Synonym of goggle

Alternative for goggle

'gɑgl /'gɒgl


look with amazement; look stupidly


To stare (at something) with wide eyes
stare gape gawk gawp rubberneck gaze blink ogle peer admire beam bore contemplate eye eyeball glare gloat inspect lamp look moon observe peek peep pin pipe regard ru rubber scrutinise scrutinize watch look fixedly stare open-mouthed gaze open-mouthed look vacantly stare in amazement stare in wonder get an eyeful get a load of rivet the eyes on focus view take in behold leer size up eagle eye scan survey see study rivet check out gawp at gawk at lay eyes on lay one's eyes on give something the once-over give the once-over glance yawp squint spy take a look stare at glim focus on look hard gaze at lech over lech after give the eye look at fix one's gaze gape at rivet on take a good look give someone the glad eye feast one's eyes perv on stare stupidly wonder leer at eye up pry rubberneck at examine look closely fix make eyes at lech look earnestly snoop squinny consider try to see make sheep's eyes at give the glad eye give someone the come-on keep an eye on mark glimpse look through narrowed eyes spot go over squint at screw up eyes narrow your eyes pay attention to take note of take a gander catch sight of take a dekko at espy give something a once-over have a squint take a dekko take a gander at recce take a shufti clock take a butcher's descry outstare glower look intently fix on glance at peer at have a good look watch closely glare at peep at fix one's gaze at feast one's eyes on take a look at peek at look lasciviously drool over make eyes give sly looks to undress someone with one's eyes look suggestively check witness notice audit pierce take a good look at peruse penetrate probe browse skim glint keek look over explore dip distinguish discern sight perceive note see over review catch spectate be shown over squiz oversee ponder have a gander at flash believe slang dig canvass scope overlook check something out have a dekko at check over set eyes on assess take a shufti at have a look-see at feast eyes on read clap eyes on remark have a squint at look quickly sneak a look look briefly have a quick look have a shufti take a quick look catch a glimpse of run over glance one's eye frown scowl lour gloom lower glunch glout look menacingly give a dirty look look threateningly stare angrily wither menace give someone a death stare do a slow burn look daggers stare icily

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