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Synonym: fertile, prolific,


Producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth
productive fertile fruitful prolific rich fructuous generative lush cornucopian creative fat high-yielding luxuriant proliferating propagative flourishing fructiferous inventive teeming thriving breeding generating pregnant proliferant propagating reproducing spawning abundant rank profuse plentiful plenteous dense overgrown rampant arable verdant exuberant bountiful weedy vigorous green prosperous yielding childing jungly producing copious riotous superabundant leafy thick grown lavish flowering vegetative uberous breedy pubescent gravid loamy procreant black feracious virile bearing puberal hebetic bringing forth with child flowing with milk and honey proliferous bounteous overflowing reproductive abounding fruit-bearing jungle-like fruiting progenitive proliferative rife extensive grassy swarming high-volume inexhaustible diffuse farmable tillable ploughable cultivable spreading cultivatable semitropical overabundant tropical coarse luxurious junglelike wild plowable high-growing excessive ample prodigal potent able to have young able to conceive able to have children able to have babies able to reproduce liberal generous bumper infinite large great huge full lank innovational innovative imaginative ingenious original resourceful constructive galore well-provided flush opulent comfortable plenty aplenty replete a gogo thick on the ground no end ready well-stocked well-supplied crammed dripping stuffed packed substantial unstinting heavy plenitudinous voluminous wealthy handsome affluent a dime a dozen no end in sight stinking with clever originative Promethean causative demiurgic inspired revolutionary forgetive artistic gifted avant-garde formative deviceful adroit poetical visionary innovatory complete breaking new ground competent swimming extravagant unlimited superfluous appreciable fulsome sufficient flowing chock-full enough improvident lousy with


Having a propensity or great ability to procreate


Rich, affluent, or financially prosperous
fat rich lucrative successful booming profitable affluent fertile lush productive flourishing fruitful remunerative thriving large prosperous substantial wealthy well-off well-to-do cornucopian cushy deep-pocketed economic fat-cat flush fructuous gainful juicy loaded luxuriant moneyed moneymaking money-spinning monied opulent paying prolific silk-stocking well-endowed well-fixed well-heeled jammy well off comfortable in the money worthwhile minted cash rich with deep pockets well heeled rolling in it on easy street in the chips made of money beneficial of means in clover stinking rich quids in rolling in money filthy rich propertied rewarding oofy of substance advantageous going financially rewarding upscale uptown on velvet in easy street worth a bundle worth a packet profit-making good well-paying sweet well paid in the black snug lavish set for life leisure-class upper-class commercial generous gilded cost-effective useful money-making helpful bankable win-win plutocratic fortunate privileged favoured favored lucky blessed paid off independent upper class doing it easy multi-crore in luck recompensing for-profit renumerative overflowing high-income prodigal financially worthwhile well-paid whopping sizeable tidy high-paying pecunious worth a million landed well provided for bloated old money nouveau riche upper crust fatness thumping whacking financial of independent means on Easy Street having it made whopping great cost effective abundant sound solvent luxurious fancy resplendent plentiful whacking great thumping great chic extravagant bountiful fine ample full grand saving instrumental effectual self-sustaining serviceable commercially successful pragmatic effective assisting sustaining conducive contributive practical valuable well-situated paying well paid expedient constructive satisfying easy going concern very productive born with a silver spoon in your mouth powerful doing well liberal bounteous plenteous aplenty property-owning copious galore heavy voluminous unstinting handsome no end a dime a dozen stinking with no end in sight on the up and up prospering healthy growing burgeoning buoyant developing blooming expanding profuse palmy progressing roaring halcyon golden boomy infinite inexhaustible bumper huge great socially advantaged fast-growing teeming superabundant plenty lank going strong plenitudinous a gogo sitting pretty landowning not short leisured happy eminent famous influential happier elegant abounding big munificent commodious better-off lousy rich with money to burn advantaged in abundance in plenty enviable elite gracious pleasant strong vigorous mushrooming improving suitable sufficient ballooning rampant snowballing and up on the up thick on the ground in the gravy satisfactory adequate living high off the hog in the lap of luxury free from hardship advancing triumphant blossoming arrived rolling cooking robust have it made on top of heap have the wherewithal home free more fortunate


Not restrained or held in check
rampant unrestrained unbridled unchecked uncontrolled widespread epidemic rife wild aggressive dominant excessive outrageous pandemic raging rank tumultuous violent abandoned exuberant flagrant intemperate pervasive prevalent rampaging raw runaway unbounded uncontrollable unhampered unhindered vehement luxuriant profuse riotous ungovernable wanton blustering boisterous clamorous extensive extravagant flourishing furious growing impetuous multiplying out of control predominant proliferating rambling spreading threatening turbulent unruly exceeding bounds out of hand spreading like wildfire on the rampage unconstrained unrestricted uninhibited immoderate uncurbed ungoverned undisciplined unimpeded irrepressible unsuppressed chaotic profligate full-on free untrammelled unmanageable unfettered inordinate licentious reckless untrammeled lawless disorderly disobedient incontinent self-indulgent unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable noisy unlimited unconfined loose not controlled rowdy extreme wayward stubborn overindulgent running wild rough indiscriminate dissolute tempestuous anarchic untamed unreasonable refractory severe passionate uproarious obstreperous mutinous impotent unregulated driverless mass corrupt rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap crazy hysterical berserk incorrigible impulsive unprincipled over-the-top unmanaged unopposed unobstructed self-willed shameless unconventional heavy unshackled attention-seeking extrovert natural boundless corybantic incautious irrational unbound footloose undue unjustified prodigal unrepressed raving thrilled rash unwarranted spontaneous saturnalian immoral frank plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre limitless blunt giddy flighty unsubmissive egregious lavish imprudent uncalled for dissipated dissipative O.T.T. over the top debauched lacking self-control expanding augmented rapid change ascending rapid growth mounting greedy unbalanced rebellious stormy agitated intractable unstable exponential recalcitrant explosive seditious rugged unsettled roller-coaster willful untoward wilful defiant froward contrary rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant balky contumacious restive storming full of confusion fiery excited shaking roughhouse perturbed bitter full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive rambunctious raucous vociferous stern termagant in turmoil unrestrainable without law and order fractious difficult headstrong perverse obstinate bolshie disruptive uncooperative insurgent obdurate awkward stroppy troublesome incontrollable disaffected insurrectionary delinquent unbiddable intransigent badly behaved revolutionary noncompliant unyielding ill-disciplined pigheaded non-compliant mulish naughty mischievous resistant bloody-minded inflexible dissident errant nonconformist uncompliant factious impossible dissentient indomitable bull-headed indocile stiff-necked rampageous impish quarrelsome cussed ornery roguish rascally insurrectionist rude subversive loud iconoclastic unpredictable rioting roisterous traitorous radical unbending problematic anarchistic determined rackety bellicose insolent rumbustious annoying pugnacious uncompromising cantankerous thrawn renitent badly-behaved pervicacious immovable bad contrarious exasperating malcontent alienated rollicking dissentious disloyal dissenting treacherous unbearable intolerable insuppressible persistent adverse anarchical strong nonconforming mutinying robustious treasonable resisting unmalleable unorthodox undisciplinable knockabout hell-raising militant challenging contentious impudent argumentative truculent unaccommodating demanding up in arms strong-willed dogged lawbreaking disordered unpersuadable adamant insubmissive vexatious insoluble hostile antagonistic negative opinionated misbehaving capricious pertinacious stubborn as a mule evil unpliable inimical tough bullheaded playful resistive tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish pat cross-grained fiendish gallus wrong pig-headed full of mischief irreconcilable estranged haughty unsubduable renegade heretical maverick apostate schismatic nonobservant robust unwilling resolved malign malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful obstinately disobedient untameable untrained loutish disturbed maladjusted disobliging uncomplying complex burdensome unsteady unschooled swaggering swashbuckling cavalier tricky obstructive unhelpful opposing withstanding loudmouthed brawling ugly tiresome incurable nuts insurmountable as stubborn as a mule unadaptable inconsistent overwhelming intense freaked overpowering disputatious implacable daring provocative bold with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way rock-ribbed problem antisocial erratic fickle paradoxical contrariant discordant arsey disagreeing wild and woolly impossible to cope with belligerent confrontational unresponsive restless individualistic warring armed sabotaging attacking wrongheaded antipathetic converse unrelenting deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized beside oneself combative rip-roaring unlawful hard-line thorny locked resolute tenacious knotty roistering feisty hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous indisciplined scrappy hard-nosed self-opinionated deaf to reason loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant like a loose cannon undependable locked in tough nut hang tough raising Cain misbehaved disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy raunchy artful kiddish infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ill-behaved ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful devilish drunk raising the roof untimely unfortunate aberrant arbitrary revolting terrorist ready for a fight out-of-line out-of-control inconvenient inopportune unfavorable unfavourable lacking self-restraint spoiling for a fight uncivilised tyrannous despotic heterodox fierce terrorising warlike savage barbarous unpeaceful terrorizing uncivilized nihilistic uncultivated infringing piratical wicked impolite out-of-order sinful teasing worthless unanticipated ill-timed unexpected on-a-tear unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed lacking control unendurable objectionable offensive unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt irritating unsuitable inappropriate bad-mannered insupportable terrible painful insufferable malapropos badly timed unseasonable excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful improper unpropitious misfortunate disturbing unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless frantic irresistible unacceptable mad forceful fervid frenzied maniacal manic beyond bearing not to be borne perfervid passional hyper carried away beside yourself like one possessed


Full of meaning or significance
pregnant meaningful significant eloquent expressive suggestive loaded charged meaning pointed telling revealing weighty imaginative revelatory creative inventive original seminal cogent consequential important momentous redolent rich sententious moving graphic indicative evocative vivid poignant powerful allusive striking sensitive silver-tongued articulate strong stirring passionate telltale ardent touching demonstrative representative signifying speaking deep reminiscent feeling emotive haunting remindful resonant delicate tendentious resonant with remindful of touchy calling up difficult emotional artistic intense lively sympathetic energetic descriptive indicating feeling inspired visionary indicating emotion deeply felt forcible emphatic symbolic knowing understanding pathetic animated pictorial full of emotion alive indicating picturesque tender thoughtful representing colourful open masterly showy warm stimulating colorful ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant dramatic mobile communicative responsive denoting convincing symptomatic allegorical emblematic token compelling representational figurative insightful symbolical calculating hinting indicatory significatory connoting characteristic valid insinuating giveaway reflective evidential illuminating oracular denotative informative relevant exhibitive pithy solemn purposeful fluent persuasive forceful graceful potent effective well-spoken smooth-tongued glib lucid well-expressed magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical fervid fervent impassioned facund smooth-spoken well spoken voluble outspoken vocal well expressed affecting impressive

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