Synonym of goodbye


An act of leaving
farewell departure going parting sendoff valediction break breakup leave-taking send-off swan song adieu leaving exit decamping quitting departing exiting decampment leave outgo lighting out walking out going away withdrawal retirement exodus evacuation flight escape egression retreat separation desertion egress passage getaway abandonment congé emigration expatriation embarkation stampede hegira migration bow out leavetaking retiral resignation removal fleeing disappearance going off pull-out setting off taking leave setting forth running away sailing walkout powder starting out recession vanishing act vacation setting out taking off takeoff start withdrawing going-away party leaving do leaving party exeunt offgoing outgoing breaking divergence crossroads bisection on the rocks fading abdication passing vanishing relinquishment evaporation breakout evanescence absconding dissolution stepping down secession loss pullback slip disengagement clearance lam truancy wane dematerialization dissipation pullout surrender renunciation bolting melting eclipse marooning disintegration receding ebbing dispersal ebb wearing away disappearing act decline and fall ceasing to exist giving up work pulling out escapement disappearing defection split rout bunk giving up mass departure evasion breakaway termination escaping abscondment elopement eviction spring fading away severance superannuation forsaking beat rejection extraction fallback flit break-out fade-out moving out bolt for freedom expiration vanishment ethereality diaphaneity setting-out diaspora outpour outflow outpouring gush vacation of a place katabasis journey disaffiliation pulling back drawing out liberation vacating cessation discontinuation apostasy detachment expulsion extrication outbreak notice stopping dropping waiver stopping working stopping work bolt release freedom going out chicken run schism splitting drawing alienation deliverance runaround sidestepping shifting deportation demission dispensation cession desistance AWOL running off springing rescue rupture dissension disunion seceding division rift dying out taking out split-up tendering notification standing down quitclaim emptying melting away depopulation passing from sight receding from view dropping out splinter group dereliction disappearing trick unpeopling flight from retreat from departure from exodus from clearance from pull-out from withdrawal from disappearance from vacation from betrayal flying cowardice treason retreating exfiltration fugue avoidance derelict disavowing divorce disavowal turning tail defecting perfidy castoff treachery recreancy tergiversation falseness disaffection elusion backsliding abrogation taking powder hasty departure checking out going absent without leave falling away going AWOL running out on going back on taking French leave


Final performance
swan song curtain epilog epilogue farewell final act finale leave-taking suicide note valediction windup adieu climax closer coda conclusion crowning achievement crowning glory culmination dying words end piece envoi famous last words farewell performance final appearance final appearance or performance final gesture final performance finis last act last hurrah last shot last words parting song peroration ending summation close end finish termination denouement closing postscript wind-up grand finale completion wrap-up afterword postlude concluding speech resolution cessation consummation closing stages bitter end omega last part homestretch final scene outcome mop-up capper endgame coup de grace limit last end of the line death summing up upshot desistance period dissolution stopping discontinuation wane catastrophe winding up breaking off terminus summing-up monolog speech PS follow-up sequel rider codicil addendum appendix supplement tailpiece back matter monologue result departure chaser final curtain blow-off afterpiece button consequence payoff end result going breakup parting send-off sendoff break closure stop cease expiration discontinuance halt stoppage shutdown arrest arrestment lapse cutoff surcease shutoff closedown check adjournment fulfillment fulfilment expiry final stages execution determination retirement achievement accomplishment wrap perfection issue stay stopping point sign-off last word bottom line peak height summit top zenith pinnacle apex acme apogee crest crown desuetude realization realisation head crescendo sum apotheosis capstone meridian noontime noon tip-top high point end of the road curtains maximum final stage highest point extremity winding-up high noon high-water mark high water mark ne plus ultra tail end finial clarification unravelling solution outro eventuality unraveling final thoughts final word cleanup highlight final point last stop end-stage end-stages pay-off cancellation offset to a finish doing it to a T crowning point abortion cesser intensification utmost capsheaf pitch tiptop ascendancy cut-off cut-off point cancelation cutting short kiss-off ballgame effect best part high spot finalization fruition standstill dénouement freeze suspension liquidation finalisation last stage disruption pause sewing up final part polishing off occlusion dead stop time-out full stop screeching halt lull dead end blockage screaming halt grinding halt deadlock brick wall letup interruption roadblock run-in attainment target vertex copestone crowning moment critical mass crowning touch punch line blow off

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