Synonym of gloom ridden


Deeply pessimistic
dark dismal pessimistic gloomy downbeat cynical bleak grim negative sombre despondent depressing grave dreary hopeless morose cheerless fatalistic foreboding joyless defeatist drab melancholy glum lugubrious somber depressed despairing discouraging dejected demoralised demoralized desolate disheartening dispiriting funereal morbid troubled worrying dim harsh miserable mournful sullen bitter black doleful horrid oppressive alarmist austere distrustful doubting suspicious unfortunate unhappy chilly unenthusiastic Eeyorish cold comfortless depressive disconsolate drear dreich elegiac elegiacal godforsaken gray grey saturnine sepulchral solemn bearish resigned discouraged given to looking on the black side misanthropic sad unfavorable unfavourable dispirited unhopeful downhearted worried doubtful looking on the dark side looking on the black side spineless dismissive anti antipathetic unwilling uncooperative unconstructive obstructive resistive balky resisting cool uninterested weak unresponsive apathetic forlorn dire wretched tenebrous tenebrific plutonian murky lonely darkening lonesome chill sunless Cimmerian cloudy woeful dull sorrowful dolorous blue uninviting melancholic sorry woebegone dingy pathetic dour heartbreaking heartrending distressing abject crestfallen downcast down in the dumps unpleasant saddening unpromising unwelcoming disagreeable rueful down in the mouth uncomfortable bad down awful piteous upsetting grievous inhospitable mirthless in the dumps distressed teary tearful inauspicious tragic bare stark troublesome low terrible forbidding cast down spiritless clinical impersonal institutional spartan mourning tough in low spirits dejecting lamentable unpropitious difficult moody dreadful hostile low-spirited harrowing drearisome unfriendly hard lamenting bland severe dirgelike draggy mopey poor ominous trying afflicted wintry jarring wintery inconsolable pitiable onerous taxing rough pitiful humourless humorless moping down-and-out heavy-hearted vexatious dangerous perilous precarious disturbing shadowy in a blue funk serious adverse problematic tricky heartbroken poignant sober plaintive excruciating dirge-like broken-hearted horrible tight grief-stricken squalid disappointing nostalgic awkward sticky grieving devastated sorrowing traumatic straitened sordid anguished distressful thorny prickly delicate shameful in the pits colorless sinister painful taciturn dragged execrable deplorable inferior lousy moving foul long-faced exacting appalling hazardous arduous hairy bothersome challenging irksome critical knotty sulky indigent scurvy scungy impoverished displeasing detestable rotten horrific gut-wrenching problematical ticklish chancy worrisome concerning dodgy iffy punishing lacklustre deep lackluster hurting acheronian dubious suspect questionable colourless boring monotonous lifeless heart-rending unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring macabre humdrum desperate unlikely unencouraging uncaring disadvantageous portentous ruined abandoned deserted maudlin solitary chap-fallen unimpassioned exequial deathlike funebrial waste threnodic threnodial overcast unmoved touching disconcerting tragical unoptimistic deathly Stygian obscure hollow brooding bereft atrocious unnerving disquieting discomforting sunk in gloom frowning glowering crabbed surly chapfallen oppressed weary mopish broody ugly grumpy unsmiling bad-tempered uncommunicative intolerable horrendous acherontic upset crushed lorn phlegmatic ill-tempered regrettable companionless ghastly gruesome afflictive demoralizing demoralising in the doldrums cut up blue funk having the blahs having blue devils shocking crushing dolesome heart-breaking singing the blues agonizing discomposing agonising lachrymose derisible frightful plangent horrifying mortifying pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking despicable contemptible injurious disgraceful vile trashy shoddy filthy destitute derisory unwelcome exigent ill-fated hard-pressed lurid discommodious tortured harmful undesirable full of hardship threatening objectionable strained ill-omened treacherous direful ill-boding chilling parlous nightmarish pressing messy jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad rigorous rugged sensitive controversial poverty-stricken cruel savage brutal burdensome hardhanded inhuman saddened heartsick brokenhearted droopy heavyhearted heavy stiff searing heartsore wistful dysphoric crummy hangdog destroyed tristful weeping bleeding ripped in pain cast-down bummed out down and out fed up torn up on a downer taken down low-down let down in the toilet

Antonym of gloom ridden

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