Synonym of heartbreaks

Alternative for heartbreaks


intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)


Plural for overwhelming mental anguish or grief, especially that caused by loss or disappointment
griefs anguishes sorrows despairs pains sufferings desolations heartaches miseries woes sadnesses traumata unhappinesses afflictions agonies angst bitternesses dejections despondencies devastations distresses dolefulness dolors hurts sorriness torments tortures wretchednesses bales cares dolours heartsicknesses regrets remorses rues broken hearts heavy hearts worries depressions tribulations melancholies gloom blues anxieties pangs travaux excruciations straits mournings hardships discomforts mournfulnesses grievings shocks gloominesses lamentations upsets disappointments malaises trials racks aches disconsolateness stresses disquiet infelicities desperations sorrowfulnesses cheerlessness lamentings throes bereavements troubles strains bemoanings vexations hurtings dispiritedness ordeals headaches glumnesses downheartedness mopes passions grievances dole bewailings adversities broken-heartedness mortifications purgatories disquietudes moodinesses funks listlessnesses hells burdens dissatisfactions martyrdoms disconsolations nightmares worriments crosses twinges melancholias doldrums uneasinesses dumps upheavals laments misfortunes poignancies irritations blows horrors murders morosenesses embarrassments traumatizations dismalnesses hopelessnesses discouragements forlornnesses dismay joylessnesses wrenches miserablenesses despondences weepings drearinesses hell on earth pessimisms oppressions bad news defeatisms despond blue devils discords agitations pinings unrests disasters repinings turmoils strifes downs tumults calvaries stings unpleasantnesses problemata disheartenments curses difficulties painfulnesses awfulnesses disturbances resignations repentances qualms scruples misgivings pressures tensions jolts drags rains cataclysms deprivations disagreeablenesses nastinesses demoralizations resignedness tensenesses heartbrokenness poverties ruth cruelties crucifixions cruciations lacerations impalements perturbations insults injuries demoralisation dreads trepidations restlessnesses perplexities stews concerns disorders visitations shames offences slights stitches squalors third degree chagrins tearfulnesses dejectedness collapses derangements confusions outbursts harms damages woefulness bleaknesses discontents cynicisms grievousnesses sarcasms affronts downcastness discontentments pensiveness lownesses displeasures dysphorias anhedonias abjections abasements abjectnesses blahs heavyheartedness heavy-heartedness blue funks letdowns wounds offenses unease fears nervousnesses apprehensions anxiousnesses bothers apprehensiveness nervosities concernments forebodings agita fretfulnesses hassles sweats struggles ills solicitudes calamities wearinesses tests persecutions catatonias annoyances ailments spasms inquietudes plagues toils labours labors diseases scourges banes trials and tribulations crosses to bear mishaps sicknesses misadventures weaknesses stabs consternations alarms sullennesses uncertainties ferments paroxysms turbulences loads restivenesses grinds crucibles bummers infirmities panics fearfulnesses unquietnesses harassments desperateness drains encumbrances fermentations conditions drudgeries living hells jitteriness edginesses battles ennuis conflicts nags disaffections saturninity bad luck millstones exertions heavinesses morbidities dullnesses uphill battles weights Sturm und Drang tall orders distractions hellholes abysses frights sombernesses inconveniences sulks dournesses endeavors convulsions fits efforts sorrowings keenings plights cruces storms mulligrubs wrongs baptisms of fire disconcertments nerves solicitousness mirthlessness lugubriousness negativities mischances mischiefs pathoses illnesses terrors wailings doubts slogs gauntlets gantlets fires nuisances mid-life crises evils destructions butterflies sloughs of despond jitters pests presentiments willies challenges malice botherations irritants enervations lassitudes jumps shakes twitchiness endeavours long hauls sorenesses losses knocks shivas uproars disillusionments disenchantments responsibilities heebie-jeebies naggings provocations languors chaoses frustrations disgruntlements pricks blacknesses achings moanings darknesses languishings cryings disruptions rebellions disfavors indignations anarchies feeblenesses indispositions debilities pains in the rear pains in the bum pains in the neck thorns in the flesh ill luck scars aftereffects legacies hangovers effects insurrections uprisings ruins disabilities detriments resentments disfavours exasperations distaste discontentedness disillusions aggravations disapprovals riotings dithers weltschmerz decrepitudes maladies sicklinesses infirmness unhealthinesses angers disrelish disgust unfulfilment dislikes smarts tingles shoots cramps seditions protests malcontents discomposures disapprobations quarrels ructions fightings tizzies gnawings ill-humors instabilities changes dissensions deaths throbs self-sacrifices executions devotions gripes sacrifices martyrizations bites dissents altercations bickerings controversies debates contentions crises setbacks reverses issues albatrosses downers travails wrongings strokes of bad luck rainy days double whammies


Plural for a burden or ordeal that must be endured or overcome
trials troubles afflictions tribulations burdens misfortunes ordeals hardships adversities difficulties problemata blows mishaps misadventures setbacks hassles reverses crosses traumata inconveniences headaches bothers loads albatrosses fires travails crucibles rigours rigors complications gauntlets gantlets calvaries aggravations crucifixions bad luck crosses to bear strokes of bad luck trials and tribulations disasters catastrophes distresses sorrows pains downers bummers calamities shocks miseries vicissitudes woes heartaches debacles ills disappointments mischances sufferings knocks contretemps drags torments sadnesses failures cataclysms devastations blights apocalypses unluckinesses whammies agonies injuries unhappinesses struggles dooms wrecks lots curses humiliations dolors discouragements fiascoes nuisances pests vexations griefs annoyances comedowns letdowns travaux dramas downs duds wretchednesses upsets tortures accidents crises reversals hells asperities hardnesses buffets dangers dolours jams crunches stresses issues poisons jinxes hurtings nakbas skids clutches ill-fortunes tough luck ill-luck dire straits ill luck strokes of ill luck evil eyes pains in the bum hell on earth cans of worms reversals of fortune pains in the neck deep waters kisses of death pains in the rear messes muddles imbrogli predicaments plights dilemmata emergencies quandaries pickles binds mires entanglements tight spots hot water confusions fixes holes straits quagmires perplexities chaoses stews upheavals conundra disarrays impasses turmoils scourges havocs disorders scrapes shambles horrors exigencies bad news no-win situations train wrecks spots extremities mix-ups pinches collapses crashes depressions car crashes rabbit holes hang-ups complexities uphills boxes corners swamps jackpots rattraps plagues worries nightmares banes sticky wickets spectacles snarls commotions incidents fusses disturbances businesses adventures melodramata tensions circumstances scenes occasions affairs rows fracas thrills sensations excitements tear-jerkers farces to-dos meltdowns pressures urgencies passes tinderboxes ruins embarrassments vicious circles monstrosities situations busts shipwrecks bombs hot potatoes double troubles holocausts puzzles desolations disorderliness messinesses

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