Synonym of heartbreakingly


Adverb for causing overwhelming distress
distressingly tragically sadly heart-rendingly poignantly agonizingly grievously harrowingly painfully pitifully upsettingly distressfully disturbingly affectingly bitterly deplorably excruciatingly heartrendingly lamentably movingly piteously plaintively regrettably saddeningly traumatically unfortunately unluckily woefully gut-wrenchingly afflictively calamitously cheerlessly direly disappointingly joylessly touchingly pathetically sorrily pitiably dreadfully wretchedly mournfully miserably dismally depressingly awfully terribly sorrowfully melancholily unhappily appallingly grimly drearily disastrously shockingly stirringly emotionally tearfully gloomily dolefully tearily poorly emotively disquietingly impressively frightfully tormentingly intolerably impactfully cruelly gravely catastrophically unbearably hopelessly atrociously hauntingly horrifyingly shamefully anguishedly egregiously rottenly sombrely worryingly somberly hurtfully unfavourably cataclysmically frighteningly meanly ruinously stressfully ruefully unpleasantly badly troublesomely dolorously dispiritingly unfavorably nastily devastatingly abysmally horrendously horridly lousily lachrymosely melancholically alarmingly funereally torturously execrably sentimentally fatally excitingly desolately unwelcomely horribly bleakly discouragingly dramatically thrillingly tenderly outrageously unacceptably undesirably comfortlessly haplessly abjectly forlornly diabolically adversely solemnly nerve-rackingly gruesomely monstrously ill-fatedly ghastlily gallingly crummily destructively harmfully offensively godawfully sickeningly fatefully cripplingly powerfully weepily severely harshly unendurably difficultly insupportably toughly upliftingly dishearteningly hardly unsettlingly inexcusably troublingly disconsolately dirtily inopportunely reprehensibly disgracefully distressedly discomposingly inauspiciously inspiringly disconcertingly fearfully darkly irksomely desperately ignominiously tellingly concerningly dejectedly heinously soberly objectionably paltrily unsatisfactorily affectively loathsomely horrifically rousingly blameworthily morosely sullenly abominably detestably despairingly disagreeably terrifyingly hostilely grossly scandalously afflictedly taxingly mind-blowingly repugnantly vilely odiously iniquitously damningly forbiddingly unspeakably abhorrently vexatiously uninvitingly humourlessly foully humorlessly contemptibly disgustingly stunningly stinkingly blackly revoltingly passionately despondently grippingly despicably chronically expressively dishonorably dishonourably arousingly sourly direfully uglily opprobriously impossibly drably ill-advisedly untowardly intensely lugubriously ragingly sobbingly wetly moistly waterily unforgivably unpropitiously injuriously disadvantageously lucklessly nostalgically wrongly chillingly detrimentally preposterously ingloriously senselessly feebly meltingly evocatively glaringly regretfully unpromisingly inimically unpardonably unconscionably indefensibly foolishly ridiculously sinfully misfortunately depressedly killingly perniciously messily downcastly infelicitously immorally ignobly discreditably wickedly disreputably heartwarmingly flagrantly nefariously naggingly responsively sympathetically wistfully compassionately dangerously soaringly tearingly heartbrokenly damagingly crucially critically cryingly pressingly unjustifiably basely crestfallenly glumly flagitiously heavily urgently extremely crushingly lethally mortally worthlessly woebegonely downheartedly inconsolably unkindly drastically seriously weightily villainously deathlily criminally insufferably worrisomely bluely scarily dreadly intimidatingly redoubtably formidably ominously irretrievably fearsomely strikingly meaningfully cloyingly mawkishly saccharinely sugarily syrupily distastefully unpalatably dauntingly brokenheartedly spiritlessly portentously exigently parlously significantly breathlessly sententiously mushily drippily cutesily schmaltzily sappily soppily annoyingly irritatingly unsavorily repellently repulsively uncomfortably mortifyingly tryingly exactingly lonesomely heavyheartedly lonelily elegiacally depressively droopily terrifically fiercely unforgivingly lowly luridly troublously displeasingly macabrely hairily hideously obnoxiously grislily ickily nauseatingly sedately nightmarishly scummily scabbily inadequately scurvily inferiorly lamely cheaply rattily substandardly grubbily dispiritedly helplessly powerlessly mirthlessly repellantly awkwardly grottily nauseously uncoolly hellaciously yuckily unappealingly unsavourily unpleasingly uncongenially meagrely stimulatingly meagerly overwhelmingly faultily nail-bitingly off-puttingly spiritedly electrifyingly headily exhilaratingly intoxicatingly rivetingly inspirationally mind-bogglingly galvanically livelily breathtakingly heart-stoppingly electrically anthemically inspiritingly magnificently awakeningly dynamically


Adverb for causing, or suggestive of, melancholy or unhappiness
sadly depressingly dismally saddeningly drearily melancholily mournfully sorrily pathetically heartrendingly tearfully tearily gloomily sombrely somberly wretchedly bleakly miserably cheerlessly elegiacally glumly grimly desolately dishearteningly darkly funereally joylessly comfortlessly morosely depressively direly dolefully drably unhappily melancholically solemnly blackly forlornly morbidly godforsakenly sullenly uncomfortably dispiritingly piteously lugubriously sepulchrally woefully distressingly uninvitingly oppressively disconsolately ruefully coldly hopelessly abjectly tragically saturninely tenebrously unpleasantly sunlessly lonesomely sorrowfully discouragingly dolorously depressedly upsettingly bluely dingily poorly grayly distressfully harrowingly murkily greyly pitiably lamentably lonelily cloudily pitifully terribly grievously austerely spiritlessly unwelcomingly dejectedly woebegonely dourly starkly barely despondently dimly inhospitably demoralizingly blandly distressedly crestfallenly gravely painfully clinically impersonally demoralisingly disappointingly heart-rendingly unfortunately jarringly wintrily institutionally afflictedly dreadfully lachrymosely squalidly sordidly appallingly shamefully disagreeably execrably deplorably lousily inferiorly badly rottenly displeasingly impoverishedly scurvily detestably indigently contemptibly foully despicably unpromisingly disgracefully vilely filthily shoddily trashily derisorily destitutely lowly awfully intolerably gut-wrenchingly regrettably poignantly bitterly difficultly mirthlessly dolesomely excruciatingly shockingly crushingly traumatically dispiritedly troublesomely dauntingly agonizingly movingly discomposingly vexatiously horrifically mortifyingly frightfully pensively plangently horrifyingly unfavorably unfavourably

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