Synonym of finishing

Alternative for finishing

finishes, finished, finishing

Synonym: cease, close, complete, conclude, end, perfect, polish, refine, stop, terminate,

Antonym: begin, commence, start,


Expending or consuming by employing
using exhausting consuming depleting burning expending getting through gobbling guzzling running through spending using up wasting wearing out dissipating draining finishing up frittering away frivolling away going through squandering bleeding drying up milking sucking dry burning up dispatching emptying disposing of emptying out cleaning out finishing off blowing throwing away lavishing misspending losing trifling away frittering fiddling away sapping splurging devouring spending like water drawing down absorbing misusing impoverishing bluing playing out running out pouring down the drain throwing around like confetti bleeding dry eating up employing utilizing laying out spending recklessly taking up spending money as if it were going out of style making poor use of utilising spending money as if there were no tomorrow passing outlaying killing devoting straining shelling out frivoling frivolling beguiling paying out trifling spending unwisely wasting away throwing down the drain burning through splashing out swallowing up spending money as if it grows on trees putting out washing up filling idling away disbursing occupying paying giving dropping misapplying misemploying gambling away diddling away diminishing abusing scattering dishing out drawing spending freely drying coughing up forking out making use of eating wearing down taking last of blowing through going to waste spending money as if it were going out of fashion ponying up running down giving out bankrupting whiling away idling going down the drain stumping up running up springing for diverting playing ducks and drakes with anteing up allocating spending foolishly fribbling away throwing wantoning eating through dispensing with suffering the loss of spending as if there were no tomorrow spending as if it grows on trees spending as if it were going out of style whiling fiddling overspending sacrificing disinheriting dispossessing stopping having discharging divesting donating lazing contributing breaking siphoning syphoning busting spending money as if it grew on trees fooling away dallying running dry casting away chucking something down the drain ebbing investing tapping going slashing attenuating loitering getting rid of getting last drop freeing from catheterizing filtering off pumping out drawing off prodigalizing having recourse to putting to use digging into availing oneself of spending money like water throwing money down the drain throwing money around pouring money down the drain petering out having no more lapsing putting up putting in lending spending money parting with shirking filling up filling in doling out embezzling dispensing footing the bill throwing money at voiding dispersing dispelling eroding exploiting misappropriating undermining using fraudulently putting to wrong use slowly diminishing chipping away at overcoming slowly reducing wearing away gradually overcoming slowly lessening kissing goodbye dumping indulging oneself


Combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another
complementary matching corresponding correspondent equivalent parallel harmonious correlative compatible harmonising harmonizing matched complementing companion supportive interrelated supporting paired interdependent complemental completing interrelating supplemental supplementary balancing completory conclusive fellow filling integral integrative interconnected mated perfecting comparable congruent consonant analogous consistent like resembling resemblant similar identical coordinating equal cognate connate suchlike alike akin congruous same duplicate ditto such related kindred undifferentiated commensurate uniform synonymous homogeneous conforming homogenous indistinguishable tallying accordant concordant coordinative toning proportionate reciprocal agreeing in agreement tantamount close near homologous interchangeable substitutable unvaried undiverse conformable the same much the same corroborative corroboratory confirmational twin corroborating double symphonious of a piece twinlike reminiscent analogical undifferenced coequal kin much of a muchness on par cut from the same cloth selfsame of a kind confirmatory standardised standardized substantiating nonconflicting confirming coherent obverse melodious musical cooperative concurring euphonious tuneful approximative correlated euphonic conformable to correspondent to correspondent with relative opposite symphonic jibing even exact proportional commensurable canorous allied substitute equalling equaling answering congeneric carbon copy relating congenerous invariant one and the same allying dead ringer not unlike approximating connatural congenial fungible unvarying Xerox coextensive agnate on the order of blending coupled all of a piece like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod more or less the same


A ceasing or discontinuance, for example of an action, whether temporary or final
cessation discontinuance ending stoppage termination closure break ceasing close conclusion discontinuation end finish halt halting interruption let-up pause respite stay suspension closing stopping abandonment abeyance arrest arrestment cease check closedown cutoff expiration lapse offset remission rest shutdown shutoff standstill stop surcease break-off breather desistance downtime freeze hiatus intermission interval layoff recess time-out breaking off cutting short winding up grinding halt screaming halt time off expiry running out limit period concluding demise folding cloture lapsing shutting failure closing down shutting down lull interlude lessening abatement time out relaxation slackening letup breathing space reduction diminution decrease decline interregnum relief moderation ebb entr'acte easing weakening delay waning breath interim dwindling moratorium coffee break gap wait diminishing lightening adjournment discontinuity alleviation ebbing parenthesis hiccup hiccough shrinkage easing off breathing spell smoko caesura hush silence stillness contraction drop deadlock time lacuna tranquillity tranquility repose spell hold-up pausation comma interstice mitigation modification attenuation subsiding quiescence subsidence intermezzo diminishment decrement tailing off depression release loss falloff depletion cut dent fall drop-off step down dying down dropping off discount petering out de-escalation slack leave disruption episode holiday vacation time away hesitation vacay meanwhile idyll meantime loosening qualification dilution cut-off tea break sit-down lunch break pause in the action diversion quiet calm stopover jollification recreation entertainment brightening amusement jollity spell of inactivity beat calmness ten forgiveness deliverance discharge five truce exculpation immunity letting up leisure pardon ease acquittal protraction lapse of time gridlock hitch stand refreshment quietness break off happy hour rest period awkward moment breathing room postponement deferment deferral modulation prorogation peace peacefulness pausing palliation deadening appeasement damping allaying cushioning assuagement dormancy suspense quiescency abeyancy doldrums latency dip rescheduling shelving placation quelling softening soothing stilling tempering pacification calming dulling descent plunge disbandment pigeonholing dissolving dissolution lowering slump tabling mothballing plummet deterioration downgrade dive mollification extenuation declension continuation put-off putting off declination downswing degeneracy degradation degeneration devolution erosion crash declivity nosedive decadence tumble slowing knocking off let up suspension of proceedings temporary cessation taking five recession falling off fall-off downhill trend nose dive sinking fading wane fade dying away declining amelioration curtailment minimization slowing down desisting relenting dropping away dying out retardation cutback cooling off saving taking away subtraction detraction deduction tapering off


The action or process of completing or finishing something
completion accomplishment close conclusion consummation finalisation finalization fruition fulfilment realisation realization execution achievement attainment cessation closing culmination end ending finish resolution termination completeness curtains expiration finis fulfillment hips integration perfection success windup wind-up wrap-up finishing point polishing off sewing up swan song winding up discharge performance prosecution implementation enactment commission fulfilling perpetration pursuance completing carrying out effecting actualization effectuation engineering carrying through actuality crowning procurement acquirement reaching gaining production reification concluding winning successful completion achieving pass perfecting capping maturity enforcement administration effect operation accomplishing rendering doing carrying off bringing about bringing off nuts and bolts triumph undertaking feat conquest masterpiece coup act effort deed maneuver manoeuvre exploit master stroke successful resolution successful fulfillment successful conclusion successful consummation positive result successful execution tour de force successful finalization finale closure denouement stop cease terminus desistance grand finale discontinuation outcome discontinuance endgame homestretch capper mop-up halt end of the line stoppage consequence result shutdown arrest arrestment lapse cutoff surcease shutoff closedown payoff climax check epilogue period epilog adjournment curtain issue expiry omega coda upshot bitter end last act conduct materialization discharging dispatch death determination retirement satisfaction gratification materialisation stopping point peroration baby sign-off stay final scene bottom line last word last part end result observance closing stages conducting implementing performing redemption acquisition maturation desuetude wrap arrival stopping acquittal last dissolution end of the road eventuality breakup final act summation winding-up breaking off self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization final curtain coup de grace pulling off following pursuing limit summing-up outro final point last stop wane summing up catastrophe exploits stunt exercise move final thoughts feats stratagem clarification unravelling solution cancellation offset final word stroke of genius bringing into being bringing to fruition carrying-out abortion cesser afterpiece closer chaser button blow-off unraveling cut-off cancelation cutting short kiss-off ballgame acts work cut-off point crowning glory end piece practice inner peace serenity kicks observance kick nirvana you got it contentedness just the ticket contentment joy obtaining getting securing realizing ripeness enjoyment dénouement standstill carrying into action ripening liquidation gain reaping pleasure readiness fruitfulness freeze suspension last stage procuring acquiring final stage final part victory break disruption pause realising succeeding win occlusion dead stop time-out full stop screeching halt lull dead end blockage screaming halt grinding halt deadlock brick wall letup interruption roadblock target run-in glory masterstroke ascendancy sequel arrival at progress eminence agreement decision confirmation settlement aftermath product fruit corollary advance benefit flying colors grand slam walkover strike favorable outcome walkaway éclat reaction repercussion ramification effectuality ascendency jackpot skill effectiveness effectualness feather in cap contrivance favourable result successful outcome efficaciousness auspiciousness favourable outcome miracle successfulness fate backwash aftereffect precipitate fruits sequelae outgrowth concomitant resultant reverberations event produce development sequence child pay-off matter of course by-product out-turn

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