Synonym of finely tuned


(of one's senses) Sensitive or perceptive to changes
keen acute perceptive sensitive sharp clear penetrating delicate piercing powerful strong fine incisive responsive discerning good quick accurate steely exquisite canny heightened precise profound finely honed savvy brilliant observant well-developed well-honed intense fierce deep extreme violent ferocious terrible excruciating dreadful severe heavy vehement almighty blistering explosive hard vicious furious hellacious frightful agonizing intensive ghastly searing fearsome burning fearful harrowing overwhelming racking consuming unbearable harsh tormenting torturous shooting concentrated stabbing insufferable excessive serious grievous unendurable cutting overpowering distressing hellish poignant peracute shrill sudden agonising heavy-duty discriminating astute intelligent perspicacious shrewd clever insightful sharp-witted percipient alert smart subtle quick-witted wise critical judicious intuitive aware refined sagacious bright thoughtful knowing ready fastidious selective on the ball whip-smart brainy clear-sighted careful understanding penetrative ingenious sapient sage nice awake argute trenchant cultivated particular clear-eyed fussy vigilant adroit probing cultured choosy genius picky far-sighted finicky conscious heads-up long-headed finical persnickety prudent open-eyed razor-edged knife-like meticulous knowledgeable searching keen-witted tasteful apt nimble watchful sharp-sighted attentive far-seeing nimble-witted discriminative fast ultrasmart exceptional supersmart hyperintelligent minute dexterous exact heady pawky cagey enquiring questioning inquiring mindful skilful deft heedful cute exacting quick off the mark rapier-like suss downy choicy skillful dextrous opinionated analytical gnostic insighted quick on the uptake appreciative not missing a trick on guard tuned in quick on the trigger knows what's what razor-sharp ear to the ground interested sensible thinking visionary imaginative prescient able cerebral receptive quick-thinking precocious politic intellectual cagy sensitized gifted impeccable polished complex analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed experienced enlightened sophisticated competent effectual capable slick adept effective fly erudite curt active vigorous wired mercurial whiz consummate examining pointed thorough exploratory inquisitive researching investigative curious wide awake wary educated razor-like all there smart as a whip sharp as a tack quick on the draw discriminatory discriminational differential apprehensive pinpoint precision artistic aesthetic sharp-eyed agile individualising eclectic select individualizing esthetic cautious circumspect sensitised fingertip eagle-eyed philosophical hardheaded acuminous wide-awake keen-eyed with good taste hard-boiled hawk-eyed concentrating resourceful witty foxy leery concerned studious beady-eyed tentie regardful focused tenty Argus-eyed close hairline hairsplitting rigorous having smarts nobody's fool not born yesterday meaty weighty pithy on your guard surveying advertent discovering deducing on one's toes correct eager detecting contemplating on the qui vive on your toes considering alive focussed comprehending intentive observative with eyes like a hawk on the lookout smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five dainty demanding with all one's wits about one spot-on mathematical nuanced finespun inflexible pernickety prim pure puritanical prudish scrupulous choosey stuffy rational discreet sophic pedantic squeamish faddy fussbudgety proper faddish punctilious finicking prissy perfectionist hypercritical nitpicking overdelicate overparticular overnice wise to hard to please over-particular nit-picking Victorian old-maidish strait-laced difficult to please schoolmarmish impossible to please nit-picky more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Having or displaying an appreciation of the feelings of others
sensitive perceptive sympathetic thoughtful feeling understanding receptive tactful comforting commiserating commiserative compassionate condoling considerate consoling empathetic empathic supportive sympathising sympathizing tender tenderhearted tender-hearted warm attentive aware careful intuitive caring cognizant concerned conscious diplomatic discerning kind patient impressionable reactive responsive sensitised sensitized emotionable impressible insightful kindly knowing perceiving unselfish supersensitive touchy feely tuned in turned on to benevolent humane gentle softhearted soft affectionate warmhearted kindhearted charitable pitying beneficent warm-hearted benignant loving kind-hearted good-hearted merciful soft-hearted generous helpful indulgent solicitous good-natured altruistic big-hearted all heart mild gracious tolerant lenient doting sweet encouraging sentimental maternal benign forgiving philanthropic goodhearted large-hearted soothing reassuring bleeding-heart giving selfless motherly fatherly fatherlike humanitarian friendly great-hearted open-hearted forbearing genial clement moved emotional obliging magnanimous human approachable bighearted consolatory uplifting inspiring nurturing inspiriting sorry philanthropical piteous protective fond vicarious appreciative boosting gratifying stimulating touchy-feely cheering cheerful fulfilling mushy nice amiable amicable having heart in right place bleeding heart comprehending open-minded well-disposed accommodating full of pity condolatory accepting interested fiery irritable sensorial vulnerable high-strung nervous sensible demonstrative fragile passionate sensory appreciating affirmative good paternal enthusiastic civilized approving positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming decent accessible righteous liberal neighborly neighbourly pleasing broad-minded civilised ruthful sparing touched adopted imagined assumed welcome old softie well disposed do-good well meaning loving and giving well-intentioned stirred hospitable agreeable pleasant lovable personable impressed congenial affable lovely cordial likeable mellow melted stimulated affected influenced conciliatory easygoing prepossessing winsome delightful unpresumptuous charming unassuming engaging simpatico reasonable sweet-natured companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie likable sociable winning appealing taking mild-mannered enchanting good-tempered captivating good-humoured sweet-tempered good-humored even-tempered harmless deeply moved munificent greathearted angelic benefic well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered umbrageous hung up sentient easily affected sensile unstable wired ticklish delicate oversensitive susceptible seeing precise touchy precarious fine keen tense acute hypersensitive psychic sensatory tricky hearty easy-going permissive open pardoning pitiful condoning susceptive courteous wholesome eleemosynary unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm propitious unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish princely big bounteous public-spirited regardful bountiful respectful gallant openhanded openhearted noble freehanded deferential

Antonym of finely tuned

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