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an estate held in fee simple or for lifetenure by which land is held in fee simple or for life


A right or claim to the ownership of something
occupancy ownership tenure right possession proprietorship holding occupation tenancy title control dominion possessorship claim use residence rights proprietary rights deed slice piece hold right of possession property having partnership cut purchasing takeover end hand purchase buying administration reign dynasty clamp clinch clench contract clutch clasp security grasp grip regime lease custody entitlement keeping guardianship due charge license authority dibs privilege commission prerogative proprietary rights to control of custody of keeping of charge of guardianship of habitation incumbency residency command rule term inhabitancy inhabitance power sway stay mastery influence term of office inhabitation dwelling habitancy domiciliation dominance arm reins retention mandate sovereignty ascendancy death grip period of office rental government settlement leasehold period time domination jurisdiction care living in supremacy leadership hands direction governance period of occupancy management empire enjoyment regimen period of occupation hegemony clutches time in office mana owndom time in power period of influence presidency disposal pull supervision clout monarchy housing billeting quartering leverage authorities spell establishment renting leasing proprietary organization organisation system of government pecking order owner-occupancy multi-occupancy charter era age booking years times epoch stint span rent let agreement hire agreement rental agreement eon stretch aeon point in history period in office tyranny regnancy stranglehold raj sovranty ascendency regiment evil embrace


An area of land, typically attached to an impressive residence or one owned by a notable person
property land building estate holding acreage territory tract realty landholdings lot plot plat real estate land and buildings real property landed property immoveables chattels real acres estates title house premises houses buildings home leasehold farm parcel grounds domain landholding lands area garden parkland gardens park quinta finca piece of land parcel of land large farm rural seat region district zone expanse demesne barony sector terrain patch field realm province fields manor principality quarter state dominion kingdom belt yard enclave place empire colony turf county duchy ground country lawns dukedom grassland surroundings common green area of land tract of land premisses sphere extent spot campus terrace arena fief nation allotment jurisdiction dominions lawn compass greenery square forest park country park botanical gardens back forty meadows reserve bit acre dependency possession protectorate division soil town township environs palatinate pitch exclave mandate monarchy commonwealth habitat sovereign state department canton stretch manicured gardens shire homestead plot of land ranch stretch of land spread of land federal state sweep portion span section open space open area unbuilt land swathe neck parts corridor clearing woodland band piece swath amplitude strip part spread playground greensward playpark orchard forest grass recreation ground meadow plaza esplanade nursery garth oasis dorm precincts quad site quadrangle school grounds enclosure conservatory rockery backyard shrubbery patio greenhouse hothouse village green recreation area rock garden kitchen garden flower garden cultivated plants cold frame rose garden botanical garden back yard vegetable plot public park vegetable garden pleasure garden precinct preserve fiefdom firmament wing stamping ground home park stomping grounds neck of the woods

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