Synonym of gripping

Alternative for gripping


Which catches someone's attention
fascinating riveting engrossing enthralling exciting absorbing arresting compelling compulsive entrancing interesting spellbinding thrilling addictive bewitching engaging unputdownable action-packed captivating consuming distracting dramatic immersing intriguing involving mesmerising mesmerizing stimulating amusing diverting entertaining monopolising monopolizing preoccupying transfixing alluring appealing hypnotic enchanting mesmeric attractive enticing beguiling provocative charming thought-provoking magnetic seductive tantalizing readable attention-grabbing irresistible tantalising stirring delightful very interesting magical inspiring titillating dazzling winning curious inviting charismatic hypnotizing viral provoking hypnotising overwhelming profound intense shareable all-consuming enrapturing very exciting powerful refreshing seducing arousing impressive fetching elfin glamourous glamorous luring exhilarating memorable breathtaking astonishing pleasing buzzworthy racy challenging inspirational ensational mind-blowing beautiful forcible totally absorbing obsessing controlling puzzling sensual sensuous transporting besetting devouring obsessive strong ardent immoderate dominating raunchy risqué charged salacious edgy delectable ravishing tempting fervid raging deep-seated exhausting burning enjoyable striking affecting exceptional noteworthy intellectual intelligent pleasant eye-opening remarkable vivid intoxicating envigorating galvanising electrifying electric clever easy eloquent ingenious well-written brilliant gratifying rewarding relaxing smooth satisfying worthwhile eventful splashy amazing out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note fine showy moving meaty vibrant wonderful unique newsy relatable marvelous fabulous prepossessing invigorating piquant spectacular fresh newsworthy portentous trenchant marvellous topical unboring wondrous emphatic galvanizing well written sophisticated cultured highbrowed cultivated serious heavyweight deep learned scholarly heavy literary classical highbrow intellective worth reading easy to read lovely desirable pretty gorgeous stunning cute taking fair comely bonny winsome good-looking smashing handsome sexy beauteous adorable knockout heavenly divine sightly agreeable hot fanciable eye-catching seemly tasty come-hither luscious easy on the eye aesthetic fit esthetic likely bonnie pulchritudinous exquisite dreamy nice good sweet likable drop-dead gorgeous drop-dead likeable lovesome nice-looking foxy sultry nubile elegant siren well-favored lovable beddable goodly erotic adorbs spunky bootylicious out of this world lush bodacious sensational graceful sexually attractive well favoured endearing drawing radiant attracting as pretty as a picture come-to-bed sexual on fleek babelicious sublime dishy delicate congenial specious glorious scrumptious beckoning mind-boggling heart-stopping dreamlike shapely dainty mind-bending stylish personable incredible flirtatious extraordinary suggestive idyllic splendid fairy-tale darling rapturous fine-looking startling mouthwatering amiable persuasive miraculous well-favoured witty teasing becoming charmed fantastical astounding superb awesome awe-inspiring staggering witching very beautiful easy on the eyes jaw-dropping resplendent grateful delightsome blessed dulcet blest jolly felicitous welcome slinky magic disarming fun photogenic orphic enchanted rip-roaring kicky exhilarative galvanic hair-raising coquettish sexually arousing sexually exciting sirenic funny appetizing humorous fantastic inveigling delicious magnificent smart chucklesome fairylike appetising fab droll emotional hunky hilarious magnetizing magnetising romantic fairytale-like comical wholesome buxom blooming heady picturesque catchy debonair surprising voluptuous flamboyant fashionable classy unbelievable shocking larger than life aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing stupendous prodigious sensorial eye-popping empyreal a ten camera-friendly well favored enveloping pulling illecebrous phat warm welcoming devastating Orphean lurid genial anodyne studly enamoring infatuating cutesy affable beseeching extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant feline bedroom dear escapist fantasy toothsome choice beaut admirable pornographic mouth-watering terrific eligible influential trim dreamboat eyeful bijou cordial encouraging open mysterious exotic strong in character immodest shameless picture-perfect as nice as pie savoury palatable savory top saucy lewd sexually stimulating full of personality passionate amorous steamy invincible unconquerable inevitable indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable clean-cut extremely attractive immersive polite civilized suave tarty camera-ready worldly colourful quixotic nostalgic couthy civilised chic glitzy angelic grand physically attractive well bred worldly-wise glam adventurous colorful chivalrous statuesque entranced bewitched ritzy well dressed far-out like a dream come true unimaginable special unheard-of majestic far out enlivening blissful fabled splendorous ethereal tremendous enlightening dream-filled opulent trendy righteous flashy prestigious nifty dollish dapper symmetrical telegenic ideal well-formed showstopping willowy curvaceous refined presentable prettyish sheen theatrical fiendish tense conjuring dynamic strange outlandish bizarro some awe-striking blinding heart-stirring theatric looking like a million cheering too good to be true recreative energizing knife-edge jolting animating noticeable imposing conspicuous unforgettable popular explosive cliffhanging buzzy volatile adrenalized snappy poignant lively scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic energetic battery operated plug-in rechargeable energising kenspeckle notable distinctive outstanding noisy grabby commanding prominent unusual pronounced bold phenomenal marked tuneful melodic melodious singable haunting obvious rare uncommon manifest be a ball can't miss it with instant appeal having a good hook drawing attention


Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
thrilling exciting stirring rip-roaring rousing stimulating hair-raising electrifying inspiring riveting action-packed animated dramatic fascinating lively spirited breathtaking charged electric emotional emotion-charged emotive exhilarating exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing heady heart-stopping impassioned inspirational intoxicating kicky mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving passionate sensational shaking trembling anthemic inspiriting quaking shivering shuddering soul-stirring stem-winding vibrating awe-inspiring awesome blood-tingling boss delightful enchanting exquisite fab fabulous frantic large mad magnificent miraculous overwhelming spine-tingling swinging wild wondrous zero cool arousing invigorating energizing titillating provocative envigorating interesting challenging thought-provoking appealing bracing refreshing adrenalizing hectic energising suspenseful dynamic animating restorative enlivening provoking tonic enthralling impressive striking motivating powerful energetic vitalizing quickening vivifying renewing reinvigorating innerving exhilarant roborant stimulative touching poignant cliffhanging fast-moving vigorous impactful startling intense dazzling vivid brilliant heartrending graphic stunning bold memorable awakening affecting heartbreaking encouraging impelling meaningful affective reviving vital cordial rejuvenating Hitchcockian intriguing sparkling entertaining piquant explosive compelling fast-paced sexy shocking exalté frightening spine-chilling bloodcurdling scary macabre chilling nerve-racking knife-edge uplifting giving one food for thought up-tempo edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged motivational heartening persuasive bright telling tender influential breathless significant heart-warming sententious upsetting tear-jerking expressive heart-rending instigating exalting instigative colourful warm blinding radiant vibrant enthusiastic triggering inciting piquing hearty tense imposing glaring notable hot noticeable gleaming pronounced definite high spectacular staggering strong biting sharp colorful astonishing outstanding amazing incredible astounding extraordinary marked climactic remarkable phenomenal exceptional shock-horror high-octane effective commanding bodacious sudden noisy conspicuous arresting emphatic studied breath-taking eye-catching jaw-dropping gee-whizz wonderful eye-popping stupendous captivating grand out of this world complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling mind-altering eye-opening fantastic absorbing glorious amazeballs splendid majestic galvanical inflammatory agitational brisk potent hair-curling alarming horrifying terrifying stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic elating hallucinogenic compulsive imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled ripping boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious beautiful revitalizing cheering gladdening adrenaline-fueled giddy revitalising animative elevating exhilaratory heart-stirring tremendous jolting surprising sublime heart-pounding volatile buzzy adrenalized devastating power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic rechargeable highly impressive formidable magical humbling battery operated insane cool excellent unreal crazy unbelievable bad daring groovy dandy ridiculous first-rate marvelous monumental superb delicious profound first-class deep primo lavish divine momentous terrific like wow stately swell far out massive marvellous hunky-dory luxurious super


To be triggering enthusiasm or eagerness
exciting thrilling exhilarating rousing stirring animating enlivening enthusing stimulating delighting inspiring inspiriting invigorating moving elating lifting vitalizing buoying charging electrifying enrapturing galvanizing gladdening heartening intoxicating pumping up tickling uplifting bucking up energising energizing envigorating galvanising gingering up jazzing up livening up pepping up perking up picking up stirring up evoking firing getting going giving someone a buzz giving someone a charge giving someone a kick lighting a fire under putting zip into quickening tickling someone pink firing the enthusiasm of firing the imagination of giving a buzz tickling pink getting someone going arousing titillating overjoying enchanting motivating rallying brightening wowing fuelling fueling flushing giving joy to giving pleasure to keying up racing one's motor going over big turning on grabbing knocking one's socks off blowing away firing with enthusiasm juicing firing up reviving revitalizing encouraging vivifying refreshing revitalising cheering up bracing cheering restoring inciting awakening strengthening activating rejuvenating buoying up revivifying waking up boosting renewing provoking brightening up filliping fortifying triggering enkindling reanimating resuscitating kindling juicing up amping up spiking reinvigorating jump-starting inflaming zipping up regenerating instigating breathing new life into recreating spurring emboldening recharging freshening repairing rekindling goading elevating whipping up promoting kick-starting sparking wakening spurring on working up improving resurrecting renovating waking fanning refreshening building up enthralling giving a boost to bouncing back sparking off bringing out comforting piquing prodding awaking reawakening reinforcing revving up intensifying setting off reassuring giving a shot in the arm to impassioning giving a lift to calling forth touching off pleasing consoling steeling raising engendering lightening fomenting rewaking rewakening reactivating agitating egging on relieving livening exalting enhancing geeing up bringing around spicing up drawing forth giving a lift generating bolstering breathing life into warming impelling urging reconditioning recovering initiating commoving making whole bringing into being calling into being touching up driving gratifying leavening seasoning spicing adding zest to assuring fulfilling sustaining supporting winding up transporting whetting priming giving new strength to satisfying solacing heightening updating replenishing captivating prompting rejoicing chirking up bearing up modernizing looking up entertaining zapping regaining innervating giving a new lease of life to snapping out of it making happy modernising imbuing riling giving life to amusing adding zing to empowering diverting contenting making more exciting enheartening causing helping ameliorating dynamizing propping up indulging pleasuring humoring suiting restarting gladding taking a turn for the better re-establishing humouring sending putting some spark into psyching up vivificating informing activizing innerving shaking agreeing with raising someone's spirits relaxing bringing back charging up needling making someone feel good bringing to shaking up suffusing modifying bringing to life roiling touching influencing infusing charming swaying soothing zhooshing incentivizing enriching irking incensing feeding augmenting confirming magnifying affecting irritating fostering instilling putting new life into hotting up zhooshing up fascinating regaling cooling entrancing angering eliciting vexing grilling ruffling bestirring getting better sweetening relaunching reinstituting hardening recalling getting going again rescuing saving raising your spirits inducing giving shot in arm gassing feasting increasing enabling arming bowling over snapping up flustering giving the kiss of life to making merry blowing away the cobwebs making content bringing joy to recuperating bringing about taking heart giving someone pleasure bringing back to life setting up maddening jolting building a fire under raising spirits knocking dead giving new life to triggering off steaming up starting taunting challenging feeding the fire tickle to death making happier upsetting adding spice to working into lather hitting the spot bracing up putting new life in brushing up zesting getting your act together adding zest making something swing incentifying reestablishing boosting moral reintroducing putting some life into becoming livelier pushing applauding disturbing startling lifting up redeveloping reproducing filling with joy tempting nerving persuading making real fleshing out edifying giving a new lease on life becoming lively stiffening exacerbating nurturing giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation performing CPR coming to life enforcing disinhibiting taking off moving to action sharpening getting to spooking working actuating dispatching precipitating springing growing overcoming springing up bringing round rediscovering permeating pervading nourishing powering making confident pouring it on giving courage to cooling down topping up building putting life into jumpstarting egging giving a bit of zing making something go with a bang accelerating becoming more cheerful feeling happier putting new strength in putting new heart in putting new heart into changing lightening up taking a load off loosening up making more cheerful curing making healthy healing lighting up teasing stoking up growing buoyant boosting up igniting reenforcing cheering on penetrating impressing inclining lacing tantalizing speeding making alive crazing asking for it mounting intensating bugging redoubling deepening making waves satiating adding some colour to adding some zest to bettering refining interesting calling tantalising enticing producing alerting making wild summoning up heating up nudging sating making your head spin going to your head transforming gaining convalescing getting into the mood mending striking smartening up quenching occupying titivating pricking praising getting one going acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to stinging acting as a spur to acting as a fillip to acting as a impetus to speeding up getting one started rising becoming optimistic becoming hopeful soaring civilizing cultivating adding a little something to being responsible for giving one an idea carrying getting occasioning starting off giving impetus enduing infecting beghasting distracting freshening up cleaning up neatening tidying sprucing up airing out dusting cleaning filling bielding boosting someone's morale spiriting someone up raising the morale of stimulating spiritually giving confidence to consolidating giving hope to lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of beguiling absorbing pepping slaking serving becoming cheerful making brighter clearing up gaining strength reigniting giving someone a thrill turning someone on making very happy giving someone great pleasure civilising advancing switching on starting up giving rise to meeting disporting engrossing involving engaging obliging corroborating upholding substantiating preoccupying immersing upraising accommodating surfeiting flattering satisficing enamoring bewitching delectating putting on cloud nine putting on top of the world letting the sun shine in catalyzing catalysing alluring pandering to cloying capturing selling catering to providing for doing the trick filling the bill authenticating holding the attention of slaying cracking up ecstasizing jogging arriding ravishing pleasing greatly making a hit with someone appealing to attracting getting one's kicks warming the cockles of the heart grooving burgeoning girding backing placating bringing alive making more forceful backing up giving weight to prospering lending more weight to bearing out calming assuaging condoling flavouring flavoring giving condolences to commiserating condoling with giving sympathy to palliating succouring easing making one feel at ease allaying composing besoothing making well bringing comfort to commiserating with pacifying mollifying lightening burden empathizing with succoring giving solace to sympathizing with putting at ease salving quieting fears souring colouring arising wakening up making lively letting sunshine in putting pep into making more lively poisoning distorting shaking a leg getting up coming to turning out piling out greeting the day rising and shining rolling out upping and at 'em bestirring oneself coming around adding colour to putting some spirit into making more interesting coloring tingeing tinging aggravating baiting chafing offending discomposing infuriating


(rare) Instigating the curiosity or attention of someone
interesting attracting appealing to drawing engrossing exciting fascinating intriguing tempting captivating entertaining enthralling luring snaring tantalizing titillating affecting amusing arousing distracting engaging hooking perking up pleasing pulling touching mesmerising mesmerizing moving riveting rivetting tantalising turning on beguiling bemusing enchanting grabbing immersing piquing absorbing bewitching floating someone's boat lighting someone's fire occupying preoccupying sitting up tickling someone's fancy arresting busying enwrapping charming spellbinding enrapturing involving entrancing hypnotizing holding hypnotising catching up transfixing bedazzling delighting diverting magnetizing alluring catching dazzling magnetising capturing winning holding spellbound ravishing transporting enamoring thrilling ensnaring rapturing monopolizing wiling carrying away monopolising enticing overwhelming enamouring seizing witching wowing bowling over tickling pink engulfing concerning consuming gratifying enslaving winning over holding in awe gladdening knocking dead obsessing infatuating gaining employing seducing overcoming killing compelling inviting taking tying up taking up knocking out holding the attention of sweeping off your feet astounding dominating fixing possessing electrifying stirring fixating intoxicating stimulating filling rapping influencing subjugating overpowering delectating slaying catching hold of making happy tickling giving pleasure to moving to tears soaking taking control of putting under a spell rooting to the spot appealing making a hit with subduing holding one's attention reducing to tears keeping busy keeping maintaining impressing ensorcelling satisfying subjecting vamping wooing holding on to inspiring amazing arousing one's curiosity capturing one's imagination mattering to whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention catching one's eye roping in sweeping off one's feet turning one on binding wrapping up arousing the curiosity of tickling your fancy tickling one's fancy arousing curiosity burying grabbing the attention of sending into raptures holding attention taking someone's breath away sending into transports using up attending bewildering provoking firing kindling interesting greatly animating knocking one's socks off keeping alive keeping up absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in troubling worrying haunting rousing prompting inducing devouring dumbfounding regaling persuading bringing around eliciting pulling in catching the eye of calling forth bringing forth bringing in arguing into stoking disturbing enveloping disporting solacing recreating confusing staggering blowing away sending giving a buzz giving someone a kick enthusing overburdening eating up stunning holding your attention cornering hogging sewing up becoming lost upping on assimilating applying getting one's jollies fracturing one panicking put ting'em away breaking one up knocking 'em dead relaxing eating away at overloading petrifying paralysing choking stupefying whelming making emotional rendering speechless rendering unable to continue snowing under swamping halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing stopping dead riveting the attention of palsying paralyzing stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks immobilising stopping in one's tracks rooting grasping getting becoming an obsession with taking in sweeping off feet owning getting under someone's skin coaxing inveigling cajoling courting beckoning whetting the appetite of sucking in cheering decoying baiting leading on betraying soliciting inclining endearing humouring tickle to death steering coming on humoring turning one's head drawing one's attention making an impression on coming on to calling obtaining securing picking up tricking leading tickling the fancy of dragging training hitting on drawing in roping making someone's mouth water exerting influence on catching someone's eye exerting a pull on awing aweing astonishing comforting elating making merry cracking up ecstasizing indulging inspiriting enlivening commanding asking indicating signing bidding summoning demanding stroking misleading striking overawing flooring deluding sweet-talking soft-soaping blandishing flattering into smooth-talking wheedling blarneying befooling besotting entrapping giving the come-on to sweeping someone off their feet blinding dazing taking somebody's breath away getting started stirring up working up initiating showing introducing sweeping you off your feet making a fool of mollifying appeasing treasuring valuing cherishing attracting attention prizing converting placating pacifying sweetening propitiating conciliating fracturing having a get-together tossing a party giving a party nurturing treating to laughing it up partying refreshing assuaging gentling putting off guard urging unarming convincing winning the affection of disarming setting at ease


Present participle for to take a tight hold of
grasping clutching holding seizing clasping grabbing snatching taking clenching catching plucking squeezing snagging clinching pressing nabbing griping clinging to laying hold of taking hold of latching on to laying hands on catching at grasping hold of getting one's hands on clapping a hand on grappling grabbing hold of collaring snaring hooking getting hold of hanging on to holding on to getting embracing trapping capturing securing catching hold of bagging holding fast nailing pinching glomming clamping copping seizing hold of corralling cherishing harboring fastening harbouring holding tightly sticking hanging on snapping up netting keeping hold of hanging onto landing taking a grip of enclasping nobbling rapping compressing cleaving to enfolding wresting crushing hugging enclosing nursing holding onto enveloping laying getting a hold of fastening round holding on latching having glomming onto tweaking bearing biting cleaving fixing straining nurturing retaining holding fast to folding bolting receiving intercepting twinging twingeing getting a purchase acquiring gloving entertaining tightening scrunching constricting contracting wrapping fostering maintaining putting the snare on giving something a squeeze picking rivetting riveting fastening on nipping clinging on to pinioning cramping doubling up drawing together reaching for coming into possession of grabbing tightly confining make fasting keeping in one's mind bringing appropriating collecting gathering taking possession of picking up possessing oneself of taking receipt of carrying getting one's fingers on gaining possession of gathering up laying one's hands on pressing tightly pulling yanking wrenching gaining winning prising extricating grabbed away clapping hands on getting fingers on taking by force going for


Present participle for to embrace someone, especially tightly


Present participle for to overwhelm with a certain quality or feeling
pervading filling overwhelming suffusing drowning swamping diffusing through invading permeating saturating imbuing steeping infusing impregnating penetrating charging percolating infiltrating informing riddling transfusing diffusing overspreading interpenetrating perfusing affecting passing through spreading through percolating through filtering through running through flowing through percolating into extending throughout extending through instilling bathing seeping entering soaking inculcating ingraining drenching spreading throughout filtering coloring colouring engraining induing inoculating enduing investing seeping through characterizing seeping into covering inspiring flooding loading spreading washing infecting spreading over tingeing tinging overrunning characterising injecting sousing sopping passing animating soddening mantling inundating macerating lading taking over leavening distinguishing tincturing immersing choking afflicting piercing leaking endowing going through soaking into marking diffusing throughout flowing into spreading out getting into flavoring flavouring pestering plaguing besetting going infixing enveloping engulfing underlying assailing probing attacking getting in typifying fortifying indoctrinating interspersing planting stabbing stalking interfusing passing into soaking through tinting illuminating packing crowding clogging washing over dyeing dying breathing into staining seeping in working into accessing filtering in submerging piling into shading cramming into heaping into retting cutting through overflowing pigmenting overlaying bepainting flushing painting imbruing straining oozing lighting up bursting through seething waterlogging wetting through standing moistening damping draining dripping transuding leaching streaking filtrating trickling bleeding exuding weeping dribbling sweating interjecting introducing bubbling

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