Synonym of gally


Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory detracting dismissive disparaging pillorying slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting lampooning laughable ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous risible sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds derogatory foolish deprecatory crazy belittling stupid pejorative degrading uncomplimentary depreciatory depreciative asinine derogative denigrative decrying detractive demeaning nonsensical outrageous daft disrespectful senseless idiotic zany inane bizarre hare-brained sniffy abusive fatuous insane opprobrious supercilious wacky withering offensive snotty irrational droll funny full of contempt pointless malicious unreasonable derisible haughty imbecilic grotesque witless mad arrogant brainless fantastic condescending insolent disapproving snooty deprecating negative abhorrent comic ironical contemptible hilarious unwise incredible illogical outlandish scurrilous unbelievable shocking diverting unthinkable nutty monstrous crackpot cuckoo harebrained whacky proud astonishing loony looney featherheaded kooky kookie gelastic half-witted half-baked off the wall snobbish superior uppity unflattering defamatory unsympathetic slanderous libellous libelous cavalier mean unkind vain patronizing foolhardy cool hurtful spiteful humorous odd mindless overbearing egotistic discrediting amusing strange incongruous scatterbrained moronic high and mighty patronising freaky entertaining on your high horse simpleminded fantastical facetious fanciful barmy lunatic cockeyed daffy sappy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded balmy weak-minded joshing camp campy unusual yelling raucous defiant quizzical ironic hypercritical diminishing deflating maligning vacuous puerile burlesque despicable satiric perfunctory nasty weird critical surreal uncivil peculiar queer freakish curious unenthusiastic dimissory foolheaded denigrating deprecative extreme impossible rum wacko extravagant excessive uncharitable inept jerky fool exorbitant tomfool feather-brained shrewish vituperative futile blithesome jolly jocose gleeful gay jocund merry mirthful sunny jocular jovial festive blithe humiliating irresponsible rash imprudent reckless unintelligent thoughtless inappropriate useless ineffectual far-out thick lordly aloof insinuating biting fault-finding unfavorable unfavourable ignorant inadvisable shameful undignified out of the question too much taking the cake hoity-toity snarky ill-natured mordacious epithetical censorious detractory dumb injudicious misguided incompetent embarrassing in vain indifferent provocative provoking judgmental catty judgemental damaging minimizing obtuse hifalutin prideful lofty highfalutin to no avail unpleasant hateful cutting uppish debasing shaming ignominious abject disgraceful lowering mortifying unworthy naive dopey doltish minimising for grins rejecting contemning averse high-and-mighty despising antipathetic scouting repudiating toplofty idiotical improvident infra dig dishonourable depreciating cheapening menial inglorious dim-witted ill-considered bringing shame dishonorable chucklesome inadequate har-har rich jokey scream riot laughing eccentric witty turning up your nose at looking down your nose at hysterical riotous uproarious insufficient minimal pitiful trifling tiny small cock-eyed killing slapstick negligible miserable nominal miserly token paltry antic comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming side-splitting rib-tickling hysteric stingy measly lousy priceless ludicrous. laughable mingy poxy piddling piffling nickel-and-dime worthy of scorn good-humored cheery cheerful happy good-humoured hearty imperious audacious snippy bold implausible meaningless goofy hard temperamental upstage unreal wild cold-shoulder inconsistent screwy hard-nosed high hat dog it batty

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