Synonym of flatulent

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'flætʃələnt /'flætjʊl-


generating excessive gas in the alimentary canalsuffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal


Showy in speech and given to using flowery or elaborate terms
bombastic pretentious inflated long-winded pompous swollen tedious fustian gaseous gassy grandiloquent oratorical orotund prolix rhetoric rhetorical tiresome turgid windy wordy breezy overblown shallow superficial tumescent tumid verbose high-flown high-sounding magniloquent highfalutin declamatory euphuistic ostentatious periphrastic flowery grandiose overripe lofty sonorous aureate pleonastic florid ornate overwrought voluble circuitous circumlocutory rambling diffuse affected flamboyant convoluted extravagant purple discursive garrulous showy tautological overdone hifalutin theatrical loquacious lengthy histrionic arty-farty redundant hyperventilated palaverous gabby chatty mannered flashy repetitious logorrheic Ciceronian magnific epideictic eloquent Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued tortuous big-talking windbag exaggerated elaborate grand imposing ambagious stilted over-elaborate fulsome roundabout boastful actorly rotund wandering indirect strained laboured braggart pedantic Falstaffian boasting portentous bragging Ossianic Miltonian epic Homeric circumlocutionary euphistic haughty labored tall-talking verbal linguistic stylistic protracted digressive long-drawn-out maundering waffly talky logorrhoeic fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid dramatic forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive stagy intoning important noble stentorian elocutionary effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly talkative sesquipedalian full of verbiage superfluous hyperbolic iterative ranting embellished fluent contrived glib mouthy vocal effusive articulate blathering blustering rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash stuffed shirt full of hot air overambitious chichi conspicuous tinselly artificial kitschy posey la-di-da assuming flaunty flaunting conceited snobbish heroic pseudo snippy vainglorious specious pseud sophomoric poseur dicty poncey toffee-nosed hollow splashy arty feigned swank put-on too-too highfaluting gaudy fake puffed up la-de-da high-minded chi-chi fancy-pants big complicated formal erudite scholarly fancy baroque exalted bombast ornamented long vaunting egotistic meandering expansive fussy monumental high majestic impressive ponderous puffed self-important bold elevated vast prolonged overlong involved figurative grand-sounding complex babbling prating gushing puffed-up prattling rococo large jabbering ornamental big-mouthed wittering multiloquent multiloquous gobby yacking with the gift of the gab self-righteous curlicued lexiphanic learned over-the-top wedding-cake busy gingerbread tall swaggering solemn overinflated very elaborate elegant stodgy oratorial high-falutin fine pontifical prim sententious overwritten booming melodramatic arresting stuffy ambitious boring wearisome overelaborate high-wrought decorative garnished rich luscious euphemistic sublime interminable highly decorated serious arrogant grave OTT reiterating padded detailed decorated over the top excessive empty rhapsodical overestimated yakking crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering tautologous repeating repetitive gossipy conversational chattery full of air having kissed the Blarney stone communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky splendid stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly



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