Synonym of gangling

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Synonym: gangly, lanky, rangy,


(typically UK, derogatory) Clumsy or awkward in nature
spastic clumsy inept blundering ungainly gauche graceless bungling uncoordinated gawky inelegant lumbering maladroit ungraceful bumbling unhandy awkward cloddish clownish oafish unskillful botched incompetent lubberly unco stumbling unwieldy fumbling fumbled blunderous inexperienced lumpish unable unadept undexterous untactful untalented untoward weedy bulky clunky cumbersome cack-handed ham-handed ham-fisted gawkish butterfingered inexpert klutzy unskilful heavy-handed ponderous like a bull in a china shop all fingers and thumbs all thumbs clodhopping handless with two left feet unsophisticated uncouth stiff coarse shambling heavy-footed unpolished bovine flat-footed stilted splay left-handed not agile all thumbs unsteady accident-prone heavy crude rough hulking unfortunate two left feet crass ill-shaped elephantine helpless indelicate rude unskilled artless unrefined wooden loutish amateurish fumbly floundering unfit butterfingers unworldly uncultured uncultivated nervous having two left feet rough-hewn having two left hands coltish skill-less green ill-bred out of your depth bashful nervy gangly shy rustic socially awkward socially unsure uneasy uncomfortable boorish laboured unnatural labored forced tactless artificial vulgar rustical inefficient contrived raw strained laborious churlish amateur slow leaden untrained careless injudicious unprofessional unsubtle difficult useless stolid uneducated undiplomatic impolitic gross stupid uncivil gruff unqualified lumpen mannered tasteless weighty self-conscious dull tortuous arduous foolish ill-mannered inapt unpractised faltering poor strenuous nonprofessional affected studied dilettantish dilettante jackleg cowboy indiscreet overdone incapable harsh tortured unmannerly rash bearish uncivilized common primitive philistine yobbish discourteous hasty lowbred provincial Neanderthal hick muddled overwrought impolite lifeless rough-and-tumble stodgy uncivilised thoughtless dry botching insensitive cumbrous inadequate doltish ill-judged flat substandard inferior turgid bunglesome dorky unproductive unfitted cranky constrained brutish halting unworkmanlike embarrassed imperfect rudimentary low imprudent slouching brash geeky barbaric unpolitic simple slow-moving ineffectual sheepish roughneck incult insensible lowbrow raffish rugged illiberal deficient nerdy ungentlemanly swinish hopeless unladylike hillbilly classless barbarous slobbish backwoods unequipped inurbane rough and ready undeveloped socially inept loud jerry-built jury-rigged jerry-rigged rough-and-ready menial ignorant bad-mannered socially anxious socially incompetent not up to scratch socially lacking inproficient ill at ease shuffling lurching ugly mutton-fisted backwards uneven ambilevous unmanageable lethargic slipshod lumpy obtuse inconsiderate clunking inconvenient uncourtly rusty hard operose uphill toilsome effortful determined puddingy parochial unfacile naive guileless ingenuous limping hobbling unsuccessful agrestic plain callow reserved inhibited guarded unartful sharp blunt unwise inadvisable blockish rigid passionless unsavoury ungracious dozy reticent unthinking unperceptive thuggish callous lacking in social grace lacking in social graces unrelaxed unpracticed unimpassioned soulless spiritless plebby ornery cantankerous countrified ocker base unpoised huge hefty massive straightforward precipitate unschooled bad subpar suboptimal negligent unsavory distant repressed restrained tongue-tied inflexible inexpressive obstinate deadpan unyielding unbending lacking vitality out-of-line mincing untaught onerous burdensome troublesome substantial oppressive over-elaborate long-winded over-embellished overworked ape-like hesitant manual labouring unaccomplished unversed ill-advised posed badly behaved unconvincing complex convoluted controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof stuttering stammering ornate elaborate intricate prolix blue-collar laboring not up to pedestrian ineffective not spontaneous dreary hesitating disjointed wanting lacking ability lacking incapacitated unsuitable tedious no good pathetic unproficient boring plodding bush-league ineligible disqualified unapt insufficient uninitiated unadapted non-fluent broken uninteresting monotonous plebeian not good enough undependable unreliable hooligan pedantic tiresome weak wasteful not equal to less capable not have it unable to do something for toffee a dead loss out to lunch not up to snuff not up to it not cut out for leaving much to be desired not much cop savage wavering vacillatory vacillating doubtful indecisive uncertain claudicant irresolute tentative serious solemn ungenteel impertinent ungallant indecorous disrespectful unseemly disgracious uncomplicated elementary offensive barbarian uneconomical unsystematic profligate purposeless numbing wearying mind-numbing ho-hum jading drudging tame drab stale arid jejune colorless dusty tiring old weary monochromatic stuffy wearisome humdrum improper basic raunchy unprocessed makeshift cardboard vapid colourless barren inartistic roughly-made foul-mouthed uncalled-for loud-mouthed rudimental roughhewn unfinished roughly made approximate unprecise inexact imprecise unfashioned time-wasting badly arranged


Too long
overlong lengthy prolonged protracted sustained lingering enduring dragging lengthened lasting great longish elongate elongated continued deep distant enlarged expanded extensive faraway high lanky lofty outstretched rangy remote running stretch stretched stretching stringy tall towering long-drawn-out drawn-out spun out drawn out far-off far-reaching spread out extended long never-ending interminable time-consuming marathon stretched out slow endless long-winded prolix rambling wordy verbose delayed strung out dragged out tedious diffuse garrulous windy discursive circumlocutory pleonastic boring wearisome meandering circuitous periphrastic logorrheic digressive ambagious redundant palaverous long-term long-lasting voluble loquacious repetitious tautological seemingly endless tortuous talkative logorrhoeic bombastic dragged-out ponderous tiresome maundering wandering laborious dull very long unending talky long-lived gabby turgid convoluted spun-out king-size oversized king-sized far king size increased continuing expansive pompous gassy diffusive boundless limitless circumlocutionary flowery long-drawn sesquipedalian chatty inflated without end full of verbiage persistent empty gradual boastful vague loose waffly progressive waffling draggy conservative flatulent overextended tardy late dilatory roundabout painful padded made longer lengthwise for ages unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred durable abiding profuse random lavish copious exuberant unfolded spread broad forever and a day endlong long-run verbal of considerable length long-standing long-running overall linear longstanding everlasting ceaseless unceasing incessant constant longitudinal perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop monotonous unbroken continual immeasurable unbounded orotund unbound interminate looped eternal permanent day-and-night continuous timeless prattling blathering prating jabbering babbling gushing indirect no end to no end of on a treadmill mouthy yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous effusive gobby wittering magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical tautologous repeating involved pretentious fustian yacking repetitive full of air having kissed the Blarney stone with the gift of the gab

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