Synonym of gutted

Alternative for gutted

guts, gutted, gutting

Synonym: bowel, catgut, intestine,


Having been made clean


Feeling angry, distressed or unhappy
upset troubled worried distressed disturbed dismayed bothered hurt shaken agitated disconcerted disquieted perturbed ruffled anxious confused discomposed distraught grieved unsettled choked discountenanced sad alarmed flustered frightened inconvenienced irked irritated saddened unhappy unnerved uptight vexed aflutter angered annoyed antsy atwitter disappointed dithery edgy frantic fretted insecure nervous nervy offended queasy queazy rattled tense uneasy hassled jittery jumpy low muddled overwrought shocked thrown unglued unquiet apprehensive blue goosey hinky unzipped verklempt wounded amazed cut up hung up ill at ease in disorder put out broken up bummed out come apart psyched out shook up all torn up at sixes and sevens het up in a tizzy excited overemotional angry hysterical irrational emotional histrionic falling apart concerned nonplussed fazed harassed mortified chagrined restless restive fidgety fretful uncomfortable distracted discombobulated shaky wired pained tormented stressy on edge unsteady horrified afflicted asea crushed appalled riled pestered miffed aggravated scared provoked anguished perplexed terrified afraid tortured harried exacerbated beset puzzled harrowed displeased fearful plagued in a flap worried stiff twitchy turbulent embarrassed disorderly unrestful unpeaceful unbalanced wavering bewildered flurried fuddled flummoxed discomfited abashed floored at sea shook-up raving psyched-out taken aback desperate mixed-up messed-up mad wild in botheration thrown off balance caught off balance out of countenance devastated fraught frenzied crazed overcome worked-up distrait hysteric shattered delirious beside oneself wrought-up crazy deranged swivel-eyed nuts panic-stricken unscrewed addled beside yourself worked up very upset in a state in a panic out of one's mind out of your mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off


Overcome with deep or intense sorrow
grief-stricken devastated heartbroken crushed desolate despairing sorrowful broken-hearted inconsolable pained sorrowing suffering tormented woeful wretched agonised agonized angst-ridden broken despondent dismal doleful overwhelmed upset afflicted anguished bereaved brokenhearted dejected distressed grieving heartsick heavy with grief lamenting miserable mortified mournful mourning overcome with sorrow regretful remorseful sad woebegone cheerless depressed distraught dolorous down heavyhearted hurting melancholy morose overcome pining tearful traumatised traumatized troubled unhappy weeping cut up disconsolate saddened downcast gloomy crestfallen sorry forlorn grieved glum choked downhearted dispirited melancholic blue droopy hangdog heartsore joyless low low-spirited chap-fallen down in the mouth cast down rueful down in the dumps disheartened heavy-hearted shattered bad disappointed discouraged in low spirits sick as a parrot anxious hurt shaken ruffled disconcerted tortured disquieted unnerved vexed perturbed bitter agitated discomposed bothered discombobulated harassed flustered irked concerned uptight aflutter wrecked discountenanced plagued antsy jumpy unglued strung out racked with pain in a tizzy haunted all torn up bewailing persecuted bummed out shook up bugged shook bemoaning in a stew aching harrowed wailing racked with suffering dolesome wounded in pain spooked pathetic pitiful pitiable poor abject worthless sullen sombre piteous somber hopeless comfortless spiritless solemn lonely lonesome elegiacal bleak dreary depressive drear mirthless down-and-out tragic powerless heartbreaking calamitous downtrodden helpless long-faced heartrending bummed sour hapless in the pits lugubrious lamentable distressing plaintive grievous harrowing pessimistic heart-rending fed up plangent moody demoralized dragged painful moving deplorable unfortunate grim oppressed funeral demoralised deploring distressful affecting depressing chapfallen in the doldrums brassed off cheesed off defeatist touching agonizing saddening poignant funereal upsetting agonising disturbing lachrymose down and out in the dumps destroyed shot down in despair stirring dire gut-wrenching tear-jerking bleeding out of sorts weighed down unlucky desperate regrettable wistful dismayed pensive awful black ruthful ripped traumatic dolent cast-down heavy weary ill-fated dreadful ill-starred base catastrophic paltry mean terrible to be pitied disastrous in a blue funk as sick as a parrot singing the blues unconsolable devastating fatal dull shocking saturnine resigned teary daunted ruinous discouraging dour elegiac mopey crummy sick at heart nostalgic dispiriting disquieting destructive downbeat grumpy sunk sunk in gloom torn up taken down shamefaced defeated scurvy vile commiserable compassionate commiserative arousing shabby cataclysmic uncomfortable abashed beggarly disheartening disappointing sheepish suicidal mortifying appalling meagre meager dark crushing unpleasant racked tender derisible dysphoric vexatious weepy adverse mopish broody sapped down-in-the-mouth bummed-out cynical fateful sepulchral bereft Eeyorish sorry for yourself subdued deadly enervated crabbed very sad flat surly sulky adust negative morbid troubling down-hearted long-suffering on a downer in sorrow in mourning low-down let down full of sorrow ugly in the toilet at the end of your tether low in spirits feel-bad merciful cheap inadequate despicable contemptible insignificant lousy prostrated luckless lame heart-sick lovesick prostrate with grief undermined melting drab demoralizing difficult demoralising cringing browbeaten guilty cowed unable to be comforted unable to be consoled beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring dolorific afflictive dirgeful detrimental excruciating troublesome dejecting oppressive unsatisfied torn-up discontent misfortunate guilty-looking furtive beside oneself with grief worried distracted humourless humorless in distress cataclysmal harmful untoward direful apathetic useless petty puny discomposing cold brooding listless ashamed intimidated embarrassed sneaking afflicting fraught griefstricken damp lowered bowed grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing bearish godforsaken disillusioned taken aback deflated threnodic dirge-like aggrieved lost jittery shaky miffed unpropitious off sluggish doomed horrific frightful dingy horrifying heart-wrenching emo cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned depressant in anguish bowed down moping churlish frantic unmitigable without energy friendless destitute uncared-for disgraceful small atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging ill-humoured huffy peeved exercised wired let-down not happy emotional impactful intense impressive ill-humored dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone have the blahs in a funk no-win strabilious with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait hyper fidgety feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny up the creek without hope at wits' end sentimental perturbing passionate agitating expressive can't win galling not a prayer in the soup horrendous gruesome at end of one's rope lethal mortal deathly grave tragical serious tristful cruel feeble worrying dangerous weighty severe earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent strenuous sober unamusing acute critical far-reaching


Past tense for to remove or destroy completely the internal parts of (a building or other structure)
destroyed ruined consumed demolished devastated ravaged razed despoiled flattened leveled levelled wrecked burned burnt damaged decimated dilapidated wiped out laid waste to left in ruins annihilated laid waste smashed wasted totaled totalled dismantled spoilt spoiled hurt trashed shattered desecrated pulled down wreaked havoc on marred harmed impaired blemished desolated crushed extinguished pulverized tarnished tainted sabotaged undermined pulverised wrought havoc injured depredated defaced blighted pillaged sacked disfigured bombed crippled vitiated obliterated defiled flawed compromised weakened vandalized sullied scorched scourged mangled mutilated wracked disrupted endamaged nuked cracked smirched spoliated vaporized crabbed wound wounded corrupted razed to the ground blotted knocked dented vandalised split maimed left desolate corroded vaporised devoured wrought havoc on messed up creamed torn down tore down broke broken brake broke up broken up bulldozed spent torpedoed engulfed unbuilt bruised expended enveloped exhausted depleted drained absorbed absorpt torched exterminated depopulated felled overwhelmed blew up blown up havocked dynamited blasted crashed prostrated trampled overrun prejudiced besmirched nicked stained bloodied incinerated knocked down exploded disfeatured incapacitated made desolate emptied sapped wrenched shocked disintegrated rotted overcome lacerated scathed scratched dirtied abused battered marauded played out rusted wronged used up ravished broke down dispatched maltreated teared discoloured gnawed infected discolored blew to bits blown to bits scalded combusted bleached stabbed contaminated faded polluted crossed up plundered rubbed out handled roughly wreaked havoc carbonized carbonised cremated tampered with smashed up banged up caused injury dumped on played havoc with loused up laid low destroyed by fire burned to a crisp burnt to a crisp caused detriment to played merry hell with mucked up reduced to ashes overran undone undid did in done in fell sunken sank sunk gnawn torn tore gnew did mischief to done mischief to drawn down drew down lay low worn away wore away smote smited taken smit smitten took done damage to did damage to drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of gone through went through been through overcame broken down burnt up burned to the ground burned down burnt down burned up burnt to the ground blew sky-high blown to pieces blown sky-high blew to pieces taken out took out


Past tense for to plunder or completely remove the contents of, typically nefariously
plundered pillaged looted ransacked ravaged despoiled sacked rifled cleared out cleaned out emptied out raided robbed marauded stripped stript devastated depredated spoliated spoilt spoiled reft laid waste raped reaved fleeced ruined destroyed desolated wasted lift desecrated devoured vandalized vandalised foraged appropriated ravished demolished harried denuded grabbed liberated relieved lofted lifted requisitioned wreaked havoc on wrought havoc ripped off stuck up moonlight requisitioned stole from stolen from burgled wrecked razed dispossessed rustled made boosted swiped salvageed burglarized snatched salvaged thieved havocked leveled annihilated levelled deprived laid waste to depopulated reived freebooted wrought havoc on pirated tipped over knocked over burnt knocked off burned kipped arrogated embezzled trespassed forayed invaded preyed confiscated wreaked havoc prowled taken took done over did over tore apart torn apart violated defiled abused dishonoured dishonored attacked profaned assaulted debased polluted befouled outraged treated sacrilegiously contaminated assailed perverted blasphemed overrun harassed corrupted preyed on degraded infected damaged committed sacrilege forced marauded over insulted defaced prostituted vitiated molested treated with disrespect blasphemed against messed up bedded seduced made lose face committed sacrilege against deflowered sexually assaulted interfered with forced yourself on had your way with made impure indecently assaulted created chaos harmed played mischief with sexually abused debauched overran gone pillaging went looting went pillaging gone looting taken advantage of took advantage of gone on raids went on raids went on forays gone on forays


Past tense for to eliminate completely
expunged annihilated eradicated obliterated abolished destroyed extirpated eliminated exterminated extinguished killed liquidated kayoed razed trimmed zapped KO'd cleaned up snuffed out stamped out knocked off cut cut out put a line through deleted effaced removed canceled cancelled crossed out excised erased blue-pencilled blue-penciled struck out scratched out bowdlerized scored out deled blanked out wiped out axed struck laundered bowdlerised blotted out blacked out cut up rubbed out expurgated wiped off redacted censored crossed through scrubbed negated canceled out dispatched swept away disannulled blotted annulled cancelled out nullified scraped off rooted out edited out inked out scrapped stricken slashed edited exsected exscinded amputated elided taken out took out removed all traces of blued pencil scissored out lopped off Xed out withdrawn withdrew given the chop gave the chop decimated demolished wasted squashed totaled totalled quashed devastated wrecked smashed desolated finished off slaughtered put paid to put an end to massacred scratched abated offed ruined shattered wiped off the face of the earth wiped off the map wiped from the face of the earth shot down pulverized vaporized concealed nuked wracked squelched slayed whited out crushed covered terminated uprooted vaporised pulverised torpedoed trashed pulled down beat blocked out did in done in cut off weeded out did away with done away with put to death gotten rid of got rid of put to the sword cut down washed out put down put a stop to unpublished suppressed faded eroded snipped sterilized omitted bleeped rubbed sanitized dropped excluded decontaminated cleaned scored creamed purged stifled covered over obfuscated darkened smothered battened eclipsed shaded wiped sterilised stroked out sanitised slain slew butchered smoothed away rubbed away ruled out passed up murdered torn down tore down overwhelmed nixed benothinged executed assassinated croaked levelled leveled finished smoked whacked stiffed iced topped ravaged obscured defeated scragged made dark passed out covered up keeled over held back blew away blown away wiped off face of earth mowed down bumped off terminated with extreme prejudice sent to kingdom come ended the life of marked out sent to the gas chambers ethnically cleansed knocked out polished off destroyed root and branch rubbed off worn away wore away undone undid beaten sunken sank sunk blew sky-high blew to bits blown sky-high taken apart blown to bits took apart done to death did to death took the life of taken the life of gave someone the works given someone the works


Past tense for to cut off or remove excess material from, especially a tree or shrub

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