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gloats, gloated, gloating

Synonym: exult, glory, triumph,


Showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements
complacent smug conceited proud pompous vainglorious egotistical vain egotistic overweening egoistic bigheaded prideful egoistical important biggity assured biggety swellheaded consequential happy content pleased gratified satisfied contented serene confident wisenheimer triumphant unconcerned obsequious self-satisfied self-important stuck-up self-conceited self-opinionated self-righteous self-congratulatory self-admiring self-regarding self-approving pleased with oneself pleased with yourself self-assured proud of oneself self-contented easy-going self-pleased self-possessed resting on your laurels like the cat that got the cream arrogant haughty cocky superior puffed up swaggering snobbish boastful pretentious snooty swollen-headed goody-goody supercilious immodest holier-than-thou bumptious bragging narcissistic full of yourself self-centered strutting self-centred imperious egocentric uppity uppish priggish high-and-mighty big-headed self-loving well pleased full of oneself sanctimonious inflated affected too big for your boots presumptuous condescending puffed-up patronizing Pharisaic glad cheerful delighted overbearing opinionated comfortable thankful untroubled patronising unworried tranquil pietistic relaxed at peace boasting self-assertive placid at ease high-hat pontifical forward magisterial domineering ostentatious overconfident snobby disdainful braggart lordly cavalier huffy peacockish chesty pious bombastic hifalutin self-applauding high-handed know-it-all hypocritical above oneself in love with oneself high and mighty full of hot air unctuous preachy fulfilled hoity-toity stuffy sententious vaunting secure cheery crowing aloof swanky individualistic swollen chuffed cocksure tickled snotty blissful joyful joyous egomaniac inner-directed toffee-nosed loudmouth windbag self-absorbed smart-alecky stuck up think too highly of oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for one's britches tickled pink pleased as punch think a lot of oneself stuck on oneself saucy huffish self-asserting braggy self-affected pontificating selfish self-complacent impudent self-promoting self-adulatory unreserved self-glorifying toploftical impertinent self-flattering lofty bossy masterful self-confident self-engrossed self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery peremptory dominating brash highfalutin extroverted extraverted toplofty presuming sniffy blusterous uninhibited self-opinioned blowhard self-obsessed persnickety religiose la-di-da big-mouthed swanking insufferable flushed snippy posh pushy grandiose self-aggrandizing big exultant wrapped up in oneself ingrained obsessive personal intimate inborn inherent idiosyncratic intrinsic isolated introverted autocratic subjective squeaky-clean sure too big for your britches too big for one's boots officious think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift certain too big for your breeches pietistical judgmental artificial simon-pure I'm all right, Jack well-pleased flushed with success proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary like the cat that's got the cream on ego trip hot stuff nose in the air hotshot assuaged unco guid blowing one's own horn safe pleased as Punch protected egomaniacal agreeable willing appeased like the cat that swallowed the canary moralizing pharisaic mealy-mouthed pi reassured calm sheltered can't complain canting Tartuffian Pharisaical noble prim narrow-minded puritanical prudish starchy brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney at one's ease at rest home-like eathful at home cared for thrilled moralising stiff strait-laced moralistic tight-laced snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet big talking grateful elated overjoyed pedantic Victorian old-maidish censorious narrow schoolmistressy schoolmarmish prissy Pecksniffian too good to be true euphoric wrapped rapt gruntled appreciative charmed Grundyish on cloud seven made up over the moon as pleased as Punch in high spirits cock-a-hoop on cloud nine like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails insolent stiff-necked self-serving audacious assumptive hubristic contemptuous scornful bold self-seeking cheeky self-involved elitist blustering self-interested self-concerned solipsistic self-oriented self-preoccupied self-infatuated fancy-pants bloated brazen fresh assuming brassy sassy showy aristocratic flaunting potty portentous ritzy smarty rude orgulous dismissive inconsiderate wise guy contumelious nervy la-de-da high-minded cool wise mocking on an ego trip scoffing sneering puffy flatulent cold-shoulder jumped up self-indulgent highfaluting putting on airs high brassbound foolhardy arch dictatorial mannered exclusive chichi thoughtless familiar unabashed bullish on high horse overfamiliar overbold brazen-faced poncey disrespectful rash bold-faced independent improper inappropriate pert exaggerated impolite grand remote tony free flamboyant individualist megalomaniac shameless high-flown inward-looking self-respecting too big for one's breeches puffed despotic tyrannical silliness giddy dizzy flighty obnoxious loud standoffish highhanded windy ranting assertive airy commanding cliquish ambitious offensively self-assertive throwing one's weight around reserved distant detached indifferent spectacular magnificent splendid flowery overstated fustian uncaring unthinking indulgent overindulgent over-free wiseguy smart grandstanding flip pushful on one's high horse looking after number one on a high horse in love with yourself self-contained boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing malapert on your high horse insensitive inward looking self-minded impetuous uncivil overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty self-sufficient having a swelled head wrapped up with oneself temerarious daredevil reckless madcap presumptive self-aggrandising tolerant free-and-easy swollen with pride highfalutin' riding for a fall heedless overoptimistic careless throwing one's weight about refined high falutin genteel contrived precious schmaltzy campy heading for a fall lah-di-dah extravagant overambitious flashy high falutin' upper-class conspicuous tinselly kitschy gone Hollywood over-refined unique original full of airs and graces posey flaunty elaborate heroic pseudo specious sophomoric pseud poseur unorthodox nonconformist unconventional atypical uncommon off-centre singular individual dicty hollow feigned hyperventilated put-on stilted gaudy splashy arty swank too-too fake characteristic distinctive unconstrained bohemian special groundbreaking pioneering unfettered liberated eccentric untrammelled typical free-spirited freethinking particular strange peculiar odd maverick self-reliant arty-farty chi-chi untrammeled positive jaunty smart aleck smart guy smarty pants


Very happy, especially at someone else's defeat or failure
exultant jubilant rejoicing triumphant delighted exulting joyful animated cock-a-hoop elated excited exhilarated joyous overjoyed transported enraptured euphoric flushed gleeful rapt rapturous crowing delirious revelling boastful crank ecstatic frenzied glorying happy hysterical in raptures over the moon prideful proud swaggering thrilled carried away content corybantic flipping flying gay high merry reveling stoked triumphalist victorious wowed beside oneself with happiness blissed out in seventh heaven jumping for joy on cloud nine on cloud seven walking on air blown away delirious with happiness in transports of delight turned on wigged out wild with excitement in a frenzy of delight on a high triumphal exuberant glad pleased celebratory glorious rhapsodic prizewinning champion lucky dominant celebrating wrapped tickled tickled pink doing handsprings on top of the world mirthful cheerful gratified jolly jovial amused chirpy sunny jocular jocose blithesome jocund high-spirited festive blithe laughing lighthearted hilarious exalted frolicsome boon smug in high spirits blissful cheery peppy buoyant upbeat chipper light-hearted effervescent bouncy vivacious bubbly sparky gladsome beside oneself with joy ebullient sparkling lively intoxicated smiley breezy jaunty full of beans bright elevated peart perky chuffed of good cheer zippy as pleased as Punch enthusiastic as happy as Larry beaming convivial sprightly entranced as happy as a clam grinning sent carefree radiant smiling contented zingy made up unworried optimistic untroubled treading on air in good spirits as happy as a sandboy genial floating on air airy giddy like a child with a new toy beside oneself rhapsodical as merry as a grig hopeful enchanted pleasant satisfied positive good-humoured wild thankful flying high full of life happy-go-lucky roused bright-eyed and bushy-tailed good-humored irrepressible inspired aroused up without a care in the world full of the joys of spring zestful sportive spirited enrapt heady vigorous playful orgasmic captivated enthused blessed beatific wonderful looking good enjoyable larking fun-loving cheered eager glowing puffed up energetic festal frolic peaceful uproarious rollicking jumping grooving blest light gamesome rocking floating gladdened pleasurable fantastic heartwarming boisterous ravished delightful overexcited charmed can't complain in heaven brash humorous agitated deliriously happy entertained fulfilled zappy fun winsome perk Pickwickian joshing jokey crazy daffy at ease in a frenzy full of hope bright and breezy full of vim and vigour lots of laughs tickled to death as lively as a grig like a dog with two tails stimulated uplifted passionate impassioned psyched pumped thrilled to bits ardent inspirited poised composed pacific possessed commodious providential sober measured collected aglow effusive heartening in paradise in rhapsodies blissfully happy frothy gushing fervent diverted fresh enchanté vibrant funny turnt frantic loony nutty chaffing bantering jollying dizzy facetious easy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled feeling one's oats in transports in transports of joy in transports of pleasure eupeptic canty ludic very pleased distraught distrait hysteric distracted pleasantly surprised gone athrill mad dreamy in exaltation out entertaining friendly good welcome pleasing off-the-wall Corybantic only too happy extremely happy drunk emotional overwrought amusing riotous very happy pleased as punch paradisiacal well rosy paradisal paradisaical paradisaic saturnalian sanguine paradisiac rousing at peace self-possessed carnival holiday comfortable magical happy as a lark happy as a clam beside yourself Panglossian in a good mood Christmassy hearty gala turned-on rip-roaring desirous back-slapping good-time excitable enlivened engaged motivated interested encouraged willing great feel-good starry-eyed rose-colored hopped up set up fired up inclined electrified craving gung ho backslapping avid amenable hungry agog bursting ambitious appetent thirsty restive hung up piqued athirst impatient disposed solicitous awakened longing pining keen snappy decorated carnivalesque go-go swinging feastly feastful geeked hepped up hopped-up hankering greedy covetous moved alive tumultuous juiced up aflame popping


Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others
sadistic barbarous brutal cruel fiendish inhuman savage vicious heartless perverted ruthless atrocious barbaric beastly bestial brute butcherly callous cold-blooded inhumane merciless perverse truculent wanton aggressive nasty pitiless violent red in tooth and claw brutish remorseless harsh wicked unfeeling diabolical monstrous hard-hearted ferocious uncaring murderous unsympathetic insensitive severe unkind bloodthirsty unmerciful fierce malicious hard hellish uncharitable evil unsparing heinous cold-hearted vile grim mean infernal nefarious malevolent unpitying unforgiving hard-boiled compassionless base unrelenting sanguinary stony relentless thick-skinned devilish obdurate desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted hateful desensitised horrible ghastly villainous hard-nosed implacable inconsiderate stony-hearted abominable spiteful bad fell black with a heart of stone depraved wolfish dark stern homicidal satanic low bloody dastardly uncompassionate malignant black-hearted austere cut-throat ghoulish hardhearted demonic loathsome unpleasant coarse cold flagitious unfriendly draconian diabolic gruesome low-down maleficent gross vindictive coldhearted awful foul terrible unemotional macabre disagreeable inexorable crude inflexible unkindly egregious inclement grisly immoral odious unremitting offensive despicable contemptible dreadful flinty appalling sick tough infamous rigid tyrannical demonical thoughtless hurtful unfair exploitative satanical virulent morbid hideous stone-hearted unbending gory rotten steely horrific oppressive nightmarish abusive rough unspeakable degraded slaughterous disgusting objectionable abhorrent corrupt feral demoniac tactless lurid ogreish despotic lacking compassion dog-eat-dog unmoved intolerant indifferent exacting sinful shocking detestable authoritarian illiberal degenerate cutthroat tyrannous vulgar shabby revolting horrid ramrod surly debased unprincipled reprobate hardened profligate rigorous rancorous pernicious licentious wrathful malign scandalous unruly mean-spirited strict ungodly snide unamiable hardhanded heavy-handed execrable ill-natured hostile dishonourable catty vengeful dishonorable dirty despiteful not nice ogry ogrish warlike ravening obnoxious cannibalistic tigerish crazed bellicose uncouth bitter destructive ignorant bloody-minded sanguine murdering sanguineous adamant unrefined uncultured unlettered frigid insensible hatchetjob coldblooded dispassionate unconcerned bearish gruff accursed Mephistophelian cat-and-mouse punishing lupine voracious ravenous unrestrained killer unappeasable mortal ironfisted revengeful marble-hearted unyielding matter-of-fact premeditated imperturbable wretched tormenting torturous constant punitive killer instinct deplorable scummy ignominious currish low-minded dangerous apathetic without pity dour dictatorial crotchety cantankerous unempathetic anesthetized feelingless icy churlish sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial weird cynical wilful suppressive onerous wounding upsetting needless deliberate unjustified senseless arbitrary uncivil inhospitable ungenerous overbearing boorish piggish gluttonous ferine swinish God-awful repulsive unclean animal yucky carnal obscene irrational prurient cold fish critical grotesque eerie bleak unchristian unprovoked high-handed autocratic worthless ill gratuitous groundless motiveless sombre shadowy spooky somber unhealthy ironic inept undiplomatic bungling domineering hard-shell unjustifiable spookish ghostly sullen funereal twisted contaminated faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant untamed putrid impious abandoned insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous wild overstrict forceful coercive OTT excessive over the top willed unmotivated deathly morose sepulchral aimless flagrant horrifying unscrupulous debauched outrageous undisciplined contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing unjust sickly amoral sinister shameless harrowing repellent repugnant misanthropic mordacious pessimistic iniquitous deceitful dishonest unlawful devious wrong criminal unethical nauseating intolerable sickening unforgivable grewsome sick-making scurvy frightful horrendous disgustful loathly terrific nightmare dissolute scoundrelly self-indulgent vitiated unsavoury disparaging delinquent forbidding errant crooked shady shameful libertine slippery unrighteous unconscionable crafty scrofulous sly evil-minded bent self-seeking felonious contemptuous conscienceless ignoble two-faced squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful morally wrong shifty dodgy decadent defiled unconscientious unsavory scheming lawless questionable improper corrupted disdainful disreputable cacodemonic grievous facinorous desperate godawful hairy grody beyond the pale fearful bloodless roughshod dire disgraceful distasteful lousy frightening distressing ugly noisome terrifying alarming nauseous noxious lamentable woeful abysmal miserable fulsome stinking sorry hellacious calamitous sordid repellant rancid insufferable damnable dismal unholy pitiful pathetic very bad filthy unpalatable direful poor rank spine-chilling from hell off-putting disturbing hair-raising opprobrious displeasing unfortunate grave notorious inexcusable yucko disquieting extreme scary paltry icky disastrous hopeless chronic crummy unnerving pitiable sad glaring formidable unbearable fearsome unutterable unearthly unsatisfactory discreditable skanky daunting tragic malfeasant unacceptable intimidating regrettable grotty illegal serious abject indescribable creepy smutty traumatic uninviting inadequate inferior shoddy profane perturbing troublesome warped worrying redoubtable wrongful gloomy immodest heartbreaking unworthy grubby undesirable cheap cursed raunchy demoniacal cruddy unwelcome sullied disconcerting pits knavish exceptionable degrading unsettling underhand preposterous roguish dread rascally crying unpardonable agitating dislikeable unhappy ominous doleful overwhelming depressing malodorous distressful striking blatant unappetizing fetid smelly solemn peccable scurrilous lame scabby sneaking ratty mephitic bum ribald bloodcurdling pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky bogging troubling mournful not cricket niffy miasmal blue afflictive substandard olid yukky sour irreligious festy unlovely unpleasing uncongenial sacrilegious gut-churning foetid blasphemous dingy blameworthy stressful discomforting irksome unrespectable louche shy obvious useless difficult godless inglorious duff poxy arrant pants conspicuous indefensible illicit patent catastrophic fraught illegitimate startling unreasonable cataclysmic on the nose stark insupportable unsightly pronounced disheartening petrifying annoying third-rate forlorn tragical ridiculous salacious harmful irritating melancholy rubbish suggestive excruciating desolate capital sorrowful vomitous adverse unhallowed a load of pants acrid polluted painful foul-smelling evil-smelling sleazy smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled uncivilised uncivilized poison rebarbative chilling X-rated vomit-inducing ruinous dismaying devastating worrisome punk trying barefaced extravagant humiliating indictable taxing heavy Hadean bothersome agonizing brazen ropy enormous mediocre confounded dreaded demonian Luciferian outright undisguised unendurable treacherous utter foreboding beyond contempt terrorizing uncomfortable piteous audacious naked evident embarrassing erring fallen unconcealed manifest discomposing laughable exorbitant complete astounding unbecoming sucky immoderate palpable transparent sober troublous inexpressible overt tremendous second-rate absurd caitiff injurious ineffable heartrending concerning tainted vexatious terrorising dolorous baleful cheerless unchaste lascivious bawdy unbelievable glum humourless humorless unseemly scatological scatologic anguished depressive galling agonising shuddersome sedate dreary revulsive loose lustful unwholesome pornographic lugubrious serpentine heart-rending strong gut-wrenching hated out and out out-and-out brass-necked hateable murky affecting tenebrous raw porno barnyard scabrous gray grey drear stomach-churning stomach-turning off-color spine-tingling dislikable transgressing ruffianly blackguardly brackish thievish aberrant pestilential Kafkaesque culpable peccant sneaky Stygian untold outcast scaring great crass undescribable discouraging terribly bad good-for-nothing naughty cussed foolish beneath contempt demoralizing frenetic maniacal mad possessed impoverished oppressed undignified ill-famed tenth-rate slimy nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal downer bummer unlucky unsocial strange sublime lou cowardly inequitable poisonous intemperate drunken pressing crucial cringe-making discommoding ill-reputed urgent not up to snuff poverty-stricken mephistophelean bad-hearted inconceivable servile inelegant menial intense defective stupefying drastic detested execrated melancholic dispirited vexing unimaginable reviled backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting testing pressured demanding frustrating crippling irretrievable weighty staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing sensational despised frozen gnarly very disgusting abnormal extraordinary mortifying hellborn cloven-footed blood-stained acute surprising highly improper portentous bodeful exigent parlous graphic exaggerated drab mirthless abominated loathed abhorred sheer plain gruelling arduous tiring red hot steep oppressing scowling death-obsessed melodramatic explicit absolute downright inordinate unqualified inconvenient saddening unappealing afflicting uncool awkward beyond words preternatural undefinable fugly misproportioned reptilian misshapen freaky like death warmed up nagging demoralising apparent unmitigated significant major inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed silly god-awful rueful derisory ludicrous foolish-looking disappointing faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil huckery maggot unwarranted maddening impossible exasperating averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic O.T.T. extortionate tricky antisocial against opposite alien invidious extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign irreverent too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy grueling too horrible for words guilty nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking deleterious damaging in opposition tasteless kitschy pulp like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin baneful mischievous prejudicial nocuous detrimental late unheard of reeking shock-horror tacky vivid juicy reeky a stinker of a a bummer of a musty stenchy high fusty yellow full-frontal frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty bad news pigpen ripe yecchy purple racy fiery salty deep colorful distinct garish open bold flaunting ostentatious forbidden taboo inauspicious prohibited proscribed cataclysmal unpropitious unashamed flagitous interdicted banned censored flaming noticeable disconsolate joyless unprintable bald-faced bare-faced sorrowing grieving grief-stricken broken-hearted heartbroken no good rude indecorous impolite devastated inconsolable downcast mourning despairing down distressed dispiriting godforsaken crestfallen dejected depressed comfortless downhearted stick out like sore thumb frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits darkening hanging out unmentionable impermissible not to be spoken of restricted off-limits no go that dare not speak its name woebegone tenebrific chill sunless plutonian lonesome lonely elegiacal dreich saturnine Cimmerian elegiac cloudy low-spirited down in the mouth long-faced down in the dumps


A feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation
exultation joy rejoicing delight elation glee jubilation celebration glory happiness triumph pleasure boasting cheer crowing delirium ecstasy euphoria exhilaration gladness rapture exuberance feasting festivity glorying merrymaking revelry transports bragging joyousness merriness revelling transport jubilance merriment reveling satisfaction transports of delight high spirits exultance exultancy joyfulness bliss gaiety cheerfulness animation mirth excitement cheeriness hilarity enjoyment joviality seventh heaven jollity delectation paradise gleefulness liveliness exaltation cloud nine felicity blitheness intoxication rhapsody jocundity heaven buoyancy mirthfulness beatitude gayety jolliness elatedness gayness good cheer swoon high thrill ebullience vivacity lightheartedness amusement good spirits jocularity good humor light-heartedness sprightliness laughter blessedness geniality contentment optimism enchantment conviviality top of the world gratification inspiration fun enthusiasm verve rhapsodies sport frolic jouissance comfort blissfulness prosperity joie de vivre great happiness hopefulness warm fuzzies content playfulness jubilee pride effervescence stimulation elevation relish levity jollification whoopee ravishment jauntiness chirpiness blithesomeness zest uplift frenzy radiance gladsomeness carefreeness solace indulgence fervour great pleasure wingding grins shindig revel fervor fulfilment nirvana fruition fulfillment larking about sanctity well-being peace of mind jamboree trance high-spiritedness contentedness sportiveness joyance invigoration heaven on earth great joy relaxation madness health dreamland recreation buffoonery self-indulgence tomfoolery picnic brawl hoopla laughs state stupor cool revitalization galvanization enlivenment quickening vitalization envigoration electrification firing excitation vivification twilight zone Utopia halcyon days Arcadia Eden utopia good humour encouragement sunniness a rush head rush frolics hope brilliance show colour sparkle bounce zing pep zestfulness glitter breeziness living it up colourfulness showiness brightness gaudiness merry-making upper charge kick up kicks buzz jollies entertainment pleasantness vivaciousness color colorfulness bubble wonder prize regalement charm treasure luxury extreme happiness humour treat humor gem alleviation diversion exulting pearl jewel refreshment stars in one's eyes pride and joy smugness schadenfreude


A high opinion or self-satisfaction with oneself
complacency conceit pride conceitedness ego egotism pomposity pridefulness pompousness smugness vanity swellheadedness vaingloriousness vainglory vainness swelled head bighead complacence self-conceit self-importance self-love self-satisfaction self-admiration self-esteem self-opinion self-regard self-assumption self-congratulation self-glory amour propre self-righteousness self-approbation self-approval self-content self-contentment self-gratification narcissism arrogance egoism boastfulness egocentricity swagger superiority haughtiness amour-propre ostentation cockiness snobbery big-headedness selfishness bragging egomania self-interest self-respect pretension presumption overconfidence braggadocio self-assuredness self-centeredness self-praise hubris swollen-headedness immodesty self-adulation bigheadedness affectation show airs display insolence condescension self-absorption imperiousness boasting patronage self-worship self-confidence huff good opinion of oneself strutting self-flattery self-glorification self-complacency officiousness uppitiness uppishness egocentrism self-centredness self-obsession consequence stuffiness snottiness self-exaltation outrecuidance swollen head blowing one's own trumpet self-aggrandizement self-assurance self-pride showing off affected ways pretentiousness ego trip loftiness superciliousness aloofness hauteur audacity scornfulness bluster disdainfulness proudness priggishness contemptuousness chutzpah cheek gall overbearance overbearingness lordliness brass nerve high-handedness disdain high opinion of oneself megalomania gasconade vaunting assurance portentousness spectacle splendor overstatement snobbishness grandiosity showboat showoff showiness fake disguise charade magnificence put-on grandioseness ceremony phoney grandeur pomp phony affectedness hypocrisy pageantry splendour front splash self-possession big talk false front selfness self-preoccupation self-involvement self-concern navel-gazing ostentatiousness self-promotion presumptuousness extravagance flashiness ornateness bumptiousness flamboyance assumption flaunting lavishness exhibitionism glitz glitziness garishness resplendence splendidness swank swankiness splashiness ritziness bravura fanfare pizzazz demonstration frippery exhibition pretence pretense splurge parading masterfulness huffiness toploftiness peremptoriness pzazz self-consequence high horse excessive pride brashness confidence morgue scoffing scorn overweeningness contempt mocking sneering NPD crust cocksureness proud flesh self-entitlement sense of superiority exaggerated self-opinion sense of entitlement posing posturing attitudinizing artificiality floweriness grandiloquence grandness heroics magniloquence elaborateness bombast pedantry inflation rhetoric turgidity flatulence guyver la-di-da fustian side false claim

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