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'gɑsɪpɪ /'gɒs-


prone to friendly informal communication


Talkative or loquacious
talky talkative garrulous loquacious chatty gabby conversational verbose mouthy voluble effusive windy prolix wordy motormouthed multiloquent chattering blabby glib vocal fluent articulate loudmouthed eloquent slick smooth verbal rattling long-winded big-mouthed loose-lipped full of hot air gassy communicative gushing multiloquous forthcoming gossiping babbling rambling expansive chattery blathering prattling open able to talk the hind legs off a donkey with the gift of the gab yakking jabbering outgoing expressive informative unreserved profuse gibbering gobby having kissed the blarney stone uninhibited conversable vociferous outspoken yacking wittering motormouth demonstrative prosy having kissed the Blarney Stone over-talkative ranting noisy drivellous excessively communicative informal prating free plainspoken newsy spontaneous personal multieloquent intimate relaxed frank cooperative helpful obliging enlightening communicable unrestrained free-spoken tonguey bombastic yakkity gaseous wind-bag loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth candid flap jaw running on at the mouth silver-tongued diffuse lengthy bigmouthed discursive running on blessed with the gift of the gab periphrastic wandering pleonastic circumlocutory logorrheic digressive circuitous prolonged overlong meandering maundering tautological tedious palaverous repetitious tortuous redundant turgid persuasive rhetorical inflated protracted smooth-spoken smooth-tongued ambagious flatulent long-drawn-out easy pompous facile grandiloquent quick magniloquent smooth-talking convincing convoluted orotund plausible fast-talking ready indirect urbane insincere pretentious flowery flip slippery suave logorrhoeic artful vivid hot-air vocative well-spoken fustian smooth operator declamatory sesquipedalian hard to resist superfluous roundabout empty iterative boastful long tiresome boring wearisome circumlocutionary waffly interminable familiar everyday ordinary spoken full of verbiage friendly genial affable sociable cogent amiable extroverted coherent effortless illuminating well-versed natural warm extrovert tautologous repeating involved repetitive high-flown mellifluous cursive prompt copious confident mellifluent disputatious self-assured running assured effervescent unconstrained liberal lavish gushy gregarious magnanimous generous florid high-sounding full of air oratorical having kissed the Blarney stone highfalutin sonorous flamboyant aureate overblown extravagant grandiose flashy tumid lofty showy ornate purple overripe hifalutin magnific epideictic Ciceronian hyperbolic euphuistic pat Demosthenic arty-farty Demosthenean neat silky powerful embellished contrived overwrought ostentatious exaggerated theatrical grand stilted tumescent overdone imposing swollen disingenuous revealing significant forceful graceful pregnant oversimplified shallow flippant simplistic superficial moving meaningful potent suggestive effective sweet-talking meaning pointed telling strong stirring graphic lucid revelatory indicative well-expressed ardent fervid fervent impassioned well spoken well expressed poignant sententious touching facund passionate affecting impressive


Tending to interfere in the affairs of others
busy meddlesome meddling nosey nosy busybody intrusive interfering obtrusive pushy intruding busybodied officious presuming presumptuous protrusive prying snoopy curious forward inquisitive nebby intermeddling importunate mischievous snooping pushing hindering interposing obstructive encumbering interrupting impertinent impeding chiseling troublesome kibitzing pragmatic tampering chiselling probing questioning inquiring interested scrutinizing peering investigative eavesdropping enquiring scrutinising inquisitorial peeping prurient analytical searching spying bumptious self-assertive inspecting examining disquisitive bossy overbearing interruptive assertive domineering brash over-curious over-interested bold nosy-parker forceful aggressive loud puzzled offensive obnoxious inquisitory interviewing interrogational cross-examining interrogative annoying fact-finding bustling research self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial invasive unwanted butting in interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interference overbusy interventionist investigating undercover inspective exploratory researching unwelcome trespassing disturbing agog intrigued ambitious uncalled-for rude fussy bureaucratic nosy-parkering thrusting insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet big-eyed personal speculative poking challenging keen sifting arrogant burning with curiosity cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive cocky pushful go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging full of oneself

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