Synonym of going away

Alternative for going away


act of departing


Present participle for to depart or leave
leaving departing quitting moving getting away heading off going taking off exiting vamoosing decamping clearing out clearing off withdrawing splitting pulling out going off pushing off scraming scramming cutting out retiring shoving off parting running along scarpering skedaddling retreating fleeing bugging off walking out bugging out bailing out escaping making off bailing running off buzzing off vacating stepping along getting scooting running away beating it pushing on digging out sallying forth getting off booking making oneself scarce packing off piking out packing up piking off peeling off taking leave moving out evacuating flying taking a hike removing bolting absenting yourself setting off setting out making tracks hightailing it flitting making an exit beating a retreat upping sticks abstracting oneself hitting the road getting going absconding taking flight betaking oneself cutting and run packing your bags repairing disappearing taking a powder abandoning hooking it slinging your hook saying goodbye checking out getting out doing a bunk migrating sloping off making a break for it blowing beating a hasty retreat going out saying your goodbyes starting out breaking camp vanishing hightailing emigrating adjourning deserting falling back moving away making a run for it backing away slipping away pulling stakes getting under way relocating getting lost doing a disappearing act bogging off receding making a getaway running for it making a move forsaking lighting out pulling back going away from legging it heading for the hills withdrawing from pulling up stakes moving out of exiting from moving house departing from heading out doing a runner sallying stepping out stealing away scatting transferring hopping it lamming shifting breaking out racking off running alighting evading separating embarking recoiling advancing drawing back riding off breaking starting stirring issuing making a quick exit turning tail giving ground regressing hitting the trail absconding from going forth walking away showing a clean pair of heels changing residence flying the coop retiring from going from removing oneself slipping out backing out pulling out of gitting taking oneself taking French leave moving back backing off secluding oneself peeling out shooing sodding off avaunting signing out making heading striking out going to hell making your escape fading away running out marooning dropping out taking a walk stranding going offstage exeunting bidding farewell flaking off doing vanishing act moving off absenting proceeding hitting the bricks making a break abdicating trooping setting forth marching out moving on blasting off giving way disengaging doing a fade levanting going back skipping off taking to your heels folding shrinking eluding taking yourself off getting on your bike shifting from moving from going out of budging from making a move from transporting clearing drawing retreating from bowing out shutting oneself away drawing away saying adieu breaking free distancing oneself shunning shirking avoiding ducking kiting dodging breaking up saying farewell breaking loose getting free defecting eloping easing out walking out on going their separate ways conking out leaving flat quitting the scene splitting up breaking off shipping out going separate ways parting company commencing going forward giving the slip fleeing from decamping from absenting oneself from disappearing from disengaging from stepping down flying from setting out from running away from escaping from doing a bunk from taking your leave of cutting breaking away coming away relinquishing bolting from taking oneself off from going AWOL sneaking skulking slinking slinking off creeping making a escape sneaking away skipping extricating oneself breaking out of freeing oneself leaving for shutting oneself away in going to one's room doing a vanishing act doing a moonlight flit going on the lam sneaking off creeping off resettling repositioning displacing carrying budging transposing dislocating getting out of parting with disturbing rearranging travelling changing jobs traveling changing house changing address passaging shuffling shoving pushing putting somewhere else changing changing place impelling positioning cruising ranging moseying wending making one's way walking off making for skipping out


Present participle for to diminish to nothing
disappearing fading vanishing receding fading away evaporating melting away dwindling diminishing dispersing petering out decreasing waning lessening dissolving dissipating ebbing clearing wearing off withdrawing evanescing subsiding fizzling out tailing off abating sinking ending tapering off failing palling dying out draining dying away weakening dying stopping dematerializing flying fleeing melting running out growing dim coming to nothing giving out dispelling coming to an end coming to a halt vanishing into thin air passing ceasing losing intensity losing strength growing faint losing its effectiveness losing its effect wearing away deteriorating degenerating depleting clearing out breaking up scattering rising lifting disassembling thinning out falling vaporising driving away vaporizing languishing lowering dimming withering declining attenuating plummetting decaying plummeting guttering draining away going downhill wasting away going down winding down falling away dropping dying down growing less dropping off becoming less becoming weak reducing departing becoming invisible exiting leaving going disappearing from sight going missing receding from view trailing away rebating trailing off falling through running dry clearing up letting up wilting remitting dying off moderating shrivelling shriveling falling off trailing flagging shrinking de-escalating easing relenting slumping ratcheting down tapering phasing down cooling off folding drooping lagging emaciating sagging slackening faltering tiring closing slackening off contracting slacking off becoming smaller growing smaller fading out easing off blowing over becoming unproductive drying up growing barren growing sterile tempering retrenching abbreviating going through the floor extenuating minifying blurring making smaller plunging settling down hitting the floor taking a nosedive closing out nosediving getting smaller flatlining flopping withering away ceasing to yield coming to a an end coming to a halt end perishing coming to grief etiolating pooping out deliquescing fagging out thinning hushing rarefying becoming less loud becoming unimportant passing off evanishing quieting dying on vine tuckering out growing feeble grinding to a halt bating rescinding shaping elongating thinning down phasing out easing up losing tottering giving way halting relapsing minimizing fainting limping vitiating debasing impoverishing relaxing minimising trembling depressing crippling crumbling losing spirit slowing down growing weaker


Present participle for to go away (after being told to)
leaving departing going scramming scraming shooing beating it getting going getting out running along scatting skedaddling splitting vamoosing buzzing off clearing off getting lost pushing off shoving off bogging off bugging off getting along hauling off hopping it lighting out naffing off avaunting nicking off oning your bike racking off slinging your hook going jump in the lake hitting the trail sodding off taking a hike taking a powder going and jump in the lake clearing out moving along making oneself scarce taking off decamping getting scooting setting off moving off taking leave getting stuffed popping off taking wing pushing along ducking out hopping the stick absenting yourself hitting the road skipping off exiting hopping the twig walking off flying walking out setting out getting moving vacating withdrawing checking out retiring making a start bailing out drawing away going your way retreating backing out taking yourself off getting out of my sight starting out taking a long walk on a short pier bolting disappearing running away scarpering hightailing getting away quitting making tracks running off hurrying away beating off blowing getting off making like a tree and get out of here making like a tree and leave beating a retreat torquing off teeing off cheesing off ticking off peeing off bailing parting piking out moving bugging out stepping along packing up piking off going and chase yourself packing off heading off going off in a huff flouncing out digging out leaving suddenly going off making a sudden departure storming off pulling out getting up and go storming out booking peeling off cutting out pushing on sallying forth


The action of leaving, especially to start a journey
departure going exit withdrawal leave-taking retirement leaving quitting decamping retreat egress flight decampment departing desertion exiting farewell fleeing leave outgo parting removal resignation retiral congé exodus going off abandonment adieu egression embarkation emigration escape evacuation expatriation getaway goodbye hegira lighting out migration passage powder recession running away sailing separation stampede start takeoff vacation walking out walkout withdrawing setting off setting out starting out bow out setting forth taking leave taking off vanishing act outgoing pull-out valediction offgoing expiration dissolution passing exeunt leavetaking disappearance breaking divergence breakup crossroads bisection sendoff break on the rocks fading abdication vanishing relinquishment evaporation breakout evanescence absconding secession loss pullback slip disengagement clearance lam wane dematerialization dissipation pullout surrender renunciation bolting melting eclipse marooning stepping down disintegration receding ebbing dispersal ebb wearing away disappearing act decline and fall ceasing to exist pulling out escapement disappearing defection split rout bunk giving up evasion breakaway termination escaping truancy abscondment eviction spring fading away severance mass departure forsaking beat rejection extraction elopement fallback flit superannuation send-off break-out fade-out moving out bolt for freedom giving up work vanishment ethereality diaphaneity setting-out diaspora outpour outflow outpouring gush vacation of a place swan song katabasis journey disaffiliation pulling back drawing out liberation vacating cessation discontinuation apostasy detachment expulsion extrication outbreak notice stopping dropping waiver stopping working stopping work bolt release freedom going out chicken run schism splitting drawing alienation deliverance runaround sidestepping shifting deportation demission dispensation cession desistance AWOL running off springing rescue rupture dissension disunion seceding division rift dying out taking out split-up tendering notification standing down quitclaim leaving party going-away party emptying leaving do melting away depopulation passing from sight receding from view dropping out splinter group dereliction disappearing trick unpeopling flight from retreat from departure from exodus from clearance from pull-out from withdrawal from disappearance from vacation from betrayal flying cowardice treason retreating exfiltration fugue avoidance derelict disavowing divorce disavowal turning tail defecting perfidy castoff treachery recreancy tergiversation falseness disaffection elusion backsliding abrogation taking powder hasty departure checking out going absent without leave falling away going AWOL running out on going back on taking French leave

Antonym of going away

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