Synonym of forget it


Make legally null and void
nullify invalidate void abolish annul abrogate quash repeal rescind cancel revoke disannul dissolve negate reverse undo vacate veto abate avoid counteract countermand neutralise neutralize null obliterate obviate terminate countervail rebut recall render invalid set aside annihilate axe ax cancel out cast aside compensate confine counterbalance declare null and void kill limit nig offset renege renig restrict roll back scratch scrub squash strike down torpedo trash vitiate zap do away with render null and void blue pencil bring to an end stamp out take out wash out wipe out call all bets off bring to naught retract overrule withdraw overturn override repudiate take back overthrow recant nix put an end to disallow counterpoise scrap balance end compensate for remove abort make up for dismantle call off drop balance out rule against lift discharge redress stop erase call back discontinue delete renounce expunge eradicate eliminate negative efface deny dismiss disclaim make void redeem abjure abandon cut rub out black out blot out ditch outweigh suspend reject dump discard backpedal counterweigh X-out finish forswear countercheck cry off root out snuff out extinguish equalize disaffirm suppress disestablish call throw out destroy make ineffective exterminate correct backtrack on extirpate get rid of oppose contravene liquidate renege on disown declare invalid equilibrize defeat even out equalise unmake weasel out sweep away back out of make null and void undermine upset alter halt chop subvert excise counter cease disqualify down deracinate ignore supersede prohibit abnegate frustrate counterorder square go back on outvote break off blackball turf cross turn down contradict counterweight clean up shoot down finish off even up unsay close down dispatch give something the chop rule out work against decimate back out rectify refuse put down withcall censor knock something on the head dele put a stop to go against cross out strike out put the kibosh on blank out blue-pencil put a line through atone for go back on one's word divorce declare weaken discount bleep devalue disobey disregard dishonour unfit impair circumduct retreat watergate back-pedal on waive dishonor repel blow sky-high render meaningless get off the hook backwater forget quell refuse to fulfil inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under cork up hush up bottle up shut down remit knock out do in break call in atone equal out wangle out put damper on opt out stand down throw over worm out retire refute redline do a U-turn on purge omit antagonize antagonise dominate flout defy predominate prevail pull the plug crawl out of belay put the lid on exclude edit black knock on the head slaughter massacre butcher disavow ding impugn traverse stonewall belie disprove ride roughshod over trample underfoot amend equiponderate reorganise reorganize elide waste check arrest redress the balance trample upon phase out remedy break with take off ink out x out block out stroke out edit out X out white out pull back take away draw back disband tip the scales set off wipe from the face of the earth put paid to wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth foreswear scratch out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize turn thumbs down junk render inert shed adjourn relinquish apostatize forsake deface fix right reduce stabilize respond lessen stabilise counterwork buck trim blank gut strike remove all traces of cut out bowdlerise blot scrape off launder even level equate match deactivate subdue overcome conquer defuse render ineffective jettison conclude prorogue wipe slate clean dial back back down backtrack welsh back off eat one's words worm out of fly in the face of bring break up wind up disunite square up dispense with change desist overset wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack postpone collapse destruct sever shoot ruin wind down shatter demolish lay to rest prostrate set tie collate adjust accord attune parallel readjust be an antidote to inhibit squelch ban pull up quit interrupt forbid block interdict cut short pack in fade out resolve into render void put kibosh on knock down bring down proscribe outlaw pair off come out even come out bar embargo lay off cut off stop midstream preclude boycott knock it off call a halt pull the plug on call it quits pass decline disapprove discountenance censure burn dissent place an embargo on give thumbs down thumbs down pass on give the thumbs down to pass by not go for give the red light to throw away refuse permission to


To take back or renege on an initial statement or stance
retract withdraw disown recant renounce abjure repudiate revoke unsay cancel disavow reverse take back disclaim repeal rescind deny recall abnegate annul foreswear forswear renege apologise apologize backtrack on countermand eliminate exclude go back on nig recede renege on retreat retrocede retrograde suspend welsh withcall back down back off call off do a U-turn on draw back eat your words fall back reel in row back on rule out take in back out change one's mind change one's tune do an about-turn on eat one's words back out of have change of heart backpedal backtrack repossess reclaim eat crow eat humble pie reject abandon forsake change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn do an about-face change go back break give up relinquish about-face row back discard spurn eschew desert reconsider refuse double back retire decline apostatize default on cast off drop pull out have second thoughts surrender turn back contradict rethink rebut gainsay abdicate quit disallow disaffirm climb down relent negative cast aside disacknowledge flip-flop fail to honour rat on dial back turn your back on refuse to acknowledge wash your hands of do a volte-face have nothing more to do with retrace your steps yield abrogate concede betray leave call back renig return kick alter defect default retrogress amend adapt refute negate disconfirm dishonor dishonour disinherit depart refrain shun drive back withdraw from weasel out cut off say sorry give in turn tail turn tergiversate tergiverse regress pull out of back away cop out of change opinion worm out of back divorce oneself from break with wash one's hands of cop out turn one's back on think better of take it all back shift one's ground go into reverse sing a different song decide against break your promise wash hands of break one's word move back revisit be unfaithful revert impugn dissociate from sacrifice nullify void retreat from welsh on forgo weasel out of go back on word drop out forbear ditch abstain back-pedal on change your decision swallow come around come round end relations with send packing break one's promise back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans abstain from refrain from go back on one's word break your word break a promise cut off without a penny refuse to recognize throw off dispense with avoid turn the tables set aside move backward go backward move backwards back up drive backwards do away with pack in jack in swallow one's words capitulate go revolt submit blink bow succumb abscond decamp rebel compromise bend comply escape divert acquiesce knuckle under vary adjust revise modify recast budge run out turn coat shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over split recalibrate give way contravene shift make adjustments to separate disaffiliate subside abate flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on resign ebb turn back on refuse to accept nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove lessen secede rebuff disprofess shrink sink demur throw out rat balk at banish flush oust cast turn down shed lay aside pass up dump throw over break from disaffiliate from split with become independent resign from defect from separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from dwindle wane diminish moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate be against not accept have no more truck with fly in the face of move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down


Incapable of being passed over, surmounted, or overcome
insurmountable insuperable invincible unconquerable impossible overwhelming hopeless bulletproof impassable impregnable indomitable invulnerable unbeatable unstoppable challenging inaccessible ineluctable no-win unassailable undefeatable unmasterable no way not a prayer secure unyielding strong unsurpassable irresistible indestructible safe unshakeable inviolable unattackable untouchable irrepressible impenetrable unflinching indefatigable unbending firm supreme unshakable powerful enduring insusceptible stout insensitive impervious immune indefeasible undefeated intractable innate inexpugnable unattainable resistant above criticism immovable solid well fortified well defended fortified matchless unsurpassed peerless proof against unmatched safe and sound unsurmountable excellent outstanding dauntless unexcelled persisting persistent inevitable inescapable unrelenting inexorable overpowering relentless persevering not beatable staunch resolute steadfast stalwart intransigent set lionhearted brave determined plucky fearless intrepid inflexible adamant heroic valiant untameable tough willful stubborn ruthless gritty obstinate dogged doughty mettlesome steely courageous spirited pertinacious strong-willed strong-minded stout-hearted tenacious unwavering bold unfaltering gutsy undaunted vigorous spunky gallant single-minded unswerving obdurate daring uncompromising unflagging manful valorous resolved rock-ribbed dedicated stouthearted gutty game unafraid purposeful audacious unhesitating fixed untiring greathearted undauntable headstrong implacable ballsy recalcitrant feisty constant earnest committed heroical refractory lion-hearted forceful venturous wilful have-a-go unmanageable perverse steady intent unshrinking indurate hardy driven nervy insistent froward enthusiastic stiff confident contrary high-spirited defiant contumacious adventurous strenuous balky pigheaded bolshie decided self-willed ungovernable unruly stiff-necked bloody-minded dyed-in-the-wool iron-willed uncontrollable purposive hard-nosed devoted ardent wild uncooperative bulldog rigid undisciplined serious mulish unshaken restive difficult true cantankerous opinionated full of determination tireless hardheaded dashing unfearful bull-headed unbendable perseverant obstreperous patient unremitting fractious stroppy set in one's ways awkward dead set on wayward industrious unmalleable deliberate unadaptable hard-line avid zealous energetic unchanging noble keen disobedient indocile insubordinate dynamic daredevil manly faithful undismayed venturesome ossified loyal cussed adamantine untoward inconvincible hardened undeviating death-or-glory resilient hard bullheaded incompliant active intense unaccommodating strict iron pat self-opinionated four-square impavid fire-eating uncompliant unswervable passionate assiduous bent diligent settled unwearied set on bent on true-blue Herculean inexhaustible insuppressible unrestrainable unpersuadable rebellious ornery weariless fanatical undeterred chivalrous reliable frightless assertive unblenching unabashed rebel recusant diehard fierce sure trusty cross-grained spartan brassy temerarious bound eager incontrollable compulsive remorseless immutable herolike decisive pushy hell-bent ironclad assured unreasonable stubborn as a mule unswayable independent grim meaning business dogmatic opinionative pig-headed locked in contrarious as game as Ned Kelly go-ahead standing one's ground undisciplinable bound and determined argumentative bent upon self-assertive wrong-headed unsubduable immortal bravehearted uncontainable sporting direct self-disciplined firmly-based unkillable undiscouraged adventuresome dependable fervent devout redoubtable aweless straight fiery incessant unalarmed honourable macho great-spirited rigorous hidebound stringent stanch hardboiled buckled down cool blinkered unfearing orped lively brisk inalterable unalterable stable sturdy hard-working holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct unchangeable brassbound unvacillating unmoved unbreakable heady fervid impassioned sworn tried-and-true responsible pious tried inveterate gung ho peppery gingery cocky icy sassy high-powered definite unfailing unceasing set in your ways hard and fast stern not put off not discouraged ambitious convinced reactionary traditionalist conservative urbane hairy honorable quixotic suave dignified mettled frisky sprightly out unwilling mutinous well-defended aggressive motivated with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason superhuman disorderly steamroller powerhouse perky continuing plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted fireball continued hyper plodding obstinately disobedient firm in spirit perceptive vehement two-fisted sagacious keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful self-confident certain take charge mean ultra-conservative hard-core unprogressive deep-dyed tried and true hanging tough tried and tested intent on do-or-die determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon hell bent on intent upon grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic renitent pervicacious inspired hungry enterprising consumed compelled obsessed turbulent violent delinquent incorrigible non-compliant elevated high-flown inflated grandiose good possessed thirsty desirous obsessive striving noncompliant resisting insubmissive radical opposing withstanding out of control champion mythological incurable long-standing eager beaver galvanized monomaniacal impelled like a loose cannon excited insurgent beside oneself badly-behaved freaked abandoned lawless fixated aspiring militant obsessional induced hopeful stand tall impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided unwearying entrenched blimpish bigger than life go-getting self-starting hard-driving never-tiring insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty self-driven urged on goal-oriented dead set sedulous unsinkable painstaking fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist tough nut hang tough imprudent forward chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous nose to grindstone stop at nothing demanding grumbly disobliging overbearing importunate pitiless irritable trying boorish finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy troublesome uptight chippy quarrelsome unamenable disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate oppressive hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite disputatious irascible obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious unflappable wholehearted unmovable


The absence or opposite of something actual or positive
negation contradiction contrary opposite reverse antithesis denial inverse rejection converse disavowal repudiation absence denegation disallowance disclaimer disconfirmation lack refusal renunciation antonym deficiency opposition veto want blank counterpart gainsaying negatory neutralisation neutralization no nonexistence proscription reversal refutation rebuff rebuttal retraction disapproval abnegation forswearing abjuration turndown renouncement dissent cold shoulder dismissal nonacceptance declination brush-off snub knock-back negative disowning nay nix prohibition thumbs down defiance refutal disaffirmation adjuration disproof dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating retractation counterstatement refusing controversion refraining repulse confutation no way non-acceptance withdrawal annulment protestation nullification revocation recall volte-face about-face abrogation negative response contraversion backpedaling unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking abstaining noncommittal denunciation contravention spurning backpedalling dispute conflict recantation turning down pass statement abnegation disfavor knockback regrets nonconsent discountenancing ban noncompliance disfavour interdiction exclusion repulsion writ declension forbidding enjoinment statement kick in the teeth casting aside casting off disaffirmance countering palinode apostasy renege traversal cancellation cancelation counteraction abandonment eschewal objection snubbing declining cold-shouldering disclaiming brushoff choice withholding the elbow red light dissatisfaction ostracism abstention non placet no go no dice relinquishment disacknowledgement demurral declinature giving up smack in the eye smack in the face refusal to acknowledge rider criterion clause prerequisite qualification condition provision disassociation stipulation proviso specification requirement dissociation surrender abdication resignation waiver slight yielding sacrifice remission self-denial self-sacrifice waiving demission cut loss eschewing repeal forbearing discouragement self-abnegation quitclaim silent treatment forgoing slap in the face nothing doing the old heave-ho release forsaking kiss-off foregoing go-by signing away bum's rush hard time lack of acceptance elbow capitulation rendition capitulating submitting cession submission handover avoidance disgorgement pooh-poohing unacceptance setting aside dispensation deferral failure disappointment forfeiture postponement tabling reservation bounce elimination kick in teeth ceding surrendering deprivation forfeit check defeat doing without going without put down reprimand insult rebuke

Antonym of forget it

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