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the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the hearta very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat)an animating or vital unifying force


A much-loved person, especially a significant other
beloved love darling sweetheart lover boyfriend dearest flame girlfriend beau honey angel dear steady sweet baby betrothed partner pet truelove fella inamorato squeeze sweetie admirer bird boyf doxy gallant girlf hon inamorata leman paramour swain worshiper worshipper fiance heartthrob idol sugar tootsie treasure loved one dear one true love love of my life significant other sweetie pie lady love one and only object of affection husband wife lady friend woman friend young lady young man fancy man fancy woman first and last man friend number one numero uno fiancé fiancée querida WAG the apple of one's eye the love of one's life the object of one's affections babe escort precious suitor wooer valentine dearie toy boy man poppet date fellow boy companion sugar daddy ladylove honeybunch sweeting friend fiancee follower courter love of one's life apple of one's eye soul mate old man heart's desire mistress my love intended girl courtesan Juliet Romeo concubine honeybun gal other man cicisbeo other woman intimate doll deary lover boy lovebird mate sweet one favorite favourite kept woman bit of fluff fair-haired boy cherished one bit on the side light of my life light of one's life gentleman caller squire gentleman friend mi amor sweety snuggle bug cuddle bug hero hetaera odalisque gigolo groom lass bride conquest catch sunshine jo heart-throb sugar pie cohabitee jong live-in lover honey bunch lovebug lamb confidant pal buddy guyfriend common-law husband guy favorite person cavalier firm favorite lady woman male friend lady-love bibi mot dona WAGs gill patootie the apple of somebody's eye confidante chickfriend GF old lady object of one's affections the pet idolizer infatuate suppliant solicitor Wag love interest fancy bit WAGs wives and girlfriends soulmate spouse bashert consort helpmate espoused helpmeet better half life partner romantic partner other half one's promised life companion little woman old woman missus missis wifey madam her indoors plus-one trouble and strife POSSLQ guy friend bae ball and chain domestic partner future wife marrier femme blind date fiancé affianced husband-to-be engaged person wife-to-be prospective spouse future prize acquisition hubby female friend female playmate fan equal bedfellow captive slave common-law wife damsel dame chick colleen dutch supporter bidie-in doxie seduction adherent wench charlie chook lassie enticement captivation enthrallment Dutch queen feather in your cap a notch on someone's bedpost feather in cap lady wife

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