Synonym of final straw


A person's ruin or downfall
undoing ruin defeat destruction downfall overthrow ruination collapse conquest deposition failure ousting toppling unseating vanquishing annihilation death debasement disgrace elimination end overturn shame humiliation labefaction nemesis reversal Waterloo accident adversity bane blow blunder calamity casualty catastrophe destroyer difficulty doom error fault flaw fumble grief misadventure miscalculation mischance mishap misstep omission reverse slip smash stumble subversion trial trip visitation wreck loss of power bad luck bad omen faux pas last straw fall breakdown crash decline affliction disaster blight degradation scourge curse demise cessation misfortune termination deterioration disintegration trouble woe flop finish dissolution burden plague descent malfunction miscarriage foundering pest flameout cataclysm halt slump disruption interruption harm debacle disorganization rupture seizure folding stoppage comedown comeuppance nonsuccess disorganisation nonachievement bankruptcy shutdown fizzle tribulation distress road to ruin lack of success loss of status cropper non-function breaking down enemy displacement removal disestablishment supplanting suppression dethronement rout subjugation dispossession defenestration extinction removal from office removal from power down extermination torment declination degeneracy declension degeneration devolution despair decadence eclipse extinguishing obliteration ending misery nuisance atrophy extirpation eradication torture humbling belittlement demotion mortification downgrading disadvantage suffering pain menace hardship evil tragedy wiping out bête noire downer loss of face lowering discomfiture reality check letdown pratfall dive reduction waterloo detriment loss of prosperity bête noir nightmare bitter pill headache setback apocalypse contretemps problem holocaust cross to bear bother fatal attraction annoyance irritation rack and ruin destitution shock emergency buffet exigency bale expiration passing decease passage grave mishanter stroke hazard crumbling flood farce upset abyss depression retribution expiry quietus sentence exit injury hurt perdition loss damage cost bad news reverse of fortune shit show the worst heavy blow stroke of ill luck hard luck fell stroke ill luck hot water rough situation act of God wrecking fate curtains sleep perishing buckling giving way cave-in subsidence crackup falling to pieces crumpling yielding falling apart smashup falling down falling great divide ordeal vexation hassle irritant worry aggravation inconvenience bugbear pain in the bum pain in the neck pain in the backside pain in the rear exasperation cancer pestilence botheration peeve canker drag bore cross thorn in your flesh source of annoyance source of irritation agony sorrow irk frustration ruffle thorn aggro rub nudnik skelf tease nark disease bind corruption hair shirt fair cow poison wretchedness stress infliction anguish travail nyaff nag gall provocation punishment contamination virus penalty pollution hell terror horror contagion miasma tormentor besetment albatross excruciation rack straits pinprick blister pill discomfort Gehenna creep goad thorn in side thorn in one's flesh source of vexation bummer source of aggravation bane of one's life hell on earth vengeance infection blast hydra Cancer care illness issue correction cause for concern pet peeve sickness displeasure trauma load vicissitude millstone ills agitation bug chagrin quagmire dilemma hindrance predicament infirmity crux condition weakness plight gauntlet crucible thorn in one's side gripe sore point thorn in your side thorn in the flesh pain in the behind persecution complication cumber septicity toxicity harassment mildew fungus soreness big trouble stroke of bad luck severe test hard time reversal of fortune ill fortune trying time infestation fire gantlet nagging eyesore sight withering dump taint venom impurity trials and tribulations malignancy thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh blot on the landscape malignity balefulness purgatory murder dread bogey phobia hallucination bad influence fantasy vision pet hate succubus phantasm fancy dream illusion bad dream night terror nudnick teaser gadfly annoyer persecutor gnawer pesterer blighter nudge cuss badgerer crashing bore

Antonym of final straw

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