Synonym of heart rending


Having a strong effect upon the emotions, inclining one to sadness or pity
moving sad affecting distressing harrowing poignant tragic disturbing heartbreaking painful piteous pitiful upsetting agonising agonizing desolate excruciating pathetic plaintive saddening traumatic distressful gut-wrenching tear-jerking heartrending grievous woeful lamentable miserable wretched bitter dismal deplorable touching pitiable tormenting unfortunate dreadful dire mournful torturous sorrowful hurtful galling doleful regrettable afflicting sorry disquieting harsh cruel shocking forlorn poor grim worrying rueful severe appalling abject stirring unbearable unpleasant unlucky tragical afflictive stressful awful unhappy to be pitied difficult melancholy tearful unendurable grave cheerless joyless intense nasty mortifying frightening troublesome depressing calamitous discomforting bad vexatious nerve-racking offensive horrendous terrible gloomy heart-breaking hard insufferable haunting tough dolorous racking commiserable emotional heavy horrifying torturing tender alarming meager meagre raging wrenching troubling chilling dreary trying vexing vile disagreeable suffering irksome drear comfortless taxing searing atrocious fierce perturbing rotten distasteful unpalatable agitating yukky yucky displeasing uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing unsavory sour unsettling icky tearing monstrous gross unsavoury annoying horrible disconcerting horrific horrid concerning sober sombre humourless anguished unnerving foul humorless gruesome solemn somber desolating beseeching ruined supplicating imploring entreating teary melting heart-wrenching disappointing terrifying useless puny petty impactful impressive bleak fearful sentimental expressive passionate nostalgic confronting nagging drab dark soaring dangerous disheartening discouraging black hopeless funereal sullen morose outrageous shameful heinous glaring egregious disastrous fateful catastrophic adverse lethal deadly ill-fated despondent fatal deathly mortal dejected destructive crushing ruinous cataclysmic devastating hapless ill-starred hellish extreme acute iniquitous intolerable nefarious flagrant killing piercing flagitious exquisite violent vehement tortuous struggling weighty villainous harmful objectionable worrisome forbidding revolting loathsome daunting troublous unsatisfactory execrable stinking unappealing crummy fraught abominable repellant uncool odious repellent awkward grotty uncomfortable hideous hellacious lurid macabre disgusting nauseating unacceptable ghastly sedate godawful lousy off-putting beastly abysmal hairy detestable irritating nightmarish abhorrent sickening obnoxious uninviting hostile nail-biting extremely bad grisly grody repulsive repugnant ugly undesirable discomposing diabolical nerve-wracking frightful nauseous mean base worthless ruthless savage scurvy murderous onerous unrelenting stiff rough brutal hardhanded burdensome oppressive merciless inhuman rugged relentless ferocious wicked remorseless great sore arousing disgraceful shabby compassionate afflicted derisible commiserative distressed low small inclement intemperate provoking rigorous hard-hearted unkind dismaying exacting unforgiving unfavourable unfavorable desperate serious pernicious crippling noxious dirty blameworthy critical urgent pressing crucial detrimental damaging crying exigent drastic injurious chronic very bad deleterious hurting direful scandalous parlous ominous baneful evil inimical nocuous malicious malefic unwholesome ill-advised reprehensible wrong obscene strong regretful inopportune dispiriting too bad substandard grubby cheap scummy lame inadequate sneaking despicable contemptible inferior ratty cruddy scabby paltry embarrassing unspeakable rancid noisome fulsome a pity God-awful spine-chilling scary fearsome intimidating dread redoubtable formidable hair-raising irretrievable downer overwhelming bummer faulty dishonourable dishonorable opprobrious portentous bodeful charged tense uneasy unlikable tasteless flavourless flavorless hateful dislikable insipid yicky savorless flat oppressing terrific scowling thorny sticky unhealthy tickly flustering discomfiting tricky prickly bumpy undermining unsafe insidious incendiary imperilling prejudicial toxic subversive sinister menacing disadvantageous imperiling malignant imperative sorrowing inauspicious burning itchy incommodious wearisome scratchy compelling vital causing discomfort ill-fitting perilous clamant ignominious emergent importunate hazardous imperious inexcusable precarious necessitous baleful important instant god-awful cataclysmal profound wounding annihilatory devastative damning essential maleficent ill sudden decisive all-important life-threatening life-and-death prejudicious blighting earth-shattering shattering messy aching poisonous more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand


Sounding sorrowful, mournful or melancholic
plaintive doleful mournful sorrowful woeful disconsolate grief-stricken heartbroken melancholy pathetic piteous pitiful rueful sad wistful woebegone dolorous melancholic plangent aching agonised agonized anguished bemoaning bewailing bitter broken-hearted deploring desolate dolesome forlorn funeral grieving grievous lamentable lugubrious regretful sorry unhappy wailing weeping wretched beefing bellyaching cantankerous crabby cranky elegiac grousing grumpy heartrending heartsick lamenting nostalgic saddening out of sorts distressing miserable heartbreaking tragic gloomy upsetting pitiable depressing harrowing distressful dismal lachrymose dispiriting traumatic regrettable painful agonizing disappointing agonising disheartening discouraging morose depressed cheerless blue unfortunate tearful dejecting despairing tear-jerking funereal unpleasant bleak despondent dejected poignant crestfallen downhearted downcast sombre somber down hopeless demoralizing dreary glum dire grim heavy-hearted joyless teary afflicted deplorable dispirited calamitous comfortless moving heartsore demoralising drear discomposing oppressive terrible down in the dumps heart-wrenching down in the mouth awful disturbing disquieting poor depressive drab dreadful difficult excruciating shocking mirthless troublesome crushing hurtful touching vexatious uncomfortable cold black dingy horrific appalling horrifying derisible mortifying pensive dark frightful daunting tragical unlucky disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable grave ruthful dolent weepy afflictive dolorific disastrous catastrophic cruel tortured racked feeble paltry mean morbid abject helpless lost lonesome forsaken forgotten abandoned lonely homeless bad heavyhearted friendless low-spirited droopy hangdog destitute saddened low uncared-for long-faced brokenhearted inconsolable bereft oppressed destroyed dragging cynical down and out weighed down fed up defenceless cast down fruitless solitary defenseless pessimistic in the dumps alone

Antonym of heart rending

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