Synonym of heartbreak

Alternative for heartbreak


intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)


Overwhelming mental anguish or grief, especially that caused by loss or disappointment
grief anguish sorrow despair pain suffering desolation heartache misery woe sadness trauma unhappiness affliction agony angst bitterness dejection despondency devastation distress dolefulness dolor hurt sorriness torment torture wretchedness bale care dolour heartsickness regret remorse rue broken heart heavy heart tribulation worry depression melancholy gloom blues travail anxiety hardship excruciation pang straits disappointment discomfort mourning mournfulness trial shock grieving upset gloominess lamentation rack malaise ache disconsolateness stress trouble disquiet desperation infelicity vexation sorrowfulness ordeal lamenting cheerlessness bereavement strain bemoaning adversity low spirits hurting burden dispiritedness headache mental suffering throe mopes glumness downheartedness passion heaviness of heart grievance misfortune bewailing dole disquietude purgatory mortification funk listlessness moodiness hell martyrdom broken-heartedness nightmare worriment dissatisfaction blow discouragement cross disconsolation twinge melancholia doldrums uneasiness dumps upheaval tragedy disaster emotional suffering problem deploring letdown lament drag poignancy irritation Gehenna horror murder embarrassment moroseness traumatization hopelessness forlornness down wrench dismay joylessness dismalness miserableness despondence dreariness hell on earth pessimism oppression weeping bad news defeatism despond blue devils discord agitation unrest turmoil strife pangs throes unpleasantness pining tumult repining sting awfulness painfulness calvary disheartenment difficulty disturbance curse nastiness disagreeableness resignation tension pressure jolt qualm scruple misgiving cataclysm rain demoralization resignedness tenseness ruth dark night of the soul cruelty laceration cruciation crucifixion impalement repentance deprivation perturbation dread trepidation restlessness poverty heartbrokenness demoralisation dashed hopes disorder concern perplexity stew unconsolability visitation shame extreme upset third degree stitch squalor confusion derangement outburst collapse tearfulness dejectedness chagrin sarcasm grievousness cynicism injury insult anvil chorus slight offence woefulness bleakness discontent downer hassle fiasco nuisance dismals discontentment downcastness dysphoria lowness pensiveness displeasure harm damage pest catastrophe abasement abjection anhedonia abjectness affront comedown annoyance misadventure bummer debacle albatross drama blue funk a low blahs the dumps the blues heavyheartedness heavy-heartedness failure dud offense wound sad event ill fortune cross to bear bad experience stroke of bad luck sense of loss nervousness unease apprehension fear bother anxiousness apprehensiveness alarm concernment nervosity agita fretfulness solicitude sweat discomposure foreboding consternation panic anger calamity exasperation inquietude inconvenience plague disconcertment disgruntlement scourge distraction discomfiture bane uncertainty indignation botheration fluster disconcertion weariness resentment doubt ferment commotion frustration disease disruption aggravation harassment fearfulness issue disaffection Weltschmerz awkwardness fright persecution catatonia neurosis sickness flap dilemma ennui uproar struggle turbulence destruction fury rage umbrage hindrance evil jitteriness pique butterflies blight disgust discontentedness furor willies jitters tizzy ailment shakes jumps furore heebie-jeebies mistrust fuss illness setback frenzy dullness mishap screaming abdabs travails abashment delirium weakness loss spleen flusteredness humiliation plight ire wildness wrath ills mess predicament feverishness chaos ruin mania danger hysteria suspicion irrationality edginess nerves crucible complaint stab crossness infirmity sullenness disenchantment regard outrage madness bad luck disapproval demands restiveness row condition burdens hysterics spasm disfavour test smarting dubiety excitement smart cramp disarray menace paroxysm disfavor death heat relevance relation prick malady distaste intensity disapprobation twitchiness flurry tingle emotion ill suspense urgency dislike disrelish throb nag storm malcontent malcontentment convulsions dither indisposition pestilence watchfulness nervous tension lather creeps fidgets shivers instability megrim to-do soreness loss of control nail-biting saturninity ill-humor heaviness morbidity all-overs loss of reason screaming habdabs mental distress mopery righteous anger Sturm und Drang pins and needles provocation cold sweat goose bumps the hump ants in pants the mopes slough of despond strait acrimony complexity trickiness bewilderment deep trouble dire straits hot water bind disorientation wrong discombobulation mid-life crisis mischance mischief qualms scare overexcitement needles reverse enervation lassitude solicitousness presentiment rankling malice start privation dispossession duress negativity mirthlessness lugubriousness bedevilment wronging crux disregard peevishness ill-humour knock labour labor languor ailments defeat shake-up surprise load harsh conditions hard times loss of face complication exertions stimulation clamour outcry flutter overextension distention problems sense of foreboding punishment harrying reversion dislocation queasiness butterflies in the stomach toil baptism of fire baulk crushing balk importunity pains spasms disillusionment arousal disability detriment debility feebleness harshness uphill disadvantage drawback bad break hard luck rotten luck ruination case quandary pickle expectancy impatience disinclination querulousness disliking jealousy aversion heartburn envy boredom bugging irritant weight messiness turn-up subversion incitement ill luck gauntlet gantlet fire rainy day double whammy hard knock hard time shoot contamination disbenefit drain teasing dysthymia weltschmerz decrepitude sickliness unhealthiness infirmness challenge aching clamor rocking mixing pollution bothering megrims low nagging issues fit stabs retribution responsibility attention somberness desperateness painful experience disillusion crunch exigency toughness unkindness severity hardness grimness relentlessness vapours hump lugubriosity troubles vapors nemesis bête noire shooting pain gnawing yips abdabs turn matter knot mope dourness sulks consideration tizzy, tizz nervous excitement endogenous depression reactive depression clinical depression one's black dog postnatal depression pressure of work unfulfilment pathos collywobbles bitter pill bête noir downfall prickle corruption canker pain in the rear thorn in someone's flesh pain in the neck thorn in someone's side pain in the backside pain in the bum task mubblefubbles mulligrubs vengeance infliction penalty heed unpleasant experience jim-jams sharp pain gripe bite lack of comfort cancer fungus mildew contagion undoing interest pitfall infestation mental pressure crick low-spiritedness butterflies in one's stomach Joe Blakes carefulness blessing pressure cooker benefit scrape puzzle pestering irascibility being bummed blue Johnnies the dismals piteousness dump eyesore withering sight fatal attraction hang-up heedfulness tenderness pitifulness feeling sentiment blot on the landscape evocativeness plaintiveness emotionalism rebellion bearing anarchy insurrection uprising rioting interestedness conflict nostalgia expressiveness sentimentality pandemonium sedition tender loving care protest stir unquietness birse lividity angriness mood wrathfulness mad lividness irateness choler rampage fever unreason deliriousness ructions quarrel fighting bustle fermentation scorn huff rise miff animus mirth panic attack noise violence bedlam change dissension altercation dissent mayhem hubbub moil upheavals coil slow burn bickering controversy debate contention crisis hurly ado welter bluster pother blather foofaraw shindy helter-skelter clatter squall hurly-burly hoo-ha bobbery hubble-bubble hurry hullabaloo kerfuffle splore do ruckus corroboree whirl rumpus hurry-scurry fun clutter hurricane williwaw ruction ballyhoo hoo-hah hurry-skurry hoopla zoo boiling point fit of agitation outburst of agitation fit of madness brouhaha tohubohu topsy-turviness havoc hectic riot alarums and excursions mix-up free-for-all

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