Synonym of had it


Feeling very tired or fatigued
tired exhausted weary spent shattered beat worn out wearied drained bushed fatigued limp worn dog-tired all in done in worn-out dead bleary tired out debilitated enervated ready to drop frazzled sapped shot bone-weary effete kaput jaded whacked wiped out weakened wasted dead tired aweary prostrated out on one's feet outta gas done for weak run-down knackered prostrate pooped loggy beaten burned-out knocked out logy played out dead beat done tuckered out fagged out washed-out burnt-out worn to a frazzle tapped out bone-tired crippled disabled rundown worn-down whipped fordone shagged out jet-lagged stonkered bushwhacked wabbit jiggered fried zonked toilworn rooted clapped out zonked out weariful sick puffing whacked out puffing and blowing puffed breathless gasping panting asleep on one's feet gasping for breath bored puffed out out of breath running on empty fit to drop on your last legs fagged burned out out on your feet creamcrackered sick and tired enfeebled on one's last legs extremely tired fed up burnt out tuckered dog tired very tired dead on one's feet taxed asleep out of gas low drooping overworked done up somnolent worn down flagging overtired drowsy sleepy flat careworn washed out pasty-faced ashen drawn pale peaky blanched gaunt depleted played-out hollow-cheeked hollow-eyed strained gone consumed wan used up haggard pinched blown used far-gone done-in listless languid droopy sluggish finished lethargic groggy without energy torpid collapsing raddled languorous faint stressed out unwell overtaxed winded stressed wrinkled fretted wheezing run down tense short-winded wheezy dog-weary expended lackadaisical dragging hacked lacklustre lackluster bleary-eyed heavy broken-down slumberous huffing and puffing inactive inert short of breath dead-tired out of whack dead-beat wiped-out unsteady out of puff sleep deprived etiolated sallow all-in wiped grim languishing bedraggled done with empty peaked like death warmed up narcoleptic overused dropping lassitudinous blasé infirm feeble low-energy faded dozy petered out old run ragged withered fraught on last leg dead on your feet in poor health apathetic breathing heavily over-tired tired-out lacking in energy half-awake aching sore overloaded overburdened exasperated wrecked lumbering stress-ridden heavy-lidded indolent wooden slow slothful emptied under stress lifeless choking gulping unenergetic lazy dissipated disbursed thrown away lost washed-up down the drain slow-moving spiritless passive unhealthy unproductive lymphatic sedentary dilatory snoozy dilapidated tattered unkempt slow-going slow-paced somnific dull footsore disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched asthmatic stertorous emphysematous gulping for breath the worse for wear below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par comatose passed out down for the count out for the count


No longer in use
obsolete antiquated archaic dated outdated outmoded outworn superannuated fossilised fossilized out of date anachronistic ancient antediluvian antique discarded discontinued disused extinct musty old old-fashioned old hat out out of fashion prehistoric behind the times defunct vieux jeu bygone dead demoded geriatric kaput kaputt mediaeval medieval moribund mossy moth-eaten neolithic Noachian out-of-date prehistorical rusty deprecated dinosaur dusty fallen into disuse fossil gone has-been mouldy moldy no longer in use obscure obsolescent old-hat old-school out-of-fashion out of the ark passé stale superseded timeworn unfashionable past it Stone Age done for dead and gone horse and buggy past its sell-by date venerable past primitive primeval former primal dateless primordial immemorial early olden démodé foregone atavistic relic primaeval antwacky earliest of yore of long ago past one's sell-by date departed deceased late expired demised asleep lifeless cold low breathless fallen nonexistent lost down the drain inanimate exanimate invalid redundant out of commission aged hoary old-time age-old first pristine original historic aboriginal traditional primigenial forgotten of old vintage earlier hoar previous quaint historical long-ago oldfangled prior primary old-world autochthonous remote ancestral autochthonic old-fangled classical indigenous long-established creaky clunky erstwhile long-standing worn-out one-time time-honored very old gone by sometime old as the hills from the past folk deep-rooted usual customary initial retrograde retro old-timey done vanished old-style hackneyed quondam long-gone bypast onetime native established ex- antiquarian as old as the hills fixed rooted way back way back when preceding distant time-honoured anterior antecedent fundamental cobwebby foregoing time-worn tired abandoned prime exhausted finished domestic endemic born elderly forepassed local unhip long ago completed nonextant ended once long gone out of style recent latter-day older down memory lane gone-by in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago childhood from way back long forgotten well-established heritage horse-and-buggy decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal demode cast-off crumbling fusty backward elemental basic radical threadbare overused veteran old style removed hacky habitual conventional square untouched by humans old as Adam unremembered unrecalled long past long departed deep over lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion olde worlde lapsed before the flood background past its prime last proto- lower ur- long-lived timeless having seen better days proleptical popular classic standard regular widespread accustomed taken for granted universal then unstylish out-of-style not with it bent unusable belated forever old fashioned home-grown wiped out nascent embryonic elementary predictable inevitable predetermined fated inescapable ordained certain unavoidable destined ex precursory spent at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period unemployed stagnant past recall congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited no more accomplished elapsed uncivilised essential uncivilized underivative underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse underived barbaric budding centuries old in oblivion sunk in oblivion ago whilom other out of use pre-existing early bird dead and buried antediluvial over and done with over and done rooted in the past precedent retired conservative water over the dam water under the bridge traditionalistic orthodox as was behind one ancient history familial family ultraconservative unprogressive standpat reactionary lineal brassbound paleoconservative archconservative charming picturesque oral unwritten button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line die-hard handed-down gothic colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty

Antonym of had it

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