Synonym of going easy on


Present participle for grant an official pardon to
forgiving letting off pardoning sparing having mercy on having pity on showing mercy to dealing leniently with freeing releasing excusing discharging exempting absolving liberating exonerating letting off the hook acquiting acquitting clearing delivering exculpating relieving reprieving remitting letting go amnestying excluding dispensing granting immunity excepting vindicating grandfathering passing by wiping the slate making an exception for privileging from making an exception of relieving of giving immunity loosing shriving springing bleaching wiping it off blinking at winking at whitewashing sanitising letting up on laundering letting off easy sanitizing setting free wiping the slate clean saving from leaving unpunished pulling out of the fire granting pardon to giving quarter to granting a pardon to getting off the hook leaving uninjured giving a break getting out of hock refraining from hurting saving bacon saving neck leaving unhurt bailing out pitying forbearing leaving unharmed saving from harm overlooking condoning granting an amnesty to dismissing disembarrassing emancipating unburdening disburdening divesting disencumbering ridding unbinding unchaining unfettering unshackling untangling declaring innocent disenthralling disculpating finding innocent finding not guilty removing abandoning dropping immuning protecting assoiling safeguarding privileging granting someone an exemption granting immunity to giving immunity to granting someone a dispensation manumitting uncaging excluding from enfranchising pronouncing not guilty wiping off letting someone off enlarging disimprisoning letting out turning loose letting loose allowing to leave sending away setting loose allowing to go stripping resigning unleashing pulling lightening yanking making exempt absolving from freeing from booting out removing blame unburdening of getting rid of excusing from releasing from delivering from discharging from exempting from disencumbering of extricating from freeing of liberating from setting free from disburdening of disembarrassing of rescuing from


Present participle for to treat in a more lenient manner


Tolerant of deviation
lenient gentle merciful sparing clement compassionate forgiving kind tolerant forbearing indulgent mild tender easy-going magnanimous benevolent charitable humane kind-hearted kindly liberal moderate permissive pitying soft sympathetic allowing amiable assuaging assuasive benign benignant complaisant compliant condoning easy easygoing emollient excusing favouring favoring good-natured humouring humoring lax letting light loving mollycoddling obliging pampering pardoning permitting softhearted soft-hearted soft-shell spoiling temperate yielding being big live with understanding accommodating considerate fond broad-minded friendly accommodative doting cosseting favourable gratifying caring big nonjudgmental favorable giving overpermissive generous soft-shelled going along with patient able to live with long-suffering stoic stoical uncomplaining restrained self-restrained resigned longanimous calm self-controlled thoughtful cool unflappable humanitarian living with going easy with helpful unselfish gracious beneficent warm altruistic affectionate tender-hearted warm-hearted selfless kindhearted open-handed chivalrous devoted tenderhearted free noble genial good-hearted philanthropic big-hearted decent responsive hospitable open-minded supportive neighbourly agreeable unstinting polite neighborly overindulgent fatherly affable courteous ungrudging munificent cooperative pleasant warmhearted unprejudiced bountiful accepting bounteous sensitive good empathetic all heart progressive disinterested self-sacrificing amicable solicitous denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted amenable self-denying civil good-humored good-humoured self-forgetting receptive cordial sentimental latitudinarian feeling concerned gallant acquiescent paternal catholic libertarian willing unbigoted unbiased protective self-forgetful fatherlike lavish radical maternal advanced comforting attentive public-spirited princely submissive mellow motherly bighearted empathic congenial goodhearted approachable serene patriarchal free-handed open docile flexible enlightened loose unorthodox unconventional tranquil high-minded free and easy deferential adoring rational philanthropical openhanded amorous sociable easy-oasy great-hearted well-mannered large-hearted encouraging unsparing well meaning bleeding-heart composed relaxed well-disposed pliant tractable biddable placid touchy-feely eager to please even-tempered tactful freehanded self-possessed broad left avant-garde intelligent interested reasonable receiving laid-back approving eager to help eleemosynary parental enamored enamoured forthcoming sweet laissez-faire pleasing regardful good-tempered nice human bleeding heart avuncular hands-off fair susceptible conciliatory prodigal impartial nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional dispassionate lovey-dovey lovesome meek adaptable pliable undemanding imperturbable courtly unruffled unexcitable peaceable reassuring freehearted fulsome wide civilized impassive diplomatic enduring ardent just equable honourable honorable mannerly philosophical collected ethical upright useful well-bred well mannered companionable philosophic moral worthy do-good accessible ruthful cheerful commiserative mushy urbane bland bonhomous unctuous civilised stately suave righteous open-hearted greathearted sympathizing condoling commiserating with the patience of Job knightly sympathising well disposed loving and giving reformist brotherly humanistic heart in right place general non-restrictive parent hearty liberalistic unprescriptive unrestricted live-and-let-live soft-boiled heroic courageous tolerating valiant overfamiliar placable uplifting sheltering matriarchal watchful plenteous brave generous to a fault mindful nonmalignant nurturing inspiring inspiriting handy pitiful beneficient valuable pacific assenting fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless handsome emotional observant heedful nonthreatening persuadable perceptive comprehending appreciative conformable non-malignant deceivable stimulating boosting social thoughty willing to forgive right-on non-partisan onside persuasible suasible game dupable noble-minded valorous user friendly on tap on deck angelic soft touch propitious likeable unoffensive dutiful well intentioned respectful sweet-tempered openhearted wholesome lovable benefic likable delightful engaging trusting naive unsuspicious deludable unoppressive unburdensome gullible fleeceable unassuming weak spineless boneless overfond obedient consoling cheering soothing fulfilling modest willing to help noninterventionist elevated high lordly sublime natural lofty great detached sober unemotional ladylike decorous gentlemanly romantic predisposed addicted vigilant piteous peaceful soft-touch logical phlegmatic unperturbed politically correct having heart in right place fatalistic realistic chilled quiet glad to be of assistance free-and-easy compatible genteel admiring worshipping Santa Claus has heart in right place old softie well-intentioned practical sedate nonplussed tame mild-mannered jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant persistent persevering silly over wise profound deep deep-thinking learned couth appropriate equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable passive undogmatic venerating cool, calm and collected freethinking fortitudinous lovesick honest low-pressure devil-may-care breezy happy-go-lucky cosmopolitan unshockable respectable adulatory reverential idolizing reverent sophisticated virtuous trustworthy free-thinking amatory besotted infatuated incorrupt dependable comradely forward-thinking principled upstanding worshiping idolising easy on easy with well-meaning foolish passionate suitable matching fitting right straight true free thinking poised casual nonchalant offhand outgiving unconcerned indolent uncritical complacent insouciant lazy unhurried carefree hang-loose informal uninhibited fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple clean-living stand-up all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded impassioned fervid fervent erotic anacreontic amative sisterly


Patient self-control
forbearance patience tolerance resignation restraint leniency indulgence long-suffering moderation self-control endurance fortitude lenity temperance toleration clemency long-sufferingness mildness stoicism sufferance abstinence avoidance longanimity refraining self-restraint patientness resisting living with acceptance permissiveness laxness calmness imperturbability lenience passivity coolness phlegm unflappability kindness softness consideration indifference broad-mindedness open-mindedness composure charity liberality liberalism bearing sympathy magnanimity fatalism serenity submission understanding philosophicalness complaisance cool passiveness equanimity compassion dispassion guts lack of bias lack of prejudice mercy nonresistance meekness sensitivity lack of protest lack of complaint acceptance of the inevitable indecision looseness philosophy self-possession soft-heartedness laxity compliance acquiescence condonation sanction allowance condoning anger control anger prevention non-resistance docility concession freedom grace humanity mercifulness charitableness liberalness license altruism benevolence permission forbearing impassivity submissiveness humility resignedness humbleness deference lowliness acknowledgement modesty conformity acknowledgment stolidity stolidness impassiveness good will self-discipline grip sobriety Dunkirk spirit resistance resilience stamina anger management toughness hardness hardiness steadfastness vigor opposition strength steadiness vigour tranquillity tranquility unexcitability persistence equilibrium staying power poise perseverance grit constancy inexcitability putting up with submission to surrender to resignation to yielding to passivity to placidity capacity backbone gutsiness heart even-temperedness intestinal fortitude even temper

Antonym of going easy on

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