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usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry itof or relating to or resembling flesh


Having a surfeit of body fat
plump chubby fat obese overweight corpulent hefty portly stout tubby chunky beefy meaty pudgy beer-bellied fattish heavy paunchy podgy rotund round blubbery bulky burly heavyset roly-poly thickset big large porky zaftig ample corn-fed fubsy full gross lardy nuggety poddy replete well covered well padded well upholstered abdominous brawny pursy pyknic squabby well-padded well rounded adipose full-figured husky of ample proportions porcine sarcous weighty well-covered flabby broad in the beam buxom pot-bellied rounded dumpy Falstaffian elephantine plumpish bloated huge solid massive stocky thick sturdy broad potbellied hulking morbidly obese cumbersome well-built muscular outsize solidly built gargantuan muscly hunky strapping stubby strong thick-bodied substantial well-upholstered heavily built oversize wide heavyweight overfed overstuffed overnourished overheavy well fed clinically obese muscle-bound powerfully built of ample build fatty powerful squat considerable rugged stumpy avoirdupois butterball excessive enormous curvy bulging abundant lusty blimp filled upholstered whalelike cumbrous copious cavernous l laden loaded awkward enceinte burdensome gravid expectant built lead-footed thewy inflated stark big and strong broad-shouldered lard-arsed very large bearish squatty curved overblown embonpoint pleasingly plump plenitudinous matronly lumpish on the large short and fat baby elephant heavy-laden on the plump side out of shape immense colossal outsized dense great lubberly unwieldy full-fleshed sonsy having a bay window having a spare tire bulbous lard bovine bull sizable ponderous jelly-belly distended swollen well-fed sinewy stalwart robust Herculean mighty athletic vigorous hardy mesomorphic well muscled buff jacked shredded ripped well-knit well knit as strong as an ox vital able-bodied tough healthy fit hearty manly firm hale sturdily built hale and hearty energetic herculean sound hard beefcake in fine fettle active hulky powerhouse fighting fit in good shape in good health masculine cobby bruising virile muscled well-developed well iron forceful pumped up staunch well-conditioned in good trim bursting with health hardened toughened as fit as a fiddle in rude health inured as fit as a flea bullish as strong as a horse cast-iron hard-bitten fit as a fiddle sporty macho trim lively physical studly swole jock agile nimble lithe musclebound aerobicized red-blooded peppy dynamic flush whole bull-necked gingery gigantic in trim manful formidable wholesome bouncing stodgy fresh in tip-top condition tall durable capable in good condition able resilient resistant hard-wearing physically fit as strong as a lion seasoned in the pink obdurate heavy-duty tenacious gorillalike hunk buffed out buffed butch lean spunky girthy fine full-bodied blooming short handsome tiger wiry ropy stringy young potent toned imposing bursting with good health well-made strenuous fibrous well set-up scrub built like an ox right as rain in shape bullnecked chiseled chiselled healthful overpowering lumbering towering redoubtable strongly made invincible indomitable stable unflagging enduring acclimatised acclimatized indefatigable compact rude mammoth blocky A1 full of life strong-featured roaring rough flourishing thriving two-fisted full-blooded well-proportioned alive and kicking as strong as a ox big-boned rigid stiff inflexible unbreakable leathery indestructible cohesive steeled molded conditioned tight moulded tough as nails hard as nails withstanding long-lasting made to last


Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
X-rated vulgar obscene indecent lewd smutty dirty coarse crude filthy bawdy pornographic blue ribald raunchy gross foul lascivious impure profane offensive nasty wanton trashy adult porny gutter unprintable stag erotic sexy steamy immoral porno porn sensual mature sexual locker-room off-color hard-core salacious rude suggestive racy improper indelicate off colour risqué naughty licentious earthy raw saucy spicy prurient vile near the knuckle indecorous scatological fruity scatologic immodest gamy titillating explicit scurrilous lustful Rabelaisian unchaste unseemly low rough foul-mouthed sordid wicked lecherous shameless carnal tasteless depraved inappropriate uncouth unclean nudge-nudge disgusting arousing libidinous base loose unwholesome salty blasphemous crass near the bone abusive soft-core colourful rank debauched broad off-colored gamey off scandalous colorful taboo degenerate dissolute scabrous off-colour provocative concupiscent distasteful cheap rakish lubricious hot Fescennine shocking fleshly skin voluptuous libertine fast sleazy profligate corrupt bad-mannered unrefined impolite randy unvirtuous close to the bone in bad taste lowbrow Cyprian bad dishonourable debased sexually explicit juicy sinful evil dissipated grown up barnyard unsavory obnoxious full-frontal dishonorable lowbred inelegant unsavoury sickening bodily XXX ithyphallic incontinent villainous corrupting exploitative sick goatish lusty unprincipled outrageous uninhibited repulsive orgiastic low-down vicious unscrupulous malicious questionable odious disreputable discourteous shady luscious reprobate abandoned sensuous wrongful promiscuous mean horny graphic lurid unbecoming uncivil unblushing uncultured uncensored tacky mucky horrible XXXX corporeal boorish low-down-and-dirty exciting unpolished roughneck hideous loathsome atrocious tactless raffish page-three whorish rugged of easy virtue repugnant noisome unrestrained purple sooty evil-minded daring profanatory undecorous ridiculous malodorous foulmouthed ill-bred indiscreet sizzling embarrassing risque ruttish vulgarian rough-hewn in the gutter low-minded illicit shameful lowdown and dirty farmyard libelous libellous untoward in poor taste ignorant awkward unsophisticated grody blunt profaned not pure desecrated scurvy dirty-minded gruesome out of line low-down and dirty sly rascally rogue devilish barro desirous sneaking contemptible slippery outlandish unworthy fractious brutish callow untactful iniquitous voyeuristic sexually suggestive uncultivated ignoble hankering unethical dishonest longing unhealthy nefarious itching sex adults-only grownup wrong unconventional crooked grimy grubby unlawful insensible common incult illiberal unrighteous dark unfair rotten underhand perverted fraudulent devious itchy wayward lubricous impious hypersexual satyric passionate wild black unconscionable unjust uncivilised tawdry degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive uncivilized churlish loutish affronting ill-mannered insulting unutterable vilifying brash unmannerly ungracious decadent dodgy miscreant Machiavellian cutthroat morally wrong saturnalian graceless not cricket seductive amoral animal physical alluring epicurean desirable excessive attractive beyond the pale sybaritic lush luxurious hedonistic amorous come-hither vixenish sultry tempting appetitive unspiritual voluptuary Dionysiac animalistic moving stirring tactile delightful heavy physically gratifying hedonic sharpened pleasing stimulating sensory warped despicable perverse criminal degraded heinous reprehensible ungodly abominable deceitful demoralized monstrous diabolical demoralised fiendish dastardly jackleg infamous rakehell rakehelly disgraceful detestable execrable unholy flagitious bent ignominious illegal irreligious intemperate underhanded treacherous discreditable egregious sacrilegious godless barbarous abhorrent fallen hateful two-faced untrustworthy cruel roguish corrupted appalling malevolent beastly lawless irreverent wretched cheating vitiated sneaky crafty dreadful louche pervy tainted shabby maleficent cunning shifty unspeakable abject deplorable knavish double-dealing snide opprobrious diabolic unconstrained bestial malfeasant savage guileful defiled illegitimate incorrigible unpleasant terrible skanky stinking wily sullied scheming erring sinister deceptive murderous twisted designing dubious peccable conscienceless scoundrelly tricky deviant felonious blameworthy satanic atheistic infernal tarty unnatural malignant pagan barbaric awful damnable self-indulgent notorious kinky sicko objectionable ruthless aberrant abnormal inhuman paltry duplicitous unwarranted black-hearted demonic culpable currish shoddy trampy fast-living artful intolerable two-timing injurious heathen Janus-faced pernicious unprofessional calculating unsporting lickerish trollopy brutal inequitable uncontrolled unsportsmanlike unacceptable shrewd conniving hellish mischievous uncharitable swinging easy indefensible unrestricted hardened arrant slatternly disrespectful vice-ridden guilty ghastly horrifying sadistic non-theistic flagrant unhallowed double-crossing clandestine mercenary below the belt uncleanly venal inexcusable revolting unregenerate sorry perfidious gone bad brazen undignified faithless furtive indictable cowardly undesirable unbridled lamentable petty slick deceiving servile suspect menial fishy insidious scungy spiteful hurtful unrespectable inglorious shy distorted audacious unforgivable delinquent worthless heartless ugly merciless false disorderly errant accursed cheeky unashamed lying gone to the dogs fast and loose ungoverned unembarrassed disagreeable insincere unfitting lax unabashed vindictive bold repellent sharp against the rules shonky facinorous dirty-dealing indulgent low-life unbelieving unlicensed blatant snidey lawbreaking forward light wolfish amiss beyond contempt squalid barefaced harmful bloodthirsty poor unruly slim uncontrollable incorrect scummy callous riotous dangerous under-the-table against the law pleasure-seeking contaminated noxious lousy drunken remorseless wrathful no good impudent insolent traitorous violent cold-blooded putrid disobedient undue deleterious unjustified open inhumane in the fast lane harsh baneful high-handed overbold presumptuous brassy invidious malefic unreasonable insubordinate high living horrid impaired frightful uncalled for recusant unnecessary horrendous adulterous unjustifiable free seedy dishonoured unconfined agnostic blackguardly seamy lowlife unhindered misleading unconscientious ferocious unimpeded surreptitious blameful bad-hearted recreant negligent non-believing blamable censurable swindling roundheeled toxic ungentlemanly lost defrauding freethinking suspicious flirtatious bribable unsuitable untrammeled self-seeking hoodwinking idolatrous deviative subtle fierce sinning homicidal foxy cacodemonic prohibited rancorous incongruous unfit unsanctified immoderate unfaithful infidel oblique inapt inapposite dishonored transgressing iconoclastic deteriorated violated beggarly infelicitous malapropos slimy contrary lame unbefitting forbidden uncurbed out of order nullifidian prejudicial bald-faced brazenfaced inept unhappy unapt rebellious unctuous irreverential fickle contraband no-good lowly unrepentant pitiful gay banned outlawed unauthorized peccant scabby ratty untrammelled preposterous pitiless proscribed inconstant actionable nauseating pitiable grim interdicted imprudent bootleg unfeeling unsanctioned rancid nauseous hard-hearted unkind grievous black-market unofficial out of keeping lacking restraint cruddy unpardonable ornery insupportable untrue disbelieving contumacious under the table verboten undisciplined truculent brute butcherly uncalled-for mean-spirited backbiting repellant fulsome sanguinary unbearable unauthorised down and dirty not permitted not allowed night owl out of place God-awful grisly false-hearted off limits arbitrary good-for-nothing under the counter desperate contrary to law out of control in violation of law virulent carefree sleazoid sleazo wrongdoing unsatisfactory praetorian stop-at-nothing smart retrograde morally bereft condemnable selfish casuistic revealing rudderless out of turn not on fly diseased deviate ruffianly depraving straying shadowy prodigal retrogressive thoughtless thievish canny clever grotty sceptical abased humiliating caitiff humble slavish a bit much contorted grotesque vitiate relaxed unmoral demeritorious despisable demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal glaring unladylike scathel perverting funny iffy stinky exceptionable overindulgent flimflam scam heretical pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie leprechaunish waggish elvish plebeian inferior hellbent misguided meanspirited cut-throat barbarian careless moribund declining decaying a bit thick over the fence groundless unsportsmanly hostile snaky demoralizing subversive heathenish gone to seed frolicsome secular unblessed unconsecrated heedless slipshod disdainable fresh racket overt slack slaggy fly-by-night bloody cynical astute shrewish surly bad-tempered crabbed ill-tempered ill-natured unaccommodating non licet degenerated masochistic vulgarised vulgarized irresponsible of bad reputation riggish demonian demonical Luciferian impenitent unconcealed transparent undisguised fell opportunist intriguing corruptible purchasable religionless nonreligious flagitous unmerciful ill-gotten demoralising biased prejudiced unsparing macabre terrific grewsome horrific nightmarish nightmare damaging unrelenting undeserved philandering nocuous adverse baleful opportunistic uncaring forbidding tyrannical inexorable detrimental ill tragic sad unsympathetic frenetic maniacal crazed mad possessed grafting rapacious derogatory undevout secret secretive stony-hearted discriminatory apostate extramarital faulty untamed plotting contriving expedient demeaned flatitious senseless unfortunate cold-hearted vengeful good-for-naught no-count meritless no-account bloodless morbid ominous cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled hole-and-corner covert back-alley hugger-mugger shrouded indirect red hot crying highly improper maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting skeptical free-thinking without shame unemotional no better than one should be foolish miserable doubting canting hypocritical defiling pietistical desecrative undutiful desecrating sanctimonious partisan in bad untruthful cagy beguiling cagey murky backstairs evasive conspiratorial cute severe shamed prostituted stern abysmal dire disastrous inclement in low esteem in the doghouse flinty mendacious draconian discriminating partial bigoted unequal pathetic distressing calamitous regrettable disparaging contemptuous despiteful scrofulous scornful disdainful fetid off-putting displeasing craven ruined obliquitous gimmicky grasping avaricious buyable disloyal uncompassionate slaughterous unchivalrous roughshod not religious reproachful uninviting bad news woeful heartbreaking mournful insufferable crummy weighted slanted preferential intolerant coloured extracurricular adulterine flighty adulterate unreliable padded simoniac simoniacal collapsed disgraced flat unpalatable mephitic irregular playing politics put on playing games truthless elusive yucky poisonous smelly fornicating speedy moonlighting unbalanced loaded uneven nonmoral non-moral bluffing faking one out not straightforward very bad open to bribery ruinous decayed sunken unchecked sick-making bogging reeking inapplicable inopportune ill-timed unseasonable unsuited venereal double-faced hollow-hearted one-sided unrightful non-objective colored festy pestilential yucko disgustful pestiferous niffy loathly olid on the take inaccurate erroneous hircine unlimited unbounded shaken confident unconcerned without standards without morals hot to trot deadly insalutary foetid on the nose untimely discordant out-of-place ill-advised inharmonious out-of-season ludicrous odd inexpedient discrepant inadequate off-base uncomely inadvisable inadmissible unhampered out of the way undismayed undaunted wilful rampant without scruples runaway inordinate unshackled unfettered not suitable at odds bad form unmanageable intractable unsuppressed natural boundless on the ground refractory headstrong stubborn ungovernable anarchic terrorist obdurate erratic obstinate unpredictable impermissible punishable unstoppable uncontainable irrepressible unbound unquenchable reckless footloose fearless unawed unflinching unshrinking insurrectionary anarchical seditious disruptive insurgent mutinying mutinous defiant recalcitrant anarchistic noncompliant nonconformist unrepressed violating turbulent nihilistic infringing wildcat piratical warlike criminogenic unregulated unpeaceful disordered racketeering haram tapu cocky poised forthright abashless brass-necked composed unaffected unshamed spontaneous flamboyant impertinent extravagant indiscriminate out of hand impotent plenary exaggerated frank candid bizarre limitless uncooperative froward willful under-the-counter off base not acceptable smoking gun ruled out without law and order incontrollable impossible rebel incompliant difficult restive undependable balky obstreperous bold as brass mulish strong-willed self-willed badly behaved cross-grained uncompliant


Relating to or affecting the senses rather than the intellect
sensuous pleasurable esthetic aesthetic gratifying rich sensory carnal fleshly luscious lush luxurious pleasure-seeking sensual sumptuous voluptuous affective bacchanalian epicurean hedonistic pleasing sensorial sybaritic aesthetically pleasing deep exciting intense opulent passionate physical pleasure-loving primrose self-indulgent sensualistic lavish plush deluxe palatial luxury fancy luxuriant posh splendid ritzy magnificent grandiose upscale silken extravagant plushy majestic Lucullan gorgeous Babylonian luxe Lucullian stately fit for a queen fit for a king expensive costly grand elaborate imposing indulgent swish ostentatious impressive immoderate palace comfortable elegant pretentious well-appointed in the lap of luxury swanky affluent upmarket ornate classy swank stylish lux palatian lavishly appointed comfy de luxe well appointed libertine sensualist voluptuary lotus-eating decadent depraved abandoned gourmandizing licentious dissolute wanton louche sinful gluttonous unrestrained shameless saturnalian fast-living profligate Dionysiac intemperate binge-eating greedy foodie gourmand connoisseur pampered hedonic overindulgent dissipated debauched corrupt degenerate degraded perverted immoral lascivious debased wicked unprincipled rakish warped sick reprobate rakehell demoralized jackleg perverse loose unclean unwholesome rakehelly easy demoralised gone bad gone to the dogs excessive prodigal lewd unchaste impure corrupted pervy high evil libidinous sleazy lecherous vitiated fast riotous concupiscent lustful promiscuous defiled swinging violated in the gutter deteriorated gastronomic champagne luxury-loving hot gourmet parsimonious effete light self-gratifying salacious desirable erotic attractive enticing hedonist delightful lubricious appealing vile vicious deviant moribund lost decaying declining obscene dirty wayward indecent sordid prurient flagitous iniquitous raffish twisted criminal nefarious brutal wild base bad kinky miscreant low unnatural unconstrained sicko unhealthy filthy mean villainous dirty-minded lacking restraint night owl in the fast lane rotten drunken open fast and loose high living

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