired


Talk which aims to charm, flatter, or persuade (often considered typical of Irish people)
blarney flattery coaxing cajolery flannel wheedling adulation fulsomeness spiel blandishments compliments exaggeration ingratiation inveiglement soft soap sweet talk overpraise simpering smooth talk soft words toadying blandishment butter incense obsequiousness servility smarm sycophancy taffy cajolement currying favour glozing guyver honeyed words smoodging toadyism buttering up charm charm offensive cobblers cosying up cuddling up ego massage eyewash honey oil false praise lip salve a line praise bootlicking grovelling soft-soap groveling unctuousness truckling arse-licking ass-kissing cringing slavishness brownnosing sucking up allurement enticement sweet words ingratiating kowtowing admiration sweet-talk crawling bowing and scraping creeping puffery arse-kissing gallantry flummery jive laudation hokum applause commendation plaudits brown-nosing encomium eulogy flattering gratification snow mush palaver smoke approbation stroke laud tribute weasel words pretty speech snow job pats on the back fine words submissiveness subservience abjection self-abasement meanness oiliness sliminess humility smarminess apple-polishing cravenness baseness abjectness excessive deference adulations sycophancies wheedlings fawnings spiels ingratiations simperings coaxings snow jobs endearments sweet nothings charm offensives glozings smarms persuasion beguilement arm-twisting sweet-talking soft-soaping inveigling suasion allurements jives laudations trucklings eulogies encomiums flummeries palavers hokums strokes flatterings hypocorisms hypocoristics terms of endearment pet names


Excessive admiration or praise
adulation worship idolization admiration respect admiring adoration exaltation glorification hero-worship idolising idolizing lionisation lionization lionising lionizing praise applause awe commendation devotion flattery glory homage honor honour veneration accolades blandishments compliments deification eulogies high regard idolatry plaudits praising sycophancy tributes worshiping worshipping blandishment bootlicking eulogiums laudation magnification magnifying audation extravagant flattery hero worship reverence fulsome praise servile flattery pats on the back deference puffery ingratiation wonderment wonder infatuation toadyism unctuousness marveling cajolery gratification sweet talk false praise soft soap honeyed words marvelling pumping up soft-soap puff acclaim extolment tribute acclamation approval approbation esteem accolade recognition regard eulogy kudos panegyric eulogium ovation appreciation encomium salutes compliment credit congratulations bouquets distinction apotheosis laurels favour favor pat on the back obeisance testimonial props love cheers plaudit acknowledgement acknowledgment paean estimation hymn citation salutation laud sun popularity thanks elevation cheering dithyramb fame celebration welcome repute congratulation reputation consideration attention bays rave a pat on the back blessing prestige beatification genuflection merit fealty idealization canonization renown affection account fondness liking fervor brownie points good opinion felicitations adoring obsession revering pat on the head fanaticism hero-worshipping pride venerating glorifying respects fervour idealisation gratitude acceptance benediction supplication endorsement crush cheer passion thanksgiving encouragement hankering support pash amore yen ardor weakness attachment shine aggrandizement salute ardour court prostration honouring honoring greatness name importance nobility cachet illustriousness dignity sanction recommendation puppy love clapping immortalization notability privilege eminence care opinion bouquet eulogizing paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement stroke points eulogising big hand stroking good word high standing high opinion good name rave review strong praise good image good reputation exaggerated respect breathless adoration fetishization grace loving thankfulness prayer appreciativeness worshipfulness respectfulness submission idolism obedience suit warmth raving boost hurrah bravo cry réclame mention courtesy sentiment high esteem commendations greetings regards courtship addresses PR strokes vengeance wrath repayment surprise note speech of praise lauding prize award pleasure delight deifying felicitation uplifting intense love extreme devotion astonishment amazement blarney kudo assent sympathy blessings salutations hail extolling exalting prayers cherishing value notice flattering remark mark of respect valuing prizing latria dulia service loyalty allegiance fidelity hat tip best wishes good wishes ratification putting on a pedestal round of applause honourable mention special mention honorable mention shot in the arm warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last faithfulness duty troth great respect okay imprimatur OK -olatry bells concurrence consent permission go-ahead kneeling vogue praying to shouting enthusiasm raves the nod fashionableness clean bill of health hand roar jubilation loud homage standing O demand stylishness currency celebrity saleability fashionability marketability commerciality traction hotness voguishness modishness éclat coolness prevalence trendiness circulation heyday fashion following status attractiveness


Humbleness in character and behavior
humility modesty meekness reserve humbleness diffidence shyness timidity bashfulness unpretentiousness lowliness demureness timorousness sheepishness unassertiveness unobtrusiveness submissiveness modestness servility abasement docility egolessness humilitude mortification nonresistance obedience obsequiousness passiveness resignation subjection subservience self-effacement down-to-earthness self-abasement lack of pride self-abnegation inferiority complex lack of vanity reticence inhibition constraint coyness quietness self-consciousness decency propriety nervousness timidness discreetness prudery celibacy embarrassment restraint lack of pretension hesitancy hesitation insecurity doubt innocence delicacy chastity purity apprehension unostentatiousness mousiness uneasiness lack of confidence uncertainty self-doubt reluctance fear simplicity virtue unease introversion reservedness lack of self-confidence repression discretion reservation self-deprecation self-criticism hiding your light under a bushel self-depreciation anxiety worry self-efface fearfulness obscureness mansuetude unsureness abashment chariness wariness inhibitedness suspicion vacillation indecision insecureness caution backwardness unimportance shame inferiority commonness discipline suppression awkwardness self-command self-control refrainment stand-offishness guardedness formality continence self-restraint stiltedness woodenness unnaturalness forcedness hang-up silence secretiveness uncommunicativeness taciturnity unresponsiveness distance aloofness coldness retiringness unassumingness economicalness plainness simpleness calmness control hesitance unsophistication disinclination unwillingness undemonstrativeness secrecy discomfort unforthcomingness closeness caginess nerves coquettishness psychological block mental block mental blockage skittishness kittenishness archness affectation flirtatiousness prudishness simpering primness coquetry evasiveness flirtation prissiness detachment unapproachability coolness remoteness frigidity froideur self-containment lack of warmth unwillingness to open up


Present participle for to seek favor from by fawning, servile behavior
flattering eulogising eulogizing praising apple-polishing bootlicking brown-nosing crawling to creeping to curry favoring with curry favouring with fussing kowtowing kowtowing to playing up to soft-soaping sweet-talking toadying toadying to truckling truckling to buttering up cringing before dancing attendance on grovelling before ingratiating oneself with paying court to abasing abasing oneself before blandishing bowing brownnosing cajoling cottoning courting cowering crawling creeping cringing crouching debasing deferring falling all over falling over oneself for grovelling groveling inviting jollying kneeling making up to massaging oiling pandering praising to excess scraping slavering smarming around snowing stooping stroking submitting sucking up wooing yielding bowing and scrape before praising to the skies singing the praises of smoodging to sucking up to buddying up catering to currying favour curry favoring honeying up licking someone's boots paying court caving in to laying it on laying it on thick falling on one's knees rubbing up the right way laying it on with a trowel bowing and scraping pandering to prostrating oneself fawning on humbling oneself wheedling abasing yourself behaving obsequiously kissing one's feet blarneying honeying inveigling humouring charming humoring adulating kisses up to keeping someone sweet flannelling flanneling coaxing palavering revering quailing bending giving in kissing-up sniveling snivelling knuckling under genuflecting overpraising scratching one's back beslavering glorifying making much of softening conning salving selling building up rubbing the right way abasing oneself to getting next to ingratiating yourself spreading it on showing respect for eating dirt eating crow working over bowing to working on demeaning oneself to deferring to bowing and scrape to sweetening up getting round curtsying bobbing a curtsy making a leg conceding giving way bending the knee smoodging making up folding prostrating persuading smooth-talking cozying up getting in with respecting saying uncle caving in kissing someone's feet going along with toing the mark lying down and rolling over cultivating complimenting seeking the favour of trying to get on the good side of eating humble pie humiliating yourself prostrating oneself before fawning over trying to win over kissing the feet of prostrating oneself to grovelling to pampering imploring puffing admiring commending hero-worshipping belauding expressing admiration for panegyrizing paying tribute to lauding beguiling ingratiating enticing waxing lyrical about paying blandishments to demeaning oneself saying nice things about elevating worshipping lionizing worshiping adoring gushing caressing urging alluring complimenting excessively lionising putting on a pedestal tempting luring inducing prevailing on seducing influencing talking into winning over swaying manoeuvring convincing maneuvering soaping drawing bringing round decoying bantering gushing over tantalizing entrapping tantalising arguing into getting around getting making attracting pressing instigating inciting soliciting fawning upon softening up moving provoking venerating babying cosseting patting mollycoddling petting spoiling indulging fussing over raving over captivating back-scratching getting on the right side of wiling flattering into sweet talking overdoing it submitting to puffing up talking making a fuss of buttering up to worming soothing stroking one's ego exalting prodding whetting coercing pressuring arguing reasoning pressurizing baiting leading on betraying appealing to pushing deluding misleading duping crowding deceiving roosing finagling pressurising tolling leading astray turning on dangling a carrot in front of batting eyes at bringing pressure to bear on handing a line bringing around motivating squeezing coaxing into inspiring exerting influence on wheedling into prevailing upon triggering converting steamrolling actuating sucking in encouraging bringing activating putting someone up to something bulldozing drawing in prompting twisting one's arm stimulating impelling prodding into cajoling into selling one on


Present participle for obsess, fawn


Present participle for let saliva run from the mouth

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