Synonym of fit for a king


Expensive and of high quality
luxe luxurious sumptuous opulent lavish plush palatial deluxe luxury luxuriant plushy lush posh fancy splendid ritzy magnificent silken grandiose Lucullan Babylonian upscale swish luscious gorgeous Lucullian majestic elegant palace stately indulgent sensuous epicurean sensual sybaritic fit for a queen grand rich extravagant ostentatious pretentious swanky upmarket elaborate classy lux well-appointed immoderate voluptuous ornate swank stylish palatian lavishly appointed well appointed de luxe expensive costly imposing impressive comfortable princely regal self-indulgent pompous in the lap of luxury hedonistic pampered gratifying pleasurable pleasure-loving affluent comfy glitzy beautiful classic high-class upper-crust up-market upper-class chic fashionable exquisite smart exclusive fine refined select tasteful glamorous first-class fancy-pants sophisticated tony choice modish handsome showy trendy resplendent delicate graceful splashy rare aristocratic cultivated dainty dignified recherche snazzy schmick flashy swankish genteel dicty high-toned loaded nice abundant artistic splendiferous attractive well-off superb affected snappy sharp discerning polished larney swell superior chichi distinguished cultured upholstered prodigal urbane courtly lovely dashing charming plummy ornamented suave overdone comely with-it exuberant a la mode yuppie formal agreeable excessive pleasant glittering heavenly exaggerated over-the-top over the top poised appealing respectable elitist snobby snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty high-quality recherché spectacular leafy champagne flamboyant peacocky profuse dear ultra gracious coffee-table stuffy awe-inspiring out of this world spiffy embellished valuable precious frilly riotous profusive velvet happening voguish fresh in cool supercool hip arty salubrious with good taste beyond price fruity glossy well produced wealthy plentiful swishy au courant resonant deep prolific gilded prosperous full fat bountiful ample flash quality special pricey sprauncy swagger aesthetic well-fixed well-situated well-heeled Sloaney Kelvinside Morningside noble decorous super la-di-da top-drawer debonair chi-chi well-to-do august esthetic stylized sonorous mellow Home Counties well-designed well-dressed easy well-bred


Of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified
kingly majestic regal stately august grand magnificent noble splendid courtly dignified distinguished lordly proud costly fine glorious gorgeous opulent princely resplendent rich sumptuous superb grandiose imposing impressive posh splendiferous aristocratic lavish elaborate excellent no-expense-spared expensive monumental royal awe-inspiring exalted striking breathtaking spectacular gallant heroical palatial baronial heroic epic deluxe luxurious great magnific massive Homeric imperial first-class marvellous splendacious magnolious sovereign ritzy fit for a prince fit for a queen sublime fit for a princess slap-up marvelous lofty awesome elegant queenly pompous solemn beautiful elevated commanding swanky venerable portly stunning divine arresting splendorous statuesque towering eminent staid respected dazzling gracious brilliant plush ceremonious honourable honorable highfalutin' superior imperious sensational ominous terrific prodigious extravagant stirring heavenly stupendous fabulous colossal celestial palatine tremendous amazing sightly formidable exquisite remarkable wondrous considerable extraordinary rarefied godlike Olympian ornate tall in the saddle handsome swish brave splendrous plushy swank high-ranking formal decorous palatian splashy magnifico flamboyant baroque honoured hallowed esteemed celebrated acclaimed renowned prestigious illustrious reserved solid gold important upright proper sedate highly regarded highbrow composed serious outstanding staggering ostentatious dramatic of repute of distinction radiant transcendent couth refined respectable sombre magisterial starchy somber distingué grave nifty powerful eye-catching well thought of high-minded of high standing honored glittering self-respecting just so large

Antonym of fit for a king

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