Synonym of health giving


Marked by characteristics benefiting one's physical and mental condition
healthy beneficial healthful salubrious salutary envigorating invigorating advantageous bracing refreshing tonic medicinal restorative salutiferous sanative stimulating hygienic clean sanitary wholesome nourishing nutritious strengthening good nutritive nutrimental alimentary fresh nutrient nutritional alimentative healing good for one reviving alimental sustaining exhilarating energizing good for you alible rousing enlivening vitalizing aiding corrective brisk energy-giving full of nourishment full of nutrients energising rejuvenating healthsome crisp uplifting holistic balanced fortifying rejuvenative cordial revitalizing stimulative vital cool good for health keen chilly lively good for your health cold quickening exhilarative animating revitalising natural unrefined organic uncontaminated dietary food dietetic respectable decent additive-free desirable aseptic invig benign innocuous body-building cathartic helpful conducive compensatory disease-free harmless sharp fit sound constructive well healful biting therapeutic nippy remedial curing remedying medicative alleviative curative vivifying galvanizing encouraging heartening exciting electrifying rallying parky zesty good for what ails you what the doctor ordered charged fascinating high hyper esthetic interesting aesthetic galvanising hearty good for one's health vigorous pick-me-up inspiriting thrilling stirring inspiring breathtaking hair-raising arousing moving gripping titillating challenging appealing provocative adrenalizing hectic spine-tingling thought-provoking exhilarant renewing reinvigorating intoxicating roborant innerving thirst-quenching inspirational revivifying restoring electric exhilaratory analeptic trophic motivating activating enabling activation invigoration freshening cooling reanimating refreshful envigoration heady invigorative generative mind-blowing exalting galvanic mind-boggling gladdening mind-bending heart-stopping rip-roaring cheering kicky life-giving giddy elevating eye-popping animative


Free of any contamination
pure clean wholesome sanitary sterile unadulterated untainted disinfected sterilised sterilized unpolluted clear fresh perfect uncontaminated unspoiled unspoilt crisp flawless immaculate natural pristine spotless undefiled unmarred untouched refreshing sparkling healthful salubrious taintless unblemished uninfected unsoiled unstained untarnished aseptic healthy intemerate pasteurised pasteurized undebased unspotted germ-free good for you antiseptic unsullied hygienic purified uncorrupted stainless virgin unmixed sanitized spic-and-span spick-and-span neat undamaged germfree sanitised unprocessed unalloyed squeaky-clean intact invigorating chaste fair as new envigorating refined straight fine restorative plain shining unmodified undiluted mint organic in perfect condition in mint condition earthy unaffected virginal primal unmarked snowy faultless new delicate preserved disease-free simple tidy unimpaired gleaming like new shipshape brand-spanking new in tiptop condition polished cleaned up distilled absolute sanative prophylactic native unchanged uncultivated decontaminated luscious sweet completely clean salutary innocent artless unharmed dirt-free spotlessly clean not rotten not sour unopened well-preserved good salutiferous unfermented unworn cool unbroken indigenous unassuming unused squeaky clean brand-new brand new raw crude wilding agrestal whole recent just out unstudied latest young original mint condition neat and tidy spruce clean and tidy cleaned very clean as clean as a whistle wild tonic uncompounded uncombined cooling airy energising revitalising pleasant unblended refreshful energizing revitalizing rejuvenating rejuvenative revivifying vitalizing unsubdivided basic single elementary speckless fundamental washed non-complex non-compound laundered cleansed trim dirtless squeaky unsmudged orderly elegant cleanly graceful white vanilla well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin


A benefit, or advantage from something
good advantage asset benefit gain interest profit prosperity benediction boon favor favour fortune happiness health help nutritional nutritious prize strengthening success welfare well-being avail behalf blessing commonwealth godsend good fortune nourishing nugget plum satisfaction service treasure use usefulness windfall aid assistance bliss comfort content contentedness convenience ease enjoyment fitness gratification healthiness prosperousness robustness sake soundness successfulness weal wellness wholeness wholesomeness felicity value utility manna plus bonus perk merit mileage bonanza account reward upside worth good thing serviceability privilege stroke of luck virtue protection serviceableness gift helpfulness effectiveness advantageousness plus point efficacy luxury contentment furtherance support betterment luck pro edge benison perquisite expediency safety security break added extra piece of good fortune purpose advancement amenity progress euphoria functionality attraction stead good health jackpot relief appropriateness applicability vantage extra beauty dividend good point importance improvement gratuity manna from heaven additional benefit goodness preference leverage boot eudaemonia aim practicality behoof percentage handiness expedience neatness adequacy coup triumph added advantage attractive feature fringe benefit greater good wellbeing bounty advantages niftiness benefits achievement feat masterstroke accommodation kindness delicacy lifesaver added attraction succor attainment accomplishment miracle side concession honour apanage appanage honor pogey interests thriving abundance lucky thing profitableness versatility usability lucky break practicability good luck piece of luck strength concern defence defense countenance representation encouragement recommendation place part cause donation grant benefaction present largess compliment melioration grace solace delight joy result discovery pull lure draw east street joyfulness pleasure anodyne consolation growth mercy ministration ministry succour reason excellent excellence selling point feature inspiration strong point productiveness quality find perks significancy supremacy superiority mastery upper hand hold leg-up authority trump odds trump card ace in the hole winner eminence prevalence power leeway lead dominance precedence influence prestige position pre-eminence decider ascendancy payout handout win gravy caliber substance significance calibre estimation pennies from heaven lucky find unexpected gain grade stature excuse call grounds start justification pot of gold at the end of the rainbow money from heaven stroke of good luck gift from the gods piece of good luck resource run of luck right fluke strike entitlement franchise treat pride credit prerogative authorization indulgence relish authorisation source of satisfaction feather in your cap saving grace lucky strike good break source of pleasure source of pride fortuity accident lucky occasion icing on the cake nicety permit licence favorable circumstance fate appeal warrant creature comfort gift from on high loaves and fishes business enterprise mod con boom acquisition deal wealth refreshment stand liberty venture buy acquirement one in a million guide addition steal favorable aspect appealing aspect thing in its favour favourable aspect good feature sanction freedom bargain purchase claim license due hand facilitation accessory investment accretion possession procuration holding birthright opportunity allowance charter winning streak treasure trove cash cow gold mine crutch freelage chance good buy good deal crock of gold pot of gold resort pointer recourse assist abetment refuge backup pick-me-up solution profitability foredeal advisability desirability return ace up your sleeve

Antonym of health giving

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