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freedom to do as you see fit


Freedom to act and make decisions
freedom latitude licence license authorisation authorization independence liberty leeway run carte blanche free play free choice free course free scope free will full scope one's choice one's discretion one's initiative free rein blank check complete freedom complete discretion flexibility space scope room leisure margin elbow room unrestraint authority prerogative grant unrestricted freedom wiggle room say-so full authority unconditional right permission unconditional authority total freedom the run of permit autonomy opportunity choice discretion capacity capability possibility advantage facility convenience leave ability ease perk unrestricted access to a free hand in unrestricted use of a free rein in free use of free use blank cheque lack of restrictions rein breathing room breathing space elbowroom franchise power of attorney full power warrant unrestricted authority no holds barred proxy in blank sanction complete authority say play slack indulgence a free hand laxity freedom of action wriggle room room to manoeuvre freedom from restriction unlimited freedom scope for initiative right privilege power self-determination exemption immunity indemnity droit dispensation impunity charter range sweep swing compass rope birthright due sovereignty claim entitlement title unrestrictedness consent amnesty option exoneration apanage perquisite appanage extent plenty of rope sovranty profligacy abandonment bent abandon laissez faire independency rampancy full play special treatment own accord self-government self-governance full swing mandate will give creativity headway room to spare room to operate breadth looseness deviation reach spread interest width span run of room for maneuver priority benefit pretension business call pretence pretense merit dibs favour justification favor pick non-coercion freeness power of choice druthers non-compulsion non-confinement volition self-rule democracy protection non-alignment home rule self-legislation republic self-sufficiency devolution release asylum resistance resilience liberation immunisation insusceptibility legal exemption immunization inoculation invulnerability get out of jail free card imperviousness free pass non-liability nonliability reprieve pardon security exception favouritism exemption from punishment stay of execution favoritism freedom from punishment


Authorization or consent
permission authorisation authorization consent licence license approval authority allowance assent clearance sanction permit acceptance acquiescence endorsement access countenance credentials dispensation leave mandate ratification right sufferance agreement approbation backing blessing entitlement freedom power privilege support accreditation acknowledgement acknowledgment admission avowal concession concurrence condonance confirmation discretion empowerment exemption granting liberty prerogative tolerance validation verification warrant admittance charter command condonation decree endorsation imprimatur impunity latitude nod okay order pass passage run sanctification seal toleration all clear go-ahead green light rubber stamp thumbs up free rein green-light say so say-so seal of approval stamp of approval blank cheque carte blanche OK O.K. favour favor immunity warranty yes franchise fiat nihil obstat entrance indulgence recognition ingress entrée encouragement entree passport affirmation ticket welcome certification commission accord exception advantage door accession reception initiation claim droit compliance due indemnity birthright certificate introduction designation way signal blank check title delegation entry grant recommendation all-clear signal edict authentication word good wishes exoneration a blank cheque the nod card clear coast special consideration free pass right of entry permission to enter intromission dibs A-OK ingression reprieve security guarantee thumbs-up understanding ability strength release amnesty regard signature adjustment official sanction independence apanage appanage perquisite advocacy directive ukase injunction visa instruction clean bill of health pat on the back commendation agency precept doorway key gateway canon ordinance ruling testimonial special treatment firman power of attorney dictate pronunciamento direction covenant badge laissez-passer law unconditional right safe-conduct say unconditional authority satisfaction benediction assurance notarization enactment leniency attestation affirmative choice stamp the right faculty harmony consensus assenting acceding ratifying notification no complaints document unconstraint self-determination okaying deputation discount deduction reduction charge a free hand right on letting rights valediction bidding subpoena summons undertaking relaxation relief proxy brevet rebate Godspeed first dibs means of entry writ remission no objection OK'ing voucher free will decrease repayment assumption papers pledge official document exclusion triptyque carnet tackling love statute absolution written order credential use of weighting refund promotion championing empowering legalization legalisation patent taking on imperative obligation behest giving a concession being let off the hook making an exception allowing to break the rules being let off with upholding championship benefit of solidarity patronage subscription accommodation adaptation a let-off moral support nurturance countersignature superscription comment espousal qualification usage of opportunity to use permission to use protection enabling subscription to pat on back stroke hubba-hubba commercial interest asylum resistance mentoring applause acclaim praise business admitting allowing non-liability nonliability pardon right to use resilience immunization inoculation invulnerability laudation respect appreciation congratulation hall pass call favouritism complete discretion complete freedom no holds barred complete authority full power full authority proxy in blank unrestricted authority leeway way in legal exemption imperviousness liberation immunisation insusceptibility justification benefit merit priority admiration acclamation kudos adulation esteem veneration congratulations ovation the run of total freedom freedom from punishment favoritism exemption from punishment letting in right of access emancipation enablement equipping enfranchising pretension pretense pretence liking accolades bells plaudits salutes get out of jail free card stay of execution proclamation high regard dictum diktat compromise confession demand rescript clout documentation coupon bull promulgation commandment self-confession modification exeat check identification pasteboard sovereignty jurisdiction influence irade decretal chit furlough paper ascendancy sop forfeit opportunity to enter sovranty vantage responsibility hand upper hand hold management prestidigitation strings governance sway leverage regency leadership arm pull mana diadem weight strong arm inside track connection teeth eminence voice prestige steam free ticket free ride free admission identity card safe conduct complimentary ticket open arms open door copout giving way consideration deal point lost giving in trade-off surrendering point conceded something surrendered giveback rollback buyback conceding sellout honour homage honor extolment tribute accolade eulogy estimation compliment compliments glory credit eulogium laurels distinction encomium panegyric deference reverence bouquets props good opinion cheers devotion cheering plaudit adoration exaltation account a pat on the back tributes affection flattery laud worship popularity sun celebration glorification repute reputation bays rave obeisance puff awe goodwill high opinion cheer pumping up fondness thanks fame citation grace salutation raves cachet attention brownie points big hand good word pat on the head partiality paean clapping dignity hymn great respect bouquet stroking renown fealty apotheosis deification notability encomiums illustriousness rave review felicitations a hand a round of applause fancy a big hand pride preference kindness friendliness shine status standing astonishment amazement eulogizing dithyramb opinion mention relish taste like eulogising kudo points gratitude aggrandizement benevolence appetite sympathy idolization importance nobility elevation greatness name valuing prizing PR round of applause immortalization canonization lionization use cherishing special mention honourable mention honorable mention paeans trust commemoration lionisation aggrandisement strong praise good image high standing good reputation good name kind regard positive reception a slap on the back handshake hurrah bravo sycophancy cry boost preferment shouting réclame commendations greetings respects regards enthusiasm note notice sentiment courtesy hat tip high esteem dulia jubilation roar celebrity prestigiousness self-respect honoring care salutations blessings hail treasuring enjoyment loud homage value image court puffing up honouring standing O blarney cajolery blandishment obsequiousness fear loyalty bow religiousness prostration piety genuflection devoutness prominence preeminence best wishes prize award rooting hurrahs stamping good press flattering remark mark of respect self-image a standing ovation big up self-esteem plug positive feedback warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last standing ovation suggestion reference face tip strokes surprise wonder judgment delight pleasure social position urging judgement shot in the arm letter of support words of approval two cents' worth favourable mention favorable mention words of approbation character reference wonderment éclat marveling idolatry marvelling abidance credence prayer invocation alignment adoption conformity adherence thanksgiving unity fellowship orison pats on the back accedence union oneness association affiliation unanimity alliance communion supplication litany consecration dedication thankfulness benison benedictus favorable reception compliance with acknowledgement of conformity with respect for accedence to adherence to recognition of assent to acquiescence in adoption of endorsement of deference to consent to accession to agreement with abidance by concurrence with cooperation with laying on of hands amen closing prayer like-mindedness esprit de corps

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