Synonym of free giving


The quality of being munificent
munificence bounty generosity largesse liberality philanthropy beneficence benevolence big-heartedness bounteousness bountifulness generousness open-handedness bigheartedness charitableness charity free-handedness largess lavishness magnanimity magnanimousness openhandedness openheartedness princeliness unselfishness alms-giving altruism freehandedness goodness great-heartedness heart high-mindedness hospitality kindness large-heartedness nobleness profusion readiness unsparingness all heart selflessness indulgence prodigality benignancy liberalness self-sacrifice compassion humanity kindliness goodwill humaneness consideration sympathy clemency tolerance grace nobility thoughtfulness benignity tenderness decency understanding kindheartedness kind-heartedness good-heartedness fellow feeling pity helpfulness self-denial almsgiving mercy warmheartedness leniency softheartedness gentleness forgiveness feeling graciousness tender-heartedness humanitarianism good will care affection concern compassionateness love commiseration lenience forbearance friendliness ruth tenderheartedness cordiality largeheartedness neighbourliness mercifulness neighborliness aroha social conscience warm-heartedness brotherly love philanthropism lenity benefaction virtue chivalry quarter patience fairness amiability affectionateness warmth greatheartedness considerateness courteousness public-spiritedness mildness charitability sweetness good-fellowship friendship amity brotherhood cordialness fellowship soft-heartedness favour favor tact public spirit gift comity good intention fellow-feeling lifesaver relief inner beauty abundance caritas richness agape largeness copiousness amplitude superabundance profuseness plentifulness opulence plenteousness infinity inexhaustibility

Antonym of free giving

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