Synonym of fit for a princess


Of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified
regal majestic noble magnificent proud imposing splendid glorious grand stately august impressive monumental royal superb awe-inspiring breathtaking dignified exalted opulent resplendent spectacular striking sumptuous baronial deluxe distinguished epic fine gallant grandiose great heroic heroical Homeric imperial kingly lavish luxurious magnific massive palatial princely fit for a prince magnolious posh ritzy sovereign splendacious splendiferous fit for a queen sublime fit for a king lofty elevated gorgeous elegant lordly rich marvellous marvelous awesome commanding swanky pompous beautiful eminent illustrious extravagant excellent plush solemn aristocratic stunning superior remarkable venerable pretentious queenly courtly outstanding fancy honourable honorable ambitious plushy ornate classic portly arresting towering extraordinary terrific elaborate statuesque ostentatious powerful divine renowned supreme staid brilliant dazzling staggering imperious large respected lush luxury luxuriant classy gracious swish first-class luxe swank authoritative amazing vast something else formidable fabulous wondrous stirring palatian ominous tremendous celebrated splendorous costly prodigious honoured acclaimed handsome fantastic esteemed ceremonious dramatic radiant highfalutin' overwhelming upmarket upscale proper honored magisterial showy haughty indulgent exaggerated unreal first-rate high-minded worthy eye-catching splashy immoderate luscious upright respectable distingué lux stylish self-respecting sensational de luxe well-appointed heavenly palatine exquisite well appointed lavishly appointed stupendous colossal celestial sightly considerable high rarefied godlike wonderful large-scale Olympian famous ample transcendent famed diplomatic judicious monarchic authoritarian self-assured expensive dynamite admirable smashing fab super glittering tall in the saddle high-ranking well-proportioned Junoesque noted bright triumphant incredible splendrous brave legendary astonishing prestigious hallowed immortal shining phenomenal flash flashy mythological classical trim shapely poised graceful astounding important magnifico flamboyant baroque jaw-dropping bigger than life high-flown effulgent unforgettable very good unfathomable bombastic theatrical egotistic high-falutin' high-flying solid gold formal decorous highly regarded notable preeminent gratifying memorable adored well-known time-honored long of repute of distinction extended reserved well thought of of high standing huge arduous Herculean big sedate marathon tall and dignified mega glitzy serious highbrow composed exciting presidential larger-than-life very great very large very long high-class moving effective couth sombre refined starchy somber grave nifty silken principled overblown forcible Lucullan Babylonian mind-blowing excessive up-market upper-crust upper-class one for the book Lucullian something to write home about palace just so over-the-top over the top beneficent independent cultivated valiant great-hearted self-sufficient moral virtuous scrupulous decent out of this world prominent amazeballs intense leading mind-boggling eye-popping influential humbling portentous unbelievable immodest highest pleasurable picturesque highest-ranking miraculous inflated intellectual eye-opening awe-striking astral first prime exhilarating eventful top-ranking delightful enjoyable good uplifting gee-whizz scintillating coruscating vivid ravishing splendent high-born colorful leonine exceptional conspicuous no-expense-spared gaudy colourful fascinating thrilling magical maestoso resounding enthralling cool what fantastical penetrating absorbing stupefying startling inspiring slap-up unique intoxicating glamorous confounding the number ideal revered self-important number one top-drawer what great heart-stopping higher surprising never to be forgotten mind-bending spine-tingling audacious bold grandiloquent higher up tinselled big-time high up exorbitant extreme tinsel landmark momentous fateful consequential outrageous disproportionate historic meaningful cheering material groundbreaking pivotal satisfying epochal significant red-letter heart-warming rewarding noteworthy pleasing far-reaching fulfilling ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable insane wild star-studded prevailing top-level well-connected dominant premier predominant head pre-eminent notorious prized controlling valued recognized of influence high profile senior high-up eloquent distinctive integral incomparable historical signal alpha oratorical mighty trusted all-important chief foremost high-powered upper reputable fabled high-level puissant cogent four-star successful potent seminal of note deciding VIP resonant recognised iconic

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