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flaws, flawed, flawing

Synonym: blemish, crack, damage, defect, fault, weakness,


Having faults or errors
defective imperfect faulty broken cracked buckled deformed distorted malfunctioning scratched shoddy torn unsound warped weak amiss bad blemished damaged deficient incomplete inoperative non-functioning chipped duff knackered inconsistent in disrepair not functioning not working gone wrong out of order on the blink inadequate substandard poor inferior unsatisfactory below par impaired shabby second-rate wanting lousy pathetic rubbish subnormal below standard lemon junk useless mediocre execrable dismal lamentable dreadful terrible deplorable suboptimal subpar atrocious crummy dire diabolical leaving much to be desired rotten appalling abysmal unacceptable lame dissatisfactory awful marred wretched miserable low-grade pitiful average disagreeable worthless low-quality paltry two-bit ordinary sub-par third-rate unexceptional pedestrian ropy below average not up to snuff low rubbishy under par junky base second-class direful middling contemptible sorry poorer cheap indifferent downmarket pitiable schlocky bargain-basement dodgy low-rent grotty crude poxy sad insufficient injured unfinished tawdry hack trashy lacking pants sketchy a load of pants good-for-nothing dime-a-dozen déclassé the pits coarse not up to much common schlock sick limited unfit low-end unreliable tainted broken-down fallible dud not up to scratch invalid incorrect failing disfigured inexact feeble patchy bust kaput buggy short disappointing meagre scarce stained tarnished busted meager shy botched frail restricted ineffective needing scant scanty not much cop conked out done for on its last legs abnormal seconds unhealthy unstable sickly weakly unusable on the bum slipshod wonky spoiled split crippled off failed ailing gone phut playing up out of commission gone haywire acting up inaccurate fissured fallacious imprecise wrong erroneous in poor condition crazed fractured splintered cleft on the fritz not cutting it ruptured slit valueless cheapie spoilt smudged mottled soiled debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable leaky confused maimed incoherent flecked no good not in working order inefficient reduced scrappy marked impotent little ineffectual unsatisfying skimpy unsuitable exiguous unworthy insubstantial inappreciable abject inconsiderable sparing unassembled infrequent unequal rare underprovided undersupplied absent missing not good enough scarred unrefined unpolished not up to standard bodger not acceptable piddling hopeless unsellable unsaleable second string second fiddle outta gas found wanting third string not enough omitted empty cooked gone away needed unfulfilled destitute bankrupt deprived half-baked less bereft devoid partial not make it discolored tenth-rate immature not up to par burned out in default cut off not cut out for not up to expectations too little too late out of gas under-strength undeveloped rudimentary minus vicious garbage faultful bottom-of-barrel discoloured few bugs in a state of disrepair sparse negligible measly small in short supply thin too little stingy few and far between slender miserly thin on the ground few minimal spare slight at a premium bare too few modest puny lean light slim beggarly uncommon diminished hard to find skimp hand-to-mouth hard to come by tight insignificant trifling scattered sporadic occasional incommensurate tiny depleted mean scrimpy nominal too small barren unusual seldom seen like gold dust not to be had not to be had for love nor money unfrequent finite seldom found smaller dry unsufficient narrow drained without dwindling negative lacking in petty thinning wanting in short of tenuous marginal void lesser shortened seldom semioccasional flimsy barely sufficient minor denuded free from bereft of deficient in seldom met with inconsequential imperceptible minute straggling empty of destitute of bare of low in numbers out of the ordinary denuded of vacant of running low unqualified confined diminutive scrimp incapable unample incompetent unfitted penurious minimum out of little or no hardly any nugatory token wispy determinate basic circumscribed defined definite measured mingy truncated threatened basal coming up short next to none next to no close not hacking it with an insufficiency jejune dispersed set cut not making it out of the common halting faltering hesitant disjointed sans laughable thinly distributed diffuse half-pie parsimonious stunted derisory in the minority widely spaced stinted unproductive run-down with too little … with too few … free of at a low level subtracting non-fluent low on short-handed short on innocent barren of deprived of depleted of in need of drained of void of bankrupt of unprovided with bush-league scarcer than hen's teeth nonexistent removed devoid of lower unimportant trivial secondary non-existent nowhere to be found left out not present not to be found not included left behind subordinate unthinkable unlikely unimaginable subtile outstanding subtle inconceivable strange preeminent magnificent standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary unique singular towering remarkable unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated recherche slighter not as great declined unsubstantial not so much depressed junior fewer not so great


Having or characterized by a fundamental weakness or imperfection
erroneous inaccurate incorrect faulty invalid wrong fallacious mistaken unsound amiss defective distorted false imprecise spurious unfounded untrue impaired inexact weak wide of the mark specious illogical groundless misleading off untruthful untenable off beam without foundation unreasonable irrational shaky out unjustifiable baseless in error full of holes implausible misguided unsubstantiated counterfactual senseless fabricated unreliable off target awry iffy sophistical indefensible flimsy absurd preposterous deceptive way out concocted without basis bogus unsupported ill-founded nonrational fishy unreasoning incongruous improper fictitious phoney unreasoned unsustainable dodgy phony casuistic invented astray askew inappropriate made up trumped up insupportable unjustified way off off base delusory delusive unsatisfactory nonsensical foundationless hollow illegitimate ludicrous fraudulent sophistic uncorroborated inconsequent inconsequential contradictory imperfect beguiling deluding deceiving deceitful unreal dicey imaginary nutty wacky apocryphal adrift haywire ungrounded not exact not accurate off the wall tenuous questionable not right off-base off-beam dubious unwarrantable way off beam out of order suspect inconclusive unwarranted impossible inexcusable unforgivable sham counterfeit unpardonable unconfirmed fallible irreconcilable discrepant problematic fatuous unacceptable abroad unscientific forged self-contradictory dishonest truthless stupid idiotic silly foolish inexpiable foul insane unsubstantial crazy misrepresentative insincere colored wild perverse unseemly mad fabulous ridiculous coloured bad mythical mythological misconstrued untrustworthy cooked-up all wet falsified erring not working wide way off-beam not making sense off-target ill-conceived out of commission ill-thought-out economical with the truth off the mark illusory unfitting without justification unconvincing confusing misinformed indefinite vague improbable unpersuasive unbelievable unproven illusive fanciful unassured unsure arbitrary lying poor inadequate unlikely far-fetched incredible feeble nebulous doubtful farfetched lame unsupportable inconceivable obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic reasonless contrary to fact erratic unfactual nonfactual fictional uncalled-for unthinking injudicious unwise not trustworthy mindless brainless incoherent pathetic airy thin slight reachy vain unimpressive fluffed misfigured goofed mishandled miscalculated unfaithful careless misjudged demented laughable meaningless inconsistent unarguable undefendable refutable won't hold water won't wash kooky loony not precise out of line on the wrong track at fault wrongly identified wide of mark barking up wrong tree off track labouring under a misapprehension barking up the wrong tree in the wrong garbled inadmissible untoward unsuitable way-out not true way-off not well thought out off-the-wall doesn't wash imbecilic inane unproved rotten confused daft beyond belief cockeyed irrelevant unconnected screwy barmy inept unapt unfit indecorous infelicitous malapropos inapposite graceless inapt unbecoming unhappy wrong number all off up not following doomed misconceived misunderstood crooked unlawful unfair sick beyond the bounds of possibility glitched up not as it should be unbacked fake mock feigned artificial simulated faked factitious contrived ersatz trumped-up made-up defamatory slanderous imagined pejorative aspersive injurious maligning scandalous calumnious calumniatory opprobrious chimerical libelous libellous scurrilous cooked up malicious superstitious manufactured not genuine deluded mendacious framed devised chimeric terminologically inexact random outrageous unjust uninformed vituperative invidious backbiting contumelious vilifying debasing non-sequiturial logically fallacious haphazard capricious iniquitous gratuitous needless insulting nonvalid sarcastic shot-in-the-dark hit-or-miss wrongly inferred flakey raving aberrant unstable freaky cockamamie disconnected distraught delirious disjointed visionary plausible illegal flaky uncalled for credible probable apparent sophisticated ostensible empty seeming flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory presumable idle plausible but wrong seemingly correct apparently right pretend fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal ideal notional make-believe phantasmic aspersory utopian quixotic hallucinatory unprovable damaging traditional mud-slinging freety apprehensive fearful

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