Synonym of freehandedly


In a freehanded manner
lavishly liberally amply generously bountifully unstintingly well munificently bounteously handsomely freeheartedly openhandedly charitably unselfishly unsparingly freely bigheartedly magnanimously philanthropically fulsomely benevolently openly beneficently kindly open-handedly altruistically big-heartedly ungrudgingly prodigally bigly kindlily considerately abundantly thoughtfully hospitably nobly kind-heartedly kindheartedly eleemosynarily profusely greatheartedly helpfully humanely goodly tolerantly richly plentifully compassionately selflessly extravagantly plenteously openheartedly indulgently benignantly loosely copiously friendlily sympathetically good-heartedly caringly substantially readily obligingly mercifully high-mindedly acceptably wastefully profligately thriftlessly loftily graciously benignly pietistically angelically unrestrainedly immoderately gently honourably lovingly decently goodheartedly moderately fairly chivalrously excellently reasonably willingly justly easily honestly honorably wildly large-heartedly unreasonably eagerly disinterestedly excessively unkindly unrelentingly inexorably cruelly overgenerously devotedly fully immaculately overabundantly improvidently intemperately extrovertedly incorruptibly self-effacingly holily moralistically inoffensively pharisaically creditably unerringly spotlessly approvingly casually exuberantly equitably chastely pristinely gracefully greatly capaciously extensively completely thoroughly satisfactorily properly adequately without stinting fittingly appropriately suitably rightly enough affectionately prayerfully virginally unblamably courteously amiably nicely cordially understandingly tender-heartedly delightfully agreeably regardfully sweetly likeably warmly good-humoredly calmly attentively cooperatively lovably warmheartedly propitiously good-naturedly likably mellowly maternally gallantly tactfully patiently congenially affably comfortingly sociably good-humouredly unoffensively engagingly tenderly respectfully dutifully feelingly mildly pleasantly soft-heartedly warm-heartedly forbearingly supportively genially clemently softheartedly amicably cheerfully accommodatingly softly pleasingly wholesomely deferentially leniently tenderheartedly politely plentily prolifically comfortably superabundantly teemingly aboundingly luxuriantly voluminously largely considerably hugely inexhaustibly opulently lankly sizeably heavily infinitely rifely respectably commodiously riotously repletely affluently significantly heftily countlessly substantively innumerably vastly sizably wealthily tidily sufficiently expansively healthily lushly gushingly broadly effusively uprightly immeasurably productively majorly righteously immensely numerously whoppingly superfluously sumptuously appreciably highly welcomingly spaciously roomily comprehensively well-meaningly luxuriously worthily thickly virtuously forgivingly grandly ethically principledly flowingly naturally prodigiously multitudinously manifoldly solicitously boundlessly fertilely exorbitantly convivially morally multiply multifariously extremely astronomically fruitfully fatly humanly gushily empathetically unlimitedly hulkingly responsively bulkily rankly prosperously elegantly widely grossly extendedly prosocially patriotically amenably heroically conscientiously valiantly royally saturatedly usefully valuably verbosely prolixly wordily thumpingly lousily sublimely inordinately notably meaningfully ginormously commiseratively empathically reputably gigantically massively enormously seriously importantly accessibly stinkingly bonnily heartily open-mindedly sentimentally broad-mindedly sensitively illustriously redoubtably mountainously monstrously grandiosely measurably colossally giantly pronouncedly tremendously monumentally titanically meatily competently outgoingly communicatively favourably refinedly outstandingly bravely enthusiastically talkatively complaisantly heartfeltly fondly extraordinarily meritoriously remarkably unreservedly cheerily wholeheartedly happily sincerely genuinely earnestly favorably nonthreateningly unrestrictedly aplenty elaborately companionably invitingly endlessly loquaciously uninhibitedly garrulously everywhere chummily paternally amorously deeply detailedly limitlessly variously demonstratively forthcomingly in abundance unthriftily uneconomically uncountably miscellaneously mixedly incomputably sundrily rampantly numberlessly populously unboundedly variedly prevalently disparately frequently diversely assortedly measurelessly unremittingly incalculably in plenty conversationally volubly chattily minutely particularly in great quantity in large quantities in great quantities in profusion all over the place in huge numbers in plentiful supply discursively talkily exhaustively precisely circumstantially exactly painstakingly specifically explicitly recklessly needlessly carelessly ruinously imprudently accurately unconstrainedly gregariously effervescently inefficiently dissipatively incontinently wantonly destructively cavalierly uselessly supererogatorily satisfyingly


In a kindly manner
well respectfully decently considerately fairly kindly benevolently civilly courteously graciously politely beneficently genially thoughtfully agreeably amicably charitably cordially decorously favorably favourably honestly honorably honourably nicely properly righteously amiably amply bounteously bountifully commendably ethically freeheartedly generously handsomely hospitably irreproachably liberally morally munificently openhandedly reasonably respectably unstintingly uprightly virtuously good-naturedly in a kindly way in a kind way in all fairness justly right with due respect lavishly abundantly fittingly richly profusely copiously plentifully rightly obligingly legitimately lawfully affectionately tenderly lovingly helpfully legally warmly benignly tolerantly magnanimously nobly affably fully freely prodigally unsparingly completely substantially greatly plenteously capaciously thoroughly extensively satisfactorily adequately without stinting acceptably appropriately suitably enough impartially equitably indulgently compassionately unselfishly selflessly intimately sympathetically reliably dispassionately evenly closely very well conscientiously sincerely objectively justifiably leniently rightfully heedfully carefully understandingly humanely solicitously delicately be so kind as to correctly without bias without prejudice deservedly moderately befittingly by rights with reason accurately dutifully frankly unreservedly piously equally evenhandedly fitly temperately duteously candidly straightforwardly with good reason duly philanthropically kindlily altruistically mercifully big-heartedly caringly benignantly kindheartedly kind-heartedly open-handedly bigheartedly gently goodly mildly forgivingly ungrudgingly clemently chivalrously softly warmheartedly friendlily forbearingly bigly fulsomely openly softheartedly soft-heartedly accommodatingly good-heartedly easily tenderheartedly eleemosynarily warm-heartedly patiently tender-heartedly greatheartedly empathetically sensitively large-heartedly high-mindedly complaisantly goodheartedly concernedly responsively gallantly permissively supportively devotedly pleasantly loftily compliantly empathically feelingly incorruptibly maternally stoically comfortingly disinterestedly extrovertedly self-effacingly laxly fondly angelically attentively willingly loosely sweetly congenially humanly broad-mindedly worthily sparingly principledly cooperatively dotingly sentimentally tactfully lightly acceptingly excellently sociably heartily encouragingly uncomplainingly extravagantly chummily acquiescently open-mindedly propitiously companionably commiseratively naturally mindfully openheartedly meritoriously cheerfully mellowly highly pleasingly good-humoredly good-humouredly beneficially advantageously nonjudgmentally purely heroically well-behavedly readily resignedly reputably reassuringly valiantly saintlily bravely genteelly innocently wastefully profligately thriftlessly sinlessly usefully piteously blamelessly pietistically creditably holily moralistically unrestrainedly immoderately right-mindedly docilely diplomatically guiltlessly exemplarily laudably salutarily refinedly gratuitously yieldingly submissively scrupulously praiseworthily regardfully calmly longanimously deferentially happily accessibly tractably paternally receptively wildly likably eagerly ruthfully likeably statelily forthcomingly urbanely blandly unctuously suavely collegially unjudgementally courageously vulnerably uncritically accommodatively profitably upliftingly emolliently appreciatively immaculately unreasonably dauntlessly intrepidly stout-heartedly fearlessly boldly breezily prosocially patriotically coolly unflappably pitifully observantly inspiritingly inspiringly protectively catholicly polishedly perceptively mushily emotionally idealistically auspiciously sorrily unerringly approvingly inoffensively pharisaically spotlessly valuably understandably valorously socially meekly welcomingly sublimely awarely illustriously redoubtably loyally fraternally well-meaningly stimulatingly luckily fortunately enthusiastically largely overindulgently faultlessly excessively unrelentingly cruelly unkindly inexorably heartfeltly outstandingly gracefully chastely pristinely cheerily wholeheartedly genuinely earnestly opportunely providentially straightly truely unbiasedly enduringly soothingly extraordinarily remarkably invitingly delightfully lovably unoffensively engagingly wholesomely flexibly convivially amorously deeply personally overgenerously pliantly devoutly matchlessly faithfully trustworthily reverently punctiliously deservingly peerlessly spiritually virginally unblamably prayerfully improvidently overabundantly intemperately smilingly brightly progressively widely radically broadly sophisticatedly deceivably undemandingly dupably casually Christianly exuberantly amenably naively biddably unsuspiciously gullibly susceptibly unoppressively honorarily dignifiedly weakly professionally godlily admirably spinelessly bonelessly untaintedly soundly obediently self-righteously cleanly incorruptly unimpeachably sanctimoniously estimably inculpably religiously proudly unrewardedly savingly primly voluntarily amateurly

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