Synonym of frittered

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small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables


spend frivolously and unwisely


Past tense for waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters
squandered dissipated wasted misspent misused misust blew blown overspent lost splurged threw away thrown away ran through run through spent unwisely consumed dallied frivolled frivoled got through gotten through idled lavished trifled fooled away idled away made poor use of spent like water threw around like confetti thrown around like confetti cast away diddled away went through gone through been through chucked something down the drain poured down the drain spent money as if it grew on trees spent money as if there were no tomorrow spent money as if it were going out of style spent frittered away trifled away depleted fiddled away exhausted used up drained expended sapped burnt burned emptied used wantoned spent foolishly gambled away fribbled away fiddled invested spent recklessly spent freely scattered absorbed devoured employed absorpt utilized burnt up burned up devoted indulged oneself kissed goodbye laid out played out finished off finished splashed out spent money as if it grows on trees utilised liquidated made use of spent money as if it were going out of fashion shelled out threw thrown dumped threw down the drain thrown down the drain lay out drew down eaten up drawn down ate up put out prodigalized poured something down the drain frivolled away paid out payed out sprung for spent money like water poured money down the drain spent as if it were going out of style spent as if it grows on trees spent as if there were no tomorrow thrown money down the drain thrown money around threw money around threw money down the drain sprang for


Past tense for to laze around, mostly doing nothing
idled lazed lounged languished loafed vegetated lolled stagnated dallied dawdled slacked slouched whiled bummed chilled degenerated dillydallied lazied moldered mouldered pottered skived slummocked bludged droned footled loitered lollygagged did nothing done nothing lazed about lazed around lounged about lounged around hung about hung around hung out killed time loafed about loafed around sat back slouched about slouched around fooled around kicked back lolled about lolled around sat around took it easy taken it easy whiled away marked time vegged out wasted time bummed around goofed off mooched about mooched around batted about batted around kicked around kicked your heels slowed down frittered away hacked around sat back and do nothing bobbed off went to seed gone to seed rested on your oars fannied about trifled vacillated stalled mooched puttered dilly-dallied goofed around done nothing much did nothing much relaxed twiddled thumbs passed time frittered away time goldbricked whiled away the time hung round sprawled reclined lied drifted sauntered rested outspanned unwound basked malingered idled away time filled in time passed the time sat on one's hands consumed time idled away the hours lain around lay around chilled out messed around let down whiled away hours not lifted a finger stood around put your feet up knocked around flopped slumped stooged ambled mooned wandered drooped haunted waited frequented stayed hovered remained lingered reposed sat batted meandered luxuriated leaned leant strolled evaded piddled shirked dreamt dreamed stretched oneself draped oneself hanged hung daydreamed daydreamt vegged chillaxed futzed leaned back slackened dossed amused oneself lain about lay about frittered time away made yourself at home piddled around whiled away the hours fooled away messed about fiddled around piddled about sitten did nothing in particular done nothing in particular lay back lain back lay dormant lain dormant taken things easy took things easy taken a break took a breather took a break taken a breather took five taken five

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