Synonym of gilt

Alternative for gilt


Synonym: aureate, gilded, gilding, gold, golden,

gilds, gilt, gilding

Synonym: coat, cover, embellish, paint, sweeten,

Antonym: peel,


Highly ornate and extravagant in style
baroque extravagant fancy ornate rococo bizarre decorated elaborate elegant convoluted curlicued devilish excessive exorbitant extreme flamboyant flowery fussy grotesque immoderate inordinate insane intolerable lavish overdue over-elaborate overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric steep stiff towering unconscionable undue unmerciful bedecked busy florid gingerbread ostentatious overdecorated overelaborate showy wedding-cake decorative embellished exaggerated ornamental ornamented rich very elaborate over the top unreasonable outrageous flashy disproportionate intemperate overwrought overdone unmeasurable unwarranted OTT preposterous gaudy resplendent a bit much overblown adorned too much glitzy sumptuous needless glamorous enormous flash uncalled-for splashy dizzying uncalled for overripe bedizened gingerbready gingerbreaded high intricate unrestrained magnificent expensive heavy luxurious unnecessary impressive brilliant posh superfluous sky-high extortionate dazzling fantastic unusual monstrous fanciful punitive high-flown criminal wanton over-the-top irrational contrived grandiloquent over the odds detailed aureate euphuistic exotic imposing bombastic strange high-wrought over-ornate over-embellished unjustified overworked highfalutin severe harsh inflated imaginative laboured beautiful striking eccentric plush colorful costly drastic bright whimsical profligate unreal lurid overstated sophisticated dear excessively ornate wild garish prohibitive unseemly colourful loud huge deluxe unfair superior overpriced improper rigorous opulent unjustifiable unwarrantable strict labored self-indulgent egregious overabundant fine tough nonsensical unrestricted monumental massive swish gratuitous prodigal unlimited uncurbed punishing austere overboard luscious theatrical extraordinary pricey unrelenting sharp oppressive ridiculous overindulgent great pretentious overkill ritzy jazzy unjust draconian grandiose wasteful imprudent luxuriant swingeing chichi O.T.T. imperial swank arabesque cluttered strained untempered surplus supererogatory overornate overembellished very expensive out of all proportion crowded hard dramatic rhetorical orotund oratorical magniloquent high-sounding gee-whizz over-detailed uncontrolled blown up out of all proportion convivial merry turgid purple tumid pleonastic disarranged untidy mixed-up messy muddled staged disorderly inexcusable dissipated indulgent recrementitious stratospheric over very too supernatural extra super superabundant redundant boundless more limitless unbounded peacockish exciting camp dashing stringent vibrant hyperventilated Ossianic fustian arty sporty fun flaming excessively ornamental onerous cruel grievous rough brash vivid reckless uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling unacceptable sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying illogical unholy weird peculiar classy swashbuckling crippling bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim unbridled flaring garnished tall outlandish violent decadent unbalanced too-too dissipative riotous debauched spiffy snazzy select quality skilful skillful beyond the pale murderous trying strong excruciating burdensome searing lofty festooned prime special freakish quaint highly decorated radical elevated soaring complex complicated too many way out a lot hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable froufrou frilly fancible custom beautifying cushy corinthian grand queer high-class gigantic out of control robust intense absurd fantastical foolish odd crazy slang creative curious original high-quality fancy-pants surreal bizarro eye-catching colossal ruinous superb dire with all the extras with all the options jewelled metaphorical glossy wordy meretricious superficial sparkling verbose coloured tawdry gilded jeweled flaunting embroidered variegated colored romantic Kafkaesque gorgeous giant multistorey immense mountainous supreme sky-scraping excessively high extremely high desperate uncompromising stern unbending unsuitable inappropriate glorious Gothic gothic with bells and whistles absonant exacting serious forceful momentous far-reaching outstanding paramount titanic mammoth Brobdingnagian vast surpassing altitudinous marvellous marvelous glamourous spectacular majestic noble regal palatial stately proud rigid zealous unmitigated substantial remorseless exceptional consequential unyielding non-essential unneeded fulsome splendiferous fancily decorated highly wrought transcendent whopping hulking prodigious sublime stellar ginormous fanatical daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off swanky handsome princely kingly too great unmerited unbecoming undeserved downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable gross ferocious costing the earth costing an arm and a leg out of sight over one's head up to here brave plushy royal heroic august splendorous splendrous heroical magnific epic splendacious gallant baronial airy preeminent spiring stupendous aerial unmatchable ultimate towery tremendous skyscraping fabulous utter sheer magnolious palatian exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable out-and-out out of proportion solid gold magnifico splendid Homeric not required unchecked abandoned spendthrift uninhibited rampant profuse thriftless licentious improvident hedonistic dissolute uncontrollable unfettered unthrifty squandering unconstrained sybaritic fierce unprovoked unruly unhampered unhindered irresponsible rash indefensible ungovernable runaway careless high-rolling pleasure-seeking undisciplined raw greedy audacious epicurean heedless incontinent sensual mighty unpardonable lotus-eating unforgivable voluptuous impetuous unmanageable irrepressible senseless turbulent ungoverned demanding shameless ambitious passionate indiscriminate fiery unreserved iniquitous pleasure-loving fast-living lawless strenuous frenzied crushing agonizing bacchanalian chaotic terrible free-spending rabid furious overgenerous vigorous wrong carnal deep without cause without reason profound without justification unlawful peremptory far-out unrightful wrongful arbitrary dreadful ungrounded agonising difficult out of bounds major large arduous rowdy grueling challenging daunting torturous uneconomical tortuous tedious gruelling wearisome ponderous formidable wearying frivolous bruising troublesome backbreaking laborious groundless supererogative inexpiable back-breaking effusive gushing big imperious devastating voluptuary testing marked vehement frantic ludicrous forbidding thorny stressful bothersome noisy harrowing taxing intensive untrammelled free effete parsimonious blameworthy culpable remiss unworthy regrettable unconfined tempestuous incautious uphill unsparing herculean depraved boisterous unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable fatiguing exhausting cavalier hellish sinful concentrated uproarious self-gratifying impulsive toilsome significant considerable tumultuous explosive saturnalian unimpeded unsuppressed disobedient stubborn full-on increased unrepressed salacious gargantuan louche humongous astronomical hellacious killer effortful abundant unconcealed immoral corrupt untrammeled bottomless painful illegitimate out of hand de trop intensified devil-may-care over the limit abounding in excess unreasoned censurable going too far savage penal gushy sweeping capricious painstaking very great hedonic aggressive frenetic feverish mad copious shiftless thoughtless all-out unforgiving raised unsubmissive reprobate unprincipled incorrigible libertine hysterical crazed enthusiastic madcap berserk very high negligent voluminous ample running wild diabolical far-fetched boosted tiring outré overinflated not controlled lacking self-control inconsiderate short-sighted imbalanced volatile inefficient liberal pound-foolish useless squandered destructive insupportable blind toilful sensualist sizable sizeable off fluctuating fickle fitful wayward protracted comprehensive tiresome operose thoroughgoing unremitting staggering upstream wearing intimidating hefty cumbersome draining debilitating bold immodest lascivious substantive deadly shortsighted feckless myopic gluttonous gourmandizing self-willed carefree hairy energy-consuming sapping grinding really hard Herculean very hard overpowering a bit thick out of order not needed lordly commanding lush Dionysiac hedonist erotic attractive delightful lubricious pleasing enticing appealing desirable inessential hasty fast-paced heightened above average abnormal escalated healthy jacked up burning ardent unfounded causeless attention-seeking extrovert binge-eating fast temerarious daredevil slack fast and loose foolhardy gadabout unshackled corybantic avoidable baseless connoisseur sensuous gourmand foodie ballsy adventurous glaring natural unreasoning dispensable nonessential unessential brutish weighty raving thrilled obvious blatant raging loose unbound footloose anarchic harmful powerful miserly impossible flighty giddy assumed reasonless unsupportable rioting rebellious insubordinate disruptive over-effusive overemphasized over-enthusiastic spontaneous impertinent blunt impotent plenary frank candid open galling merciless manifest conspicuous melodramatic affected sensationalistic hyped actorly stagy forced acute resounding rank patent unbiddable brawling ugly mutinous not necessary infinite astronomic immeasurable overt barefaced naked heinous complete evident brazen outright rampaging consuming palpable arrant transparent undisguised plain vicious exquisite ghastly blistering keen almighty storming fearsome overwhelming frightful inflamed biting emphatic fearful silly mega thumping monster extensive overemphasised highly coloured refractory rampageous scandalous disgraceful pronounced shameful atrocious unqualified energetic peppery enraged blustery forcible hot urgent convulsive potent hyped up apparent villainous moiling sweaty paroxysmal aroused volcanic coercive stormy dynamic consumptive capital out and out brass-necked beyond all bounds insurrectionary turbid uncontained helter-skelter deranged disorganised disorganized disordered revolutionary heavy-duty super-duper full of force gale force laid on with a trowel more than one can afford more than can be afforded


Gold plate


A bright, shimmering reflected light
glitter sparkle flash gleam shimmer brilliance brightness glint luster lustre twinkle glimmer glister scintillation sheen shine beam blink coruscation flicker glare luminescence luminosity phosphorescence effulgence fulguration lambency light radiance glow dazzle illumination blaze incandescence flare refulgence splendor luminousness fluorescence splendour spark lightness brilliancy luminance lustrousness candor glisten ray candour intensity resplendence vividness streak radiation gloss twinkling shaft wink stream shining glance bar lucency irradiance reflection glimmering finger flame irradiation moonlight flashing blinking winking glittering glistening lighting glowing starlight glitz pencil gleaming iridescence brightening lumination shaft of light ray of light sunbeam glaze afterglow burst burnish dancing flickering trace glim twink pulse blast warmth eruption explosion spangle bedazzlement richness heat illumining lights beam of light opalescence patina candescence unsteady light firelight lamplight fulgor electric light sunlight flash of light gaslight blinding light dazzling light strong light blossom burning patch emanation moonbeam wave diffused light lighting up dancing of light beams rays nictation nictitation flutter bat squint nictitate squinch nictate beacon emission column shoot chink laser dartle stream of light polish glossiness shininess finish smoothness moonshine silkiness varnish sleekness slickness veneer glassiness moon ray wax display resplendency bolt unsteady flame lance light ray appearance


The state of being grand or majestic, especially visually
brilliance grandeur magnificence glamor glamour resplendence splendidness splendour gorgeousness augustness éclat gloriousness glory grandness illustriousness majesty nobility nobleness resplendency splendiferousness splendor stateliness stupendousness sublimeness superbness luster lustre pzazz pizzazz pomp radiance sumptuousness impressiveness greatness show dignity display dazzle pageantry showiness richness sublimity brightness beauty brilliancy opulence distinction glitter flourish awesomeness style eminence ostentation spectacle elegance marvelousness solemnity ceremony loftiness grandiosity sparkle effulgence luxury imposingness epicness gaudiness honour honor pageant glitz tinsel lavishness triumph renown razzle-dazzle razzmatazz royalty kingliness importance exaltedness transcendency luxuriousness elevation excellence vastness immensity prestige exaltation ceremonial celebrity pomp and circumstance ceremoniousness fineness state formality vividness refulgence attractiveness sight finery reputation praise kudos immortality exquisiteness superlativeness wonderfulness effectiveness powerfulness success effect confidence awesome ritual refinement vigor flair vigour transcendence righteousness morality magnitude regalness royalness queenliness regality awe decency superiority flashiness grace poshness swank pulchritude post ritziness spectacularity ostentatiousness goodness massiveness theatricality parade drama hugeness flamboyance showmanship stylishness magnanimity preciousness pride gallantry graciousness sublime enormousness great beauty honorableness immenseness vainglory pomposity prodigiousness gravitas size flash fascination lure captivation draw allure attraction bigness bulk affectation fanfare panoply array shine tremendousness standing prominence status fabulousness amazingness remarkableness appeal pull exceptional nature inclusiveness handsomeness might preeminence circumstance gravity breadth superbity amplitude expansiveness sway fame drawing power great importance class polish poise seriousness courtliness propriety symmetry sophistication charm worthiness sobriety lushness consequence significance delicacy fashion rhythm purity momentousness extravagance affluence culture breeding ornateness wealth voluptuousness gracefulness integrity gentility noblesse suaveness generosity chic classiness virtue urbanity hauteur proportion decorum good taste quality solemnness taste comfort stature cachet moment weight power costliness import merit plushness prosperity worth perfection sedateness note panache dash smoothness seemliness swankiness tastefulness cultivation smartness discernment finesse self-possession politeness weightiness couth elegancy ease felicity restraint nicety portentousness rank grandioseness splash earnestness grandezza incorruptibility blood society uprightness birth ennoblement gentry patricians peerage elite glorification luxuriance plushiness fanciness riches upper class ruling class blue blood high society worldliness courtesy civility luxe mannerliness somberness austerity ponderance grit will mark civilization gentlemanliness affability manners finish classicalism objectivity balance neoclassicism rationalism simplicity severity lucidity clarity Hellenism gracious living repute pre-eminence diplomacy cool suavity tact supremacy chivalry choiceness disinterestedness high-mindedness first-rateness heroism excellency idealism primeness noteworthiness value notability account courteousness genteelness soft skills civilisation pure taste high art conventional formality grand style formal style aesthetic principle Atticism Ciceronianism intensity dimension heaviness urgency respectability élan savoir-faire cosmopolitanism elan regard respectfulness composure level signification pith scale high standing zing fashionableness mode dressiness oomph correctness lordliness hot ticket dernier cri bon ton bravura last word chichi modesty honourability etiquette classicism reserve character station prettiness ethics loveliness comeliness hedonism winsomeness prosperousness modishness pleasingness fairness allurement bloom plenty security seductiveness artistry heavenliness beauteousness cultivated beauty lap of luxury beautifulness pleasantness decorativeness picturesqueness aesthetics esthetics cuteness sightliness looks bed of roses delights irresistibility prepossessingness wonders bonniness glories adorableness shapeliness milk and honey good looks life of Riley natural beauty physical attractiveness


The surface appearance of a manufactured material or object, or the material used to produce this
finish polish surface glaze grain texture veneer lacquer shine varnish patina coat coating covering culture enamel lamination luster lustre shellac burnish gloss paint resin smoothness wax shiny surface skin sheen facade face façade exterior outside cladding shell facing shininess layer cover silkiness aspect overlay sleekness external surface outer surface glossiness glint facet superficies exteriority externals brightness side external gleam film brilliance rind outward aspect front outside surface sheet plating crust japan externality periphery roughcast encrustation top outside area peel sparkle luminance shimmer dusting skim wash smear topping mantle daub blanket membrane deposit undercoat scale cake siding pebbledash plaster appearance decorative layer protective layer frontage elevation slickness pebbles stain top layer seal topcoat glimmer washing cloisonné revetment radiance lac whitewashing priming set bark tinge painting oil fronting thickness dressing stucco inlay paving sheath husk case topside rendering integument outer side outer layer plane wall outer wall laminate frontispiece forepart frontal flank vertical surface vertical foreside outward appearance superstratum plaster coating finishing coat lamina casing carpet cloak ply canopy veil foil icing frosting leaf plate stratum bed scab band gilding silver-plating screen incrustation wrapper garnish electroplating scurf envelope decoration plaque mask cloud seam pellicle shroud partition pall wrapping level tier hull cortex row lamella fold sleeve slab tartar jacket wrap slip pod thin layer expanse plasterwork drum strand mass vein insertion limescale blade stratification calculus residue sheathing bast cork tint thin covering enclosure outer covering container panel stripe overlap substratum floor concretion caking suffusion epicarp peeling curtain capsule zest shuck colouring coloring swab coverture penumbra hood mat exocarp hide pericarp verge edge bloom border fleece robe wraps blur mist tissue haze cover-up opacity gauze mistiness scum haziness nebula obscuration fabric transparency web brume sauce meringue plunge


Past tense for cover thinly with gold


Past tense for to make more beautiful or attractive by adorning or decorating
embellished adorned decorated decked dressed drest graced ornamented beautified enriched garnished trimmed enhanced bedecked festooned furnished bedizened caparisoned dressed up varnished arrayed bespangled blazoned did done did up done up draped emblazed emblazoned embossed fancified zhooshed befrilled bejewelled bejeweled brightened up furbelowed gingered up aggrandized amplified dolled up did out done out enlarged fancied up fudged gussied up jazzed up overdid overdone overstated prettified prettied up zhooshed up tarted up fixed up gave details given details spiffed up spruced up added bells and whistles set off decked out tricked out smartened titivated engarlanded got up furbished glamorized garlanded prinked primped brightened accessorized improved wreathed embroidered glamorised accessorised pranked smartened up added ornament to formed constituted fleshed out gotten up preened completed made beautiful gentrified made pretty made attractive swathed redecorated remodeled revamped remodelled crowned mensed painted elaborated perfected burnished frilled idealised finished prankt polished colored idealized spruced coloured illuminated made up dressed out added finishing touches given something a facelift gave something a facelift gilded bedight beribboned supplemented complemented augmented prettied suited romanticized bedighted equipped accented showed off freshened larded gemmed hanged hung glorified added to glazed covered looped threaded exaggerated added on spangled hemmed fringed edged revitalised revivified revitalized vivified giftwrapped romanticised made more attractive added the finishing touch to added some colour to glamoured up made better livened up equipt gone with went with shown off thridden thrid added ornament


Past tense for make a performance of
dramatised dramatized exaggerated overdid overdone overstated amplified sensationalised sensationalized catastrophized embellished embroidered hyperbolized inflated magnified overemphasised overemphasized overplayed overstressed aggrandized colored coloured elaborated heightened play-acted acted blew up blown up burlesqued dressed up enacted executed expanded on melodramatized performed playacted presented produced showed shown splashed staged touched up tragedized hamming up hammed up laid on lay on played up gave color to given color to hammed it up laid it on laid it on thick made a performance of played on heartstrings played to gallery played to the gallery made a big thing out of made a production of blew up out of all proportion blown up out of all proportion padded stretched straught varnished spread on thick elaborated on gingered up added flesh to overestimated fudged stretched the truth falsified made mountain out of molehill jazzed up yeasted enhanced interlarded built up exaggerated information enlarged on expanded puffed romanticized made federal case overembellished romanticised enlarged distended lied fleshed out overelaborated added detail to went into detail about gone into detail about gilded distorted put a spin on augmented misrepresented misreported put on developt developed put flesh on the bones of extended bended bent fabricated filled out laid it on with a trowel overdrew overdrawn reinforced made a mountain out of a molehill perverted emphasized built on broadened garbled exalted misstated boosted misinterpreted cooked piled it on manipulated put flesh on misrelated emphasised misquoted supplemented expatiated on faked warped refined laid it on with a shovel improved perfected corrupted massaged belied hiked bragged boasted polished twisted made a big thing of slanted strained pyramided cooked up oversold added to made a production out of overpitched added colour shot a line doctored disguised glossed caricatured spun altered changed overvalued intensified made a drama out of a crisis tampered with overrated overcharged spread adulterated fiddled fixed fixt piled on made a federal case of made too much of quoted out of context promoted paltered prevaricated equivocated conned put on an act trumped up represented portrayed characterized depicted blown out of proportion blew out of proportion adorned made a song and dance about made a fuss made too much of something made a big thing of something stretched a point forged made a big deal out of something drawn the longbow drew the longbow increased counterfeited blown something out of all proportion blew something out of all proportion span poisoned airbrushed upped scammed romanced overexaggerated juggled characterised invented overdramatized swelled pumped up prettied up loud talked piled it on about explained gone to extremes went to extremes debased overused escalated laid it on thick about expatiated belaboured carried vitiated aggravated dilated interfered with crammed patched widened bloated maximised tinkered with ballooned filled surcharged maximized big upped bigged up parodied overtaxed overworked camped up overwrought fatigued overtired overreached belabored pressured overloaded overburdened hyped overindulged detailed fibbed contravened deaconed traversed salted rigged deceived contorted four-flushed puffed up travestied concealed fiddled with made a mountain out of laid it on with a trowel about beefed up swelled up gave a false account of took out of context taken out of context given a false account of pulled the longbow made a thing of strained oneself made a thing about talked big run riot drawn the long bow drew the long bow made mountain of molehill biassed biased passed off angled framed up cheesed faked it soft-soaped covered up improved on paid extravagant compliments laid something on thick rounded out made a big deal out of sweet-talked dilated on masked embellished the truth miscolored snowed dressed glossed over mangled expanded upon pirated enlarged upon skewed confused blarneyed laid on with a trowel emphasized too much made a big thing about run into the ground bearded cloaked dilated upon swoll swollen overwritten overwrote blew up out of proportion blown up out of proportion went overboard with done to death gone overboard with did to death gave details given details drove up went up driven up swollen up gone up blew smoke snew blown smoke gave a false idea of given a false idea of drest snown blown out of all proportion blew out of all proportion overdid it gave fulsome praise overdone it given fulsome praise ran riot driven oneself worn down drove oneself gone overboard wore down went overboard bitten off too much bit off too much wore oneself out worn oneself out ran into the ground went too far gone too far


Past tense for to tell (usually fraudulently) in such a way as to render less severe or serious

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