Synonym of heartbrokenly


To a very large or great degree
sorely badly greatly severely very achingly almighty archly awful awfully beastly blisteringly bone colossally corking cracking dang deadly desperately eminently enormously especially ever exceeding exceedingly extra extremely fabulously fantastically far fiercely filthy frightfully full heavily highly hugely immensely incredibly intensely jolly majorly mightily mighty monstrous mortally most much particularly passing rattling real really right roaring roaringly seriously so sore spanking specially stinking such super supremely surpassingly terribly that thumping too unco uncommonly vastly vitally way whacking wicked wildly acutely distressfully exceptionally remarkably tremendously extraordinarily decidedly well ultra dead markedly thoroughly mega oh-so a lot good and as all get-out unusually devilish dreadfully mucho gravely terrifically ever so notably inordinately excessively madly utterly truly singularly plumb distinctly powerful critically devilishly profoundly strikingly significantly outstandingly to a great extent very much quite considerably lekker abundantly bloody fair darned positively painfully fearfully staggeringly overly grievously completely deeply drastically totally hellish signally monumentally amazingly extensively astronomically monstrously fully downright heartily entirely dangerously to the nth degree too-too absolutely uniquely conspicuously largely perfectly direly surprisingly noticeably substantially immoderately dirty appreciably parlously stupendously massively sizably broadly perilously over big-time peculiarly strongly hard all that passionately wholly indeed altogether superlatively pressingly alarmingly distressingly urgently to a great degree cryingly crucially prodigiously compellingly precariously burningly immeasurably exigently vehemently materially astonishingly exorbitantly powerfully incomparably mad obviously to the core plenty infinitely by much in the extreme to a fault by leaps and bounds fatally unduly firmly unreasonably unwontedly extremely badly very badly importunately imperatively necessitously imperiously intently ridiculously clamantly emergently prominently to hopelessly easily chronically suitably strangely irretrievably emphatically dramatically in every respect in every way dearly in all respects to the hilt wonderfully a hundred per cent one hundred per cent unconscionably unnecessarily outrageously hysterically every inch over- beyond rather pretty obscenely discernibly clearly genuinely principally palpably visibly horribly disturbingly radically by far to too great an extent like mad in a marked degree par excellence by a long way by a great amount too much in excess to too great an degree by a great deal like crazy by a mile on a grand scale positive simply screamingly enough stonking thundering socking hazardously confoundedly blasted flaming blooming disgustingly roughly revoltingly abominably somewhat harmfully carelessly soundly exactly sizeably thrice dashed ominously incalculably unhappily notoriously discouragingly unfortunately unbelievably flat-out appallingly all darn glaringly inimitably undoubtedly veritably certifiably famously really bad woefully oddly curiously abnormally uncustomarily preeminently unaccountably on a large scale by a considerable amount in great measure hellishly uber through and through all over Esp très worryingly before all else in specie hairily consequentially ruinously catastrophically instantly deplorably regrettably essentially forebodingly importantly paramountly necessarily lots immediately integrally fundamentally no end a fair amount by half a great deal as all get out clamorously foremostly primarily indispensably drivingly capitally leadingly solemnly chiefly weightily pre-eminently momentously sure sadly keenly sharply grimly feelingly abjectly earnestly movingly affectingly certainly sincerely assuredly legitimately mournfully surely to the quick to the heart from the bottom of your heart bizarrely rarely atypically weirdly queerly anomalously aberrantly unconventionally eccentrically freakishly outlandishly irregularly unfamiliarly unorthodoxly differently funnily quirkily phenomenally unexpectedly quaintly unnaturally novelly idiosyncratically preternaturally unaccustomedly freakily untypically originally noteworthily unprecedentedly wackily erratically kinkily uncannily kookily distinctively rumly crazily exotically mysteriously funkily crankily whackily queerishly newly inconceivably puzzlingly impressively astoundingly mystifyingly zanily divergently freshly uncharacteristically perplexingly individually sensationally bafflingly unknownly incongruously stunningly characteristically alternatively unimaginably isolatedly unthinkably awesomely foreignly alienly whimsically memorably inexplicably marvellously revolutionarily spectacularly breathtakingly miraculously marvelously pronouncedly deviously groundbreakingly aberrationally flakily dubiously brilliantly pioneeringly wondrously exclusively spookily manifestly perversely suspiciously incomprehensibly startlingly diagnostically scarcely mind-blowingly preposterously superiorly daggily innovatively nonstandardly distinguishedly creatively infrequently questionably mind-bogglingly pervertedly absurdly typically unreally jarringly distinguishingly quizzically inventively individualistically modernly supernaturally imaginatively ingeniously surreally experimentally saliently specifically fishily unforgettably fancifully interestingly heterodoxly nuttily capriciously observably classically creepily obscurely anomalistically neoterically insanely contemporarily implausibly grandly magnificently matchlessly imposingly showily progressively dazzlingly futuristically evidently twistedly improbably ludicrously bodaciously commandingly catchily flamboyantly noisily splashily boldly discriminatingly doubtfully stellarly symptomatically attractively jaw-droppingly heretically originatively disruptively newsworthily contrarily forcefully sporadically refreshingly modernistically nonsensically overwhelmingly portentously irrationally seldomly coolly cockeyedly soly loads heaps solitarily tons singly oodles wholesale overmuch tonnes a good deal indescribably unmistakably unequivocally a ton grotesquely patently all in all impossibly to beat the band waywardly inconsistently engagingly finely definitely bewilderingly supernormally too … for words decisively digressively nobly egoistically intriguingly perceptibly informally incredulously unconceivably uncompellingly unconvincingly comically personally properly inscrutably peerlessly nameably onely disquietingly paranormally egotistically unlikely disparately arcanely wanderingly beautifully extravagantly latestly unceremoniously magically flukily exaggeratedly hotly esoterically unpredictably limitedly dottily meaningfully recently mystically egregiously suspectly unknowably electrifyingly foolishly problematically eventfully improperly rummily unanticipatedly toweringly untraditionally occasionally reconditely remotely gloriously sufficiently so much uncommon excitingly crazy shockingly disproportionately dissimilarly unexplainably forsooth frankly honestly admittedly truthfully verily actually illogically paradoxically fairly tidily reasonably representatively privately sickly battily illustriously reputably sublimely … enough alternately measurably detectably thrillingly unfathomably alonely awkwardly discretely unquestionably undeniably expressly ramblingly unsettlingly insolubly impenetrably pervily ineffably subnormally prestigiously otherly pointedly indisputably plentifully defectively disconcertingly fast entire even clean wide out flat cleverly renownedly tall in the saddle anarchistically gorgeously captivatingly labouredly laboredly independently transcendently transcendentally readily crackingly shadily bigly touchingly marginally prohibitively unspeakably unutterably violently insupportably artfully deathly unhealthily skittishly unrealistically shakily equivocally disputably dubitably debatably dodgily superhumanly metaphysically unharmoniously errantly discordantly mentally transformationally superly utmostly enigmatically abstrusely ideally grandiosely all of randomly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously dissidently iconoclastically corruptly brightly upsettingly confusingly unannouncedly discomfitingly dementedly determinedly variationally devicefully unsuitably inappropriately illegally redoubtably precisely separately occultly ghostlily luminously sort of unconstrainedly unfetteredly unintelligibly heftily anarchically schismatically astrally majestically delightfully admirably in spades no mistake of course no catch straight out unforeseeably fortuitously historically resonantly fatefully generously pivotally conclusively earthshakingly quantumly potently preponderantly impactfully cardinally egocentrically vaingloriously conceitedly egomaniacally selfishly pompously narcissistically no holds barred no strings attached for a fact by all means goldenly forcibly visionarily unrelatedly loftily cogently fascinatingly charmingly tellingly jazzily no ifs ands or buts funny primely inspiredly inspiringly nondescriptly scatteredly subtly shortly scantily thinly subtilely semioccasionally unfrequently sparsely lightly tenuously deficiently flimsily artistically seminally excellently harshly uncompromisingly strictly unbendingly sternly toughly zealously unrelentingly unyieldingly unmitigatedly remorselessly rigidly nicely exquisitely punishingly steeply fanatically punitively stiffly draconianly austerely rigorously daintily superbly unseemlily flagrantly downrightly grossly oppressively ferociously baroquely unmercifully intemperately sterlingly splendidly popularly heavenlily optimally preferentially unsurpassedly fantabulously lovelily groovily plethorically swingeingly imprudently lavishly overweeningly sheerly fancily intolerably preciously corkingly neatly dandily meanly righteously slickly niftily elegantly bonnily divinely peachily defly choicely favouredly valuably supernally


Adverb for suffering from overwhelming distress
dejectedly miserably disconsolately inconsolably desolately despondently downcastly sadly sorrowfully anguishedly brokenheartedly crestfallenly disheartenedly dispiritedly despairingly heavy-heartedly sufferingly dismally distressedly badly bluely depressedly disappointedly dolefully downheartedly droopily forlornly gloomily glumly heavyheartedly joylessly lowly melancholically melancholily mournfully sorrily unhappily woebegonely woefully wretchedly dolorously discouragedly distraughtly morosely lugubriously cheerlessly ruefully regretfully tearfully troubledly pessimistically plaintively bitterly sombrely plangently somberly lamentably dolesomely achingly sullenly moodily afflictedly abjectly hopelessly spiritlessly elegiacally drearily comfortlessly painedly bleakly mirthlessly piteously wistfully funereally pitifully tearily painfully grimly grievously defeatistly solemnly saturninely lachrymosely weepily tristfully woundedly distressingly blackly depressively heavily brokenly depressingly tragically pensively pathetically aggrievedly emotionally bleedingly morbidly heart-rendingly wearily desperately anxiously sulkily heartrendingly lonesomely lonelily helplessly calamitously grumpily ruthfully dourly sepulchrally crummily defeatedly greyly grayly negatively listlessly shamefacedly pitiably abashedly darkly unconsolably perturbedly sheepishly harrowingly disconcertedly direly nostalgically flusteredly concernedly deplorably godforsakenly discombobulatedly uptightly saddeningly sourly antsily haplessly flatly subduedly crabbily cynically resignedly dysphorically broodily mopishly crabbedly surlily languidly languorously remorsefully displeasedly guiltily cowedly worriedly furtively uncomfortably embarrassedly ashamedly sorely suicidally apathetically affectingly troublingly afflictively regrettably humourlessly humorlessly lucklessly crankily cantankerously discontentedly poorly worthlessly horrifiedly oppressively sinisterly forsakenly abandonedly homelessly frantically broodingly destitutely friendlessly damply uglily sluggishly churlishly bearishly forebodingly horribly ominously dispiritingly vexedly agitatedly droopingly cloudedly atrabiliously saggingly dashedly huffily discouragingly heartbreakingly murkily alonely fruitlessly defencelessly solitarily defenselessly uneasily unmitigably unfortunately powerlessly tenebrously atrociously hauntedly coldly cloudily sunlessly jumpily affectedly unwelcomingly dishearteningly austerely drably uninvitingly dingily inhospitably starkly barely dimly blandly clinically impersonally jarringly wintrily institutionally dreamily reflectively seriously repentantly contritely lornly penitently apologetically tenderly forbiddingly unluckily taciturnly gravely uncommunicatively unsmilingly compunctiously soulfully musingly meditatively contemplatively phlegmatically unresponsively cursedly thoughtfully wishfully desirously infelicitously languishingly ill-fatedly

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