Synonym of glorified

Alternative for glorified

glorifies, glorified, glorifying

Synonym: ennoble, exalt, extol, honor, laud, praise, worship,


Past tense for describe or represent as admirable, especially unjustifiably
celebrated praised exalted extolled lauded dignified elevated enhanced magnified augmented ennobled eulogised eulogized hymned boosted lionised lionized acclaimed glamorised glamorized increased promoted aggrandized applauded canonised canonized emblazoned hailed honoured idealised idealized immortalised immortalized panegyrized romanticised romanticized added dignity to adorned apotheosized blest blessed carolled caroled enshrined glamourized glamoured up lifted up raised resounded added distinction to cried up heroized idolised idolized sang sung sungen sang the praises of sung the praises of added lustre to bigged up big upped commended cracked up hiked honored sounded the praises of put on a pedestal built up put up deified worshipped worshiped venerated revered reverenced adored admired paid homage to paid tribute to adulated esteemed respected hallowed enthroned sanctified ballyhooed looked up to saluted touted hero-worshipped enskyed enskied loved cherished appreciated complimented valued commemorated trumpeted consecrated held in high regard distinguished prized treasured thought highly of held in high esteem upgraded held in awe dedicated set store by flattered toasted beatified had a high opinion of raved about approved made much of heaped praise on waxed lyrical about bigged something up praised to the skies prayed to cheered memorialized recognized handed it to sublimed erected upreared favoured favored congratulated lift bestowed honour on stroked accredited memorialised doted on regarded recognised proclaimed held in esteem set apart advanced regarded highly expressed admiration for heard it for ordained had a high regard for bowed down to approved of spoken highly of spoke highly of rhapsodized offered prayers to anointed rhapsodized over solemnized feted tub-thumped sacralized observed clapt clapped welcomed rhapsodised blew up blown up made lofty solemnised held in admiration raved rooted recommended puffed up thought much of made holy deferred to held dear marvelled at made sacred marveled at setted great store by looked on with favour preserved graced publicized transfigured praised enthusiastically exaggerated installed publicised sainted fetishized preferred enthused over gushed about enthused about acknowledged rhapsodized about held sacred overemphasized gushed over decorated lifted set out set down overemphasised signalized raved over pushed went into raptures over gone into raptures over liked set on pedestal expressed delight over signalised sang paeans to sung paeans to went into raptures about gone into raptures about bowed down before waxed lyrical threw bouquets at thrown bouquets at hoist expressed approval of said nice things about spoke well of spoken well of rated highly stood in awe of painted a rosy picture of dedicated to God took one's hat off to taken one's hat off to cracked someone up viewed through rose-tinted glasses placed on a pedestal held in respect put your hands together improved the status of held in the highest regard rolled out red carpet held in great respect looked at through rose-colored glasses sang praises to sung praises to crowned held high published perpetuated eternalized marvel at gave a posy given a posy invested inaugurated inducted thanked instated eternized divinized endorsed protected mobbed devoted initiated pedestalized belauded romanced haloed intensified incorporated realized manifested expressed represented embodied embalmed contained embellished varnished giftwrapped desired fancied lorded besainted idolatrized established laureated sentimentalized doted upon dreamt dreamed remembered coronated included consummated puffed sentimentalised felicitated kept bragged about celebritized given thanks to gave thanks to vaunted found attractive setted on a pedestal enjoyed made immortal went wild about went on about gone on about gone wild about countenanced sanctioned mentioned built spelled out realised laid down spelt out kinged bowed down made a fuss of made a fuss over considered regarded as sacred offered absolved signed crossed baptised sacrificed confirmed sprinkled baptized furthered sublimated given credit to showed appreciation of shown appreciation of gave credit to given accolades to gave accolades to marked improved hoisted appointed made glamorous thought romantically worshipped to excess credited encouraged setted in stone paid respects devoted to God paid homage dressed up had a pash on had an eye for had a crush on had a thing about carried a torch for lavished affection on embraced gave a bouquet given a bouquet kept alive the memory of looked at something through rose-tinted spectacles gave key to city made famous given a higher rank talked up moved up the ladder offerred benediction stepped up expressed approval for mooned over pronounced holy thought a lot of made into a saint gave a higher rank had the hots for plugged improved the standing of given it up for raised high prayed for piled it on valued highly expressed respect for rated invoked happiness invoked benefits invoked happiness on given glad hand supported kicked upstairs thought the world of moved up wondered at gave glad hand given key to city rolled out the red carpet extolled the virtues of delighted in grooved on improved the position of relished laid it on thick gave it up for given recognition to gave recognition to sworn in swore in lay down shown respect showed respect sang praises sung praises took to taken to attached importance to gone for went for given a boost to gave a boost to given kudos gave kudos gave approval given approval sung praises of sang praises of given bouquet taken off hat to took off hat to gave bouquet given advancement to given advancement gave promotion gave advancement to gave advancement given promotion given a standing ovation shown appreciation showed appreciation gave a hand given a hand gave a big hand given ovation given a big hand given a round of applause gave ovation gave a standing ovation gave a round of applause taken a liking to took a liking to fallen for took a shine to taken a shine to fell for given a boost gave a puff to gave a boost given a puff to


Past tense for to flatter
complimented flattered adulated charmed fawned over gushed over praised puffed up smooth-talked sweet-talked worshipped worshiped bootlicked brownnosed buttered up to elevated humoured humored revered wheedled brown-nosed built up buttered up cajoled exalted laid it on thick overpraised put on a pedestal soothed stroked one's ego sucked up to complimented excessively fell all over fallen all over fawned upon ingratiated oneself with kissed one's feet played up to roosed rubbed the right way spread it on worked over soft-soaped stroked inveigled worked on blarneyed blandished courted honeyed massaged fawned beslavered snowed softened groveled salved oiled jollied sold toadied grovelled conned catered to sweetened up adored venerated flanneled flannelled admired commended puffed lionized raved over hero-worshipped belauded pandered to lauded expressed admiration for paid tribute to panegyrized fawned on lionised crawled to paid blandishments to waxed lyrical about paid court to made much of crept to said nice things about palavered coaxed snown snew laid it on with a trowel got next to gotten next to slavered persuaded enticed tempted beguiled wooed lured induced prevailed on seduced influenced talked into won over swayed urged got round manoeuvred convinced made up to maneuvered allured soaped brought round kept someone sweet toadied to abased oneself to truckled to danced attendance on rubbed up the right way curry favoured with curry favored with bowed and scrape to demeaned oneself to decoyed ingratiated bantered tantalized entrapped tantalised got made attracted invited prest pressed incited instigated solicited kowtowed softened up cultivated licked someone's boots moved prostrated oneself to tried to get on the good side of sought the favour of grovelled to curry favored provoked curried favour tried to win over sucked up kowtowed to put someone up to something drawn drew deceived pushed duped deluded misled crowded talked caressed spoilt patted fussed over petted indulged babied spoiled pampered mollycoddled cosseted wormed prodded argued pressurized reasoned pressured coerced handed a line gotten around argued into got around pressurised finagled gotten gat led on baited betrayed made a fuss of captivated tolled laid it on brought pressure to bear on encouraged sweet talked crawled inspired submitted to sucked in smoodged to turned on brought around deferred to exerted influence on prostrated yourself whetted truckled cajoled into apple-polished converted wheedled into led astray pandered triggered coaxed into steamrolled twisted one's arm humbled yourself prodded into brought wiled actuated prevailed upon sold one on cringed stimulated motivated flattered into prompted squeezed bulldozed dangled a carrot in front of ingratiated yourself prostrated oneself before humiliated yourself impelled activated appealed to gotten on the right side of got on the right side of drawn in drew in batted eyes at eaten humble pie abased yourself eaten crow ate humble pie ate crow abased oneself overdid it overdone it


Given an undue amount of credit for quality or merit in a field


praised acclaimed admired applauded commended exalted aided blessed celebrated extolled flattered helped lauded worshipped worshiped esteemed acknowledged famous noted distinguished prestigious renowned recognized well thought of famed revered eminent honoured estimable illustrious venerable highly rated great notable well received pre-eminent recognised honored vaunted appreciated of repute of note of high standing lionized flaunted outstanding name august much touted much vaunted prized considerable promoted advertised hyped publicized highly esteemed respected lionised overhyped highly thought of publicised well known made much of thanked venerated reputable respectable reputed golden touted reliable beloved authoritative important well-regarded valued paraded boasted about bragged about shown off prominent well-known highly regarded crowed about exulted in made a display of prated about notorious big-name fabled star visible legendary celebrious splashy popular established redoubted monster superstar signal proverbial much publicized of consequence on the map in the limelight hailed cheered glorious noteworthy preeminent influential noble leading elevated foremost grand remarkable imposing significant major conspicuous big-time dominant honourable big-league top superior honorable major-league memorable powerful storied high-powered of distinction feted bright high-ranking much-publicized redoubtable immortal high-profile brilliant major league stately dignified excellent chief infamous seminal luminous unforgettable big-shot worthy principal lofty heroic big peerless high profile astral paramount supreme splendid predominant world-class VIP well-thought-of puissant big name high-level iconic big league impressive admirable regal in the public eye pivotal creditable premier epic laureate resplendent heavyweight sublime far-famed main essential consequential celeb public high-flying magnificent heavy remembered widely known talked about senior mighty majestic of mark hallowed familiar imperial royal recognizable monumental superb proud heroical magnific massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric celebrity shining professional exceptional aristocratic central key recognisable sterling praiseworthy top-ranking good large top-drawer decent much-admired serious extraordinary of good standing material prime primary weighty trusted arch up there high-minded number one big-gun highly praised well respected capital resonant heavy-duty potent of good repute formidable with a good reputation high-up having made a name for oneself something else well-loved widely-known decorated rightly prized high prizewinning glittering star-studded glamorous numero uno triumphant beautiful enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless strong reverenced world-famous high-status gorgeous divine dazzling known underlined common leonine lionlike page-oner all-star instrumental everyday splendiferous effulgent radiant famous name widely knowbn dynamic cardinal meritorious worth mentioning marvellous marvelous gratifying adored time-honored of importance integral fundamental focal commemorated substantial sacred reverend sage energetic prodigious in spotlight in limelight worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out big time exemplary wise distinctive historical core paragon genius sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful grave big-wheel of influence of great consequence far-reaching prevailing overbearing unparalleled superlative gifted incomparable matchless prior primal alpha unexcelled well-connected all-important magnanimous triumphal idealistic commanding highest unequaled unequalled first rate learned arch- first of the first rank unsurpassed greatest historic dominating regnant sovereign hot-dog legitimate trustworthy upright trendsetting vital winning governing principled marked kingly singular dynamite meaningful super-duper momentous super something unreal mondo fab fat doozie honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious dependable anti-corruption especial special striking faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere righteous fair high-principled sound copper-bottomed nonpareil arresting salient lordly solemn solid gold to the max favoured above board tried and trusted portly staid awe-inspiring of good report in high favor salt of the earth talked of pompous highfalutin' accomplished top-notch


Characterised by prayer, devout, reverent
prayerful devout religious supplicant supplicating pious godly pleading beseeching soliciting saintly spiritual entreating righteous imploring sainted suppliant supplicatory faithful reverent devoted saintlike virtuous divine good pure moral believing dedicated devotional angelic blessed pietistic sanctified innocent spotless unworldly consecrated upright hallowed perfect chaste clean faultless godlike humble immaculate just pietistical revered sacrosanct seraphic sublime uncorrupt undefiled untainted venerable venerated god-fearing holy beatified canonized ordained canonised deified God-fearing sacred sinless reserved messianic special exalted adored heavenly unprofane sacral supernatural worshipped set apart among the angels worshiped dutiful churchgoing ethical orthodox blameless upstanding worthy irreproachable guiltless ecclesiastical honest decent principled blest consecrate noble honourable uncorrupted law-abiding honorable right respectable straight true high-minded nice exemplary scrupulous stand-up right-minded meritorious sacramental laudable conscientious praiseworthy noble-minded squeaky-clean trustworthy commendable all right fair anti-corruption equitable stainless beatific moralizing reverential smug born-again clerical moralising priestly charitable punctilious philanthropical impartial matchless philanthropic creditable deserving peerless seraph theological full of good works goody-goody immortal theistic enshrined inviolable eternal anointed numinous solemn devoted to God dedicated to God reverenced proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher

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