Synonym of half asleep


Feeling drowsy and lazy
dozy drowsy sleepy somnolent lethargic dozing enervated heavy-eyed inactive listless nodding slow tired torpid unenergetic asthenic fatigued idle indolent languid lazy slothful sluggardly slumberous slumbrous weary dopey logy lymphatic neurasthenic yawny lacking in energy sluggish languorous comatose lifeless snoozy yawning heavy groggy out of it slumbersome oscitant asleep exhausted inert dull half-awake half awake drugged asleep on one's feet nodding off dazed knackered dopy restful unresponsive ready for bed dog-tired apathetic dead beat done in half-asleep all in hardly able to keep one's eyes open phlegmatic passive quiescent slow-moving bovine hebetudinous down leaden mooney laid-back draggy sleepyheaded blah drippy stiff sullen lumpish off sluggard lackadaisical indifferent spiritless limp slack quiet impassive stagnant stupid supine weak shiftless static flat uninterested languishing stolid sleepyhead otiose moony unconcerned unenthusiastic dormant lax dumb thick unintelligent dense witless motionless mindless dim thickheaded doltish obtuse vacuous boneheaded lamebrained dim-witted dunderheaded chuckleheaded birdbrained energyless fainéant still simple unhurried half-witted brainless senseless unsmart cold nebbish dreamy oafish fatuous slow-witted narcotic pinheaded lamebrain bonehead opaque weakened sleeping empty-headed gormless dorky softheaded knuckleheaded airheaded lunkheaded leisurely brain-dead soft bubbleheaded wimpy loafing stupefied numb weak-minded thick-witted feeble flagging dead debilitated lacklustre foolish do-nothing sedentary passionless half-hearted disinterested spent idiotic wooden-headed lackluster blockheaded dotish relaxed insensible vapid laggard soporific easy blahs pining negligent placid out wooden dead from the neck up work-shy half-baked dilatory ignorant faineant dull-witted stuporous blockish pococurante Laodicean lukewarm without energy glaikit divvy unemotional emotionless droopy unfeeling dry muttonheaded bone idle imbecilic pig-ignorant simple-minded pea-brained moronic insensitive immobile dof latent slow on the uptake somnific benumbed stationary resting faint sickly infirm imperceptive unmoving peaceful hypnotic sedative remiss drained opiate workshy insipid careless uncaring good-for-nothing plodding tedious wearied inattentive tranquil stoical depressed dreary boring sapped easygoing pooped shot shattered beat daft laid back monotonous effete uninspiring vigorless vigourless uninspired hebete lumbering bland tired out worn out silly undemonstrative slow-going somniferous slumbery chowderheaded prosaic crass bloodless somnifacient uninvolved dead tired naive characterless cretinous impassible dispassionate detached uninteresting affectless lacking vitality inane cold-blooded not the full shilling dippy gullible out to lunch lacking energy burned out as thick as two short planks subdued dallying lagging procrastinating slow as molasses snail-paced foot-dragging tardy devitalized impaired in the doldrums vegetating stretchy spineless yielding goofy acquiescent submissive servile pliant docile having spring fever bleary-eyed nonmoving imbecile asinine heedless paralyzed sodden paralysed soporous soporose seated desk-bound sitting desk unanimated braindead slumberish plain commonplace unoccupied stale brackish hibernating unproductive slow-paced simpleminded numskulled boorish fatheaded thick-skulled dunce-like fat-headed soft in the head unflappable inconscious abstracted anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless tiresome unimaginative wishy-washy unthinking dummy offhand insouciant uncompassionate frigid desensitized deadpan unexcitable shortsighted insensate thick-headed puerile laughable deficient standing aimless vegged out out cold unmoved along for the ride desensitised silent serene smooth unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic slap-happy casual drony kaput cool uncomprehending dead to the world deactivated slumbering fallow undisturbed calm in abeyance inoperative sentimental romantic slapdash daydreaming incurious laissez-faire halfhearted stoic bear deskbound settled run-of-the-mill easy going non-committal bored unagitated gentle unruffled weakening slumping declining unambitious unmotivated thick-skinned spring fever at rest log-headed callous untouched dispirited worn woodenheaded falling failing aweary wasted drab unexciting tuckered could care less don't give a damn what the hell couldn't care less thick as mince rundown ponderous colourless hollow wearisome slow on uptake depleted dead-beat dog-weary ready to drop burned-out worn to a frazzle out on one's feet on your last legs dead-tired bone-weary tuckered out burnt-out out of gas worn-out run-down hulking mechanical expressionless inexpressive pointless cumbersome two-dimensional overgrown lubberly inanimate pabulum nothing colorless lusterless zero prosy elephantine shambling chowderhead lead-footed heavy-footed thick as two short planks


Stupefied by sleep or a drug
dopey dazed confused muzzy stupefied befuddled bewildered dizzy groggy woozy addle addled addlepated bedevilled bedeviled befogged bemused bushed confounded disorientated disoriented distracted drowsy drugged fogged mixed-up muddled muddleheaded pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy raddled shell-shocked silly slaphappy spaced spaced-out spacey spacy stunned zonked zonked-out discombobulated half-asleep wooly woolly woolly-headed not with it dopy fuddled at sea puzzled out of it perplexed baffled numb stumped dumbfounded fuzzy wobbly nonplussed unsteady flummoxed staggered flustered foggy faint giddy reeling light-headed lightheaded numbed stupid benumbed dazzled mystified shaky taken aback disconcerted fazed staggering bamboozled hazy gaga mixed up all at sea vague weak speechless vertiginous lost startled tipsy surprised addlebrained at sixes and sevens thrown off balance clouded upset cloudy thrown floored breathless blurry rattled dismayed overcome overwhelmed aghast weak-kneed slap-happy at a loss off-balance weak in the knees off balance insensible frozen bleary disturbed shaken disorganized dumbstruck swimmy unhinged unbalanced whirling discomposed aswoon demented astonished disorganised deranged astounded gobsmacked agog senile wildered unglued gone mazed absent-minded dumb shook up fouled up spaced out out to lunch weak at the knees open-mouthed big-mouthed eccentric woolly-minded senseless inattentive trippy dreamy cold daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish maladjusted distraught stuporous clueless rocky nauseated nauseous doubtful flabbergasted intoxicated preoccupied unnerved troubled discomfited slow swaying sleepy tired unfeeling swimming tottering queasy slack-jawed foolish engrossed awed agape shocked come apart teetering drunken beaten shaken up insensitive uncertain bowled over thunderstruck awe-struck in a dither blind blinded light seeing stars shook in a stupor out of control with rubbery legs with legs like jelly paralyzed deadened unresponsive paralysed blown away balled up delirious dead torpid asleep exhausted not knowing if you are coming or going anaesthetized immobilized addle-brained glassy-eyed psychotic muddle-headed unstable shot to pieces crazy screwy not knowing if one is coming or going irrational unsound with Alzheimer's disease whacko unsettled out-of-joint unscrewed fatigued anesthetized immobilised wooden faltering trembly drooping enervated lethargic all of a quiver languid fragile amazed awestruck awestricken stuck wide-eyed uncomprehending knocked for six dumfounded at a loss for words foxed openmouthed adrift wonderstruck marveling marvelling wondering goggle-eyed blank hard-pressed lost for words nonplused worried beat hard put incredulous astray filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder filled with awe caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot off-course abstracted stymied vexed discountenanced ruffled gravelled absorbed graveled alarmed buffaloed faraway jolted distant horrified in amazement struck dumb confusional in a muddle in a state of confusion at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas impressed defeated sailing embarrassed not adjusted off-beam shattered frustrated electrified petrified bedazzled besotted had their heads messed with simple overawed tongue-tied asea bollixed got caused to be at a stand confusticated thrown off dozy nonsensical enthralled staring off-track made to scratch their head frightened left speechless unable to believe one's eyes in shock put to it taken by surprise adhered mind-blown without a clue turbid rooted to the spot perturbed unable to believe your eyes annoyed flurried at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn in a fog brought to a standstill distressed at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer all over the place going round in circles not knowing whether one is coming or going licked knocked out knocked unzipped abashed knocked sideways absent agitated diverted distrait shook-up psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance messed-up in botheration in a tizzy absentminded harassed tormented pestered hassled miles away sidetracked unfocused musing unaware vacant forgetful undependable unsystematic scatterbrained unreliable in a flap driven to distraction empty-headed erratic daydreaming scatty feather-headed birdbrained feather-brained oblivious unthinking dappy heedless dippy unheeding with a mind like a sieve with one's head in the clouds pensive

Antonym of half asleep

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