Synonym of hangdog

Alternative for hangdog


showing a sense of guiltfrightened into submission or compliance


Having a dejected or guilty appearance
downcast wretched defeated abject browbeaten cowed cringing guilty shamefaced abashed crestfallen disconsolate furtive guilty-looking woebegone ashamed bad blue brokenhearted dejected depressed despondent doleful down downhearted droopy embarrassed forlorn gloomy glum heartbroken heartsick heartsore heavyhearted inconsolable intimidated joyless low low-spirited melancholic melancholy miserable mournful sad saddened sheepish sneaking sorrowful sorry uncomfortable unhappy woeful conscience-stricken cowering humiliated cast down down in the mouth dispirited dismal down in the dumps heavy-hearted discouraged disheartened desolate despairing morose broken-hearted distressed dolorous grief-stricken cheerless fed up rueful disappointed regretful lugubrious tearful moody in low spirits pessimistic remorseful chap-fallen contrite penitent long-faced repentant sombre somber hurting upset grieving chapfallen in pain choked troubled compunctious dragged brassed off demoralized cheesed off sullen in the dumps oppressed apologetic mirthless demoralised anguished in the doldrums bummed out sick as a parrot in the pits spiritless crushed destroyed pitiful hopeless down and out dreary grim afflicted piteous devastated red-faced in sackcloth and ashes funereal grieved dismayed distraught bleak guilt-ridden humble teary down-hearted defeatist shot down lachrymose wistful out of sorts all torn up mortified singing the blues in a blue funk weighed down as sick as a parrot discomfited shamed pitiable black saturnine dour depressing self-reproachful painful comfortless sorrowing plaintive daunted hurt depressive in despair tragic tristful solemn mopey weepy dull sick at heart deplorable full of regret dolent cut up ripped bleeding taken down cast-down torn up on a downer chagrined pathetic worthless pained shattered down-in-the-mouth humbled tormented grievous emotional debased suffering propitiatory enervated distressing chastened attritional deprecatory sapped bereaved subdued flat awkward mourning lonesome lonely penitential sepulchral helpless heavy elegiac unconsolable bummed-out sour gutted mopish broody grumpy crabbed bereft self-effacing surly sulky Eeyorish adust downbeat heartrending calamitous weary crummy meek ruthful weeping morbid in tears in grief in doldrums bowed down damp sunk in gloom in sorrow low in spirits let down in the toilet full of sorrow in mourning low-down prostrated pensive appeasing displeased shaken heart-sick lovesick worried undermined apathetic humourless humorless disillusioned taken aback deflated perturbed aggrieved bothered desperate brooding listless sunk unsatisfied torn-up discontent troubling tear-jerking affecting dirgeful emo without energy griefstricken saddening depressant godforsaken disturbed concerned lowered bowed prostrate with grief sorry for yourself with one's tail between one's legs let-down not happy off sluggish moping ugly churlish afflicting lost unable to be comforted unable to be consoled in a funk discombobulated uptight bugged sore shook antsy burned contused ill-humoured huffy have the blahs feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny harrowing threnodic lamentable plangent dirge-like with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned tortured luckless negative ill-humored sorry for oneself beside oneself with grief heart-rending friendless destitute uncared-for discontented wounded strained racked agonised agonized ailing shook up poor dragging cynical solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone dark dysphoric atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging shy drear elegiacal nostalgic lamenting blushing self-conscious flustered heartbreaking bashful prudish bummed hapless powerless downtrodden discountenanced down-and-out submissive reserved demeaned stuttering deterred disconcerted restrained stammering muddled conciliatory diffident expiatory self-incriminating atoning supplicating explanatory blush to think of on one's knees base degraded contemptible despicable ignominious vile disgraced sordid slavish servile reprehensible ignoble menial unworthy mean shabby dishonourable scungy detestable grovelling outcast groveling horrible dishonorable deferent subservient dire gray cold grey tenebrous murky tenebrific darkening sunless dreich plutonian cloudy Cimmerian chill ominous forbidding inauspicious foreboding disheartening dreadful unpropitious threatening unfortunate grave discouraging menacing unfavorable unfavourable sinister unpromising terrible direful unlucky unpleasant glowering awful baleful drab doomy shocking sober regrettable adverse uninviting ghastly portentous appalling harsh bitter bodeful dispiriting ill-boding horrid frightful ill-fated horrifying horrendous frightening ill hostile severe disagreeable infelicitous scowling unfriendly horrific upsetting macabre minatory disadvantageous crabby troublesome gruesome alarming serious uncommunicative frowning ill-omened distressful irritable fateful disturbing dangerous worrying oppressive bad-tempered ill-tempered austere cross untimely lurid fearsome doomed gruff terrifying inopportune foul atrocious nasty unsociable intimidating unresponsive scary nightmarish angry agonizing baneful spooky grisly agonising apocalyptic shadowy hideous unsmiling inhospitable untoward traumatic grouchy louring disconcerting peevish taciturn fearful minacious unwelcoming disastrous creepy testy eerie daunting unnerving monstrous unhopeful grotesque lousy fierce loathsome terrific offensive difficult rough dingy objectionable afflictive chilling displeasing stern perilous dirgelike stormy stark overcast unamused doubtful pouting sedate catastrophic resentful evil poignant lowering tragical inconvenient revolting hard pouty dolesome disappointing turbulent disquieting indignant cruel off-putting cantankerous dread hair-raising spine-chilling redoubtable formidable ruinous grewsome moving sourpussed petulant unseasonable execrable sinistrous sickening stroppy sulking rotten mumpish impending godawful harmful destructive mardy vexatious unsuited unsuitable querulous repugnant repulsive ill-starred gut-wrenching galling discommodious inapt inappropriate out of humour unwelcome parlous in a bad mood stony unconfident ferocious squally inclement ill-suited very bad unearthly earnest jinxed maudlin critical rainy unoptimistic disgruntled tempestuous cursed windy crying intimidatory piqued gusty touchy wintry prejudicial inexpedient squalid premonitory sobersided peeved discomforting mean-looking deathly put out inconducive unhealthy warning wailing aching deploring bewailing bemoaning funeral gory cataclysmic crucial counter loury blowy misty shameful colorless uncivil detrimental improper snappish crotchety inferior weird shady spookish sick raw crusty discomposing embittered unmannerly unseemly damaging devastating crushing excruciating scurvy impoverished indigent augural suggestive prophetic haunting mortifying pressing wintery abysmal waspish irksome resigned po-faced lackluster lacklustre deep distasteful perturbing unpalatable aggressive malapropos unfit repellent annoying odious irritating disparaging wrong opposed undesirable exigent colourless boring lifeless dim monotonous repellant abhorrent long-suffering heart-breaking unpleasing uncongenial inadvisable stony-faced uninspiring ill-advised unexciting blah uninteresting humdrum unlikely unencouraging full of despair uncaring ruined deserted funebrial exequial deathlike Stygian hollow obscure unimpassioned leaden waste lorn melodramatic supernatural unmoved uncertain companionless threnodial demoralizing demoralising phlegmatic acheronian touching dejecting drained intolerable wet wild fatal at given to looking on the black side deadly empty devitalized doom-laden gaunt blustery foggy cranky reflective thrown suicidal dolorific heart-wrenching derisible unchancy promising rain evil-looking bearish brusque doom and gloom dubious tough unprosperous stirring having blue devils having the blahs choleric acrimonious unmitigable lethal mortal down in dumps down in mouth fiery sob story splenetic narky frantic anxious life-threatening suggestive of evil temperamental aggravated fractious put off in a bad way out of luck raging injurious without hope up the creek dismaying enraged languished broken languorous triste languid sobbing shot-down vexed perverse chippy aloof unenthused unenthusiastic hard-pressed exacting treacherous precarious jeopardous rocky straitened full of hardship messy malificent doomful precursive presaging malign prescient malefic mephitical unkind testing perplexing aggravating hellish bewildering vexing revulsive frustrating unamusing snivelling whimpering strabilious no-win ill-natured momentous significant foreshadowing Gothic close to tears withdrawn uncooperative obstinate fretful ornery disgraceful poker-faced down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart caved-in unspeakable urgent extreme thunderous trashy shoddy filthy blubbering can't win prognosticatory important predictive drastic outrageous derisory malevolent volatile savage tumultuous larmoyant bullying steely flinty ungentle rugged at the end of your tether not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup worrisome lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart crippling irretrievable on the verge of tears sniveling stressful unsettling torturous bored tired comminatory terrorizing unwholesome chronic paltry feeble disapproving unsympathetic agitating unbearable abominable unsavory with cold feet lost momentum oppressing near close forthcoming lowery upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent poverty-stricken in a huff in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks exciting fated exhilarating inspiring intriguing extraordinary remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling annoyed easily moved unsatisfactory nauseating hairy tormenting fraught gross icky stinking disgusting unacceptable obnoxious diabolical troublous unendurable hard-faced stringent gone to pieces in blue funk grotty grody unappealing yucky uncool yukky hellacious nauseous in floods of tears with tears in your eyes irked exasperated irritated unsavoury hurtful unlovely concerning beastly at hand jaded wearied narked nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking ghostly sated surfeited hacked off dissatisfied satiated blasé pitiless nightmare not best pleased sick and tired up to here dirty God-awful death-obsessed


A person who deserves to be, or is likely to be hanged

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