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The act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression
emancipation enfranchisement liberation manumission acquittal clearing deliverance delivery discharging disentangling extrication freedom loosening loosing pardoning release releasing reprieve rescuing restoration salvation saving unbinding unchaining unfettering unlocking untying granting freedom setting free rescue discharge relief redemption liberty liberating unshackling exoneration let-off exemption ransom pardon absolution escape disentanglement disenthralment exculpation dismissal dispensation clearance amnesty quittance quietus salvage alleviation clemency spring disconnection detachment disengagement letting loose unyoking uncaging unbridling exception immunity indemnity letting out independence disembarrassment setting loose derogation means of escape unloosing vindication walkout acquittance laissez-aller comfort ease letting off acquitting dismissing declaration of innocence respite relief from remission suspension let-up mitigation palliation continuance abatement abeyance deferment lifeboat postponement suspension of punishment official pardon stay anchor cancellation of punishment stay of execution commute truce lifesaver postponement of punishment impunity indulgence forgiveness privilege exclusion mercy a let-off remittal disimprisonment licence condonation special treatment free pass remittance parole favouritism oblivion permission protection favoritism license general pardon get out of jail free card dispatch excuse deconfinement raising purgation shriving non-liability for relaxation condoning free pardon non-confinement sovereignty autonomy compurgation shrift condonance deinstitutionalization sovranty independency disinthrallment extriction unconstraint allowance probation special consideration prerogative right range scope asylum resistance droit resilience immunization inoculation invulnerability latitude charter immunisation insusceptibility franchise legal exemption imperviousness separation room carte blanche uncoupling withdrawal unfastening play severing break breaking away free rein


The action or process of detaching or dismembering a part or limb from a structure or body
detachment separation disconnection disengagement severing uncoupling loosening loosing parting removal unfastening untying unbuttoning undoing unhitching unhooking unzipping disjoining disuniting pruning cutting off disentanglement dissolution disunion divorce divorcement extrication hacking off partition pulling off rupture severance split-up breaking off chopping off division split disseverment schism disjunction sundering dividing breaking up breakup break splitting up scission bifurcation fractionalization fractionation disseverance cleavage segregation splitting breaking detaching disjuncture separating partitioning estrangement alienation dissociation breach rift release dismemberment break-up disconnectedness disjointedness isolation taking apart dissection disconnect abstraction bisection withdrawal segmentation carving parceling subdivision demarcation vivisection gulf distance variance departmentalizing disparting breaking down cutting up parcelling difference leave-taking dividing up rescue incoherence dislocation extraction distancing dismantling breaking apart distinction disunity decoupling disintegration partitionment chasm cleaving setting apart cut-off ramification out-of-body experience farewell carving up bust-up divergence breaking away parting of the ways analysis selection distribution diagnosis autopsy apportionment reduction rending distinguishing contrasting departure sendoff going leaving disaffection valediction indifference souring disgruntlement remoteness diversion send-off disaffiliation dissension coolness hostility unfriendliness diverting turning away dialysis disassociation setting against


The act of ordering or allowing someone to leave
dismissal discharge expulsion redundancy axe sack firing ousting removal sacking ax boot congé defenestration elbow end furlough heave-ho kiss-off layoff notice push adjournment cashiering chop old heave-ho release the sack banishment bounce deportation deposal deposition dislodgment displacement dispossession dissolution door eviction exile exorcism expatriation freedom housecleaning laying off liberation ostracism ouster permission relegation suspension the boot the push permission to go turfing out your books cold shoulder freedom to depart marching orders pink slip the bum's rush the old heave-ho the order of the boot ejection exclusion retirement demobilization throwing out disbandment bullet walking papers demobilisation one's cards overthrow demob unseating dethronement job loss the elbow disbarment debarment dethroning lay-off dislodgement transportation axing extrusion purge proscription ejecting termination withdrawal unemployment drumming out the heave-ho forcing out driving out rejection elimination the axe termination of employment upheaval coup ejectment replacement loss of right toppling overturning the door old heave ho downfall supplanting bum's rush demotion expelling blackballing blacklisting discharge notice walking ticket installation impeachment degradation unfrocking removal from office repatriation purging refoulement joblessness the chop redundance severance laying-off banishing deportment rush barring the bullet excommunicating disfellowshipment disfellowshipping damnation debarring kicking out the bounce excommunication cutback downsizing respite rationalization rationalisation streamlining ending of employment one's marching orders omission discard noninclusion reduction in force letting go early retirement dropping cut erasure taking away non-inclusion expunction leaving out extradition return going home sending home outing booting out casting out clearance attainder outlawry rustication separation bouncing expropriation uprooting temporary removal arrest handover exiling ban chucking out transporting expatriating repatriating extraditing diaspora dispersion scattering migration evicting the gate insufflation handing over turning out ritual ceremony downgrade being demoted transfer down sending down lowering of rank


Relating to or causing emancipation


(free up) Present participle for to remove unwanted items from a surface, space or area


Present participle for to make assets or funds available

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