Synonym of heartbrokenness


A state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort
misery distress agony torture torment unhappiness suffering anguish hardship affliction depression despair discomfort grief pain woe wretchedness gloom desolation hell sadness sorrow angst anxiety deprivation despondency heartache melancholy dejection heartbreak poverty blues doldrums excruciation Gehenna gloominess horror hurt melancholia moroseness murder nightmare rack straits travail tribulation dolour dumps ache dolor headache hurting low spirits pang passion squalor stitch throe twinge worriment worry anvil chorus bad news dolefulness mournfulness disconsolateness glumness dispiritedness forlornness sorrowfulness despondence downheartedness heartsickness cheerlessness miserableness joylessness mopes despond dreariness oppression hopelessness blue devils ordeal trauma discouragement pessimism trouble regret desperation disquiet mourning malaise vexation rue disappointment trial bitterness heavy-heartedness disconsolation lamentation upset disquietude grieving uneasiness moodiness care purgatory funk infelicity sorriness concern bleakness stress woefulness blue funk fear broken-heartedness misgiving chagrin mortification heavy heart burden hell on earth heaviness of heart dismalness agitation defeatism misfortune nervousness lamenting dismay dismals perturbation blahs discontent bereavement disheartenment curse foreboding listlessness unease apprehension dread irritation dullness somberness trepidation apprehensiveness martyrdom restlessness broken heart abjection difficulty strain anxiousness bemoaning concernment fretfulness nervosity dole tension agita abjectness remorse dissatisfaction bane cross pensiveness dejectedness adversity anhedonia lugubriousness mental suffering letdown uncertainty downer sweat grievance plague shock bother calamity scourge the blues lament bewailing the hump down poignancy tearfulness tenseness catatonia demoralization ennui megrim mopery weeping dysphoria perplexity seriousness weariness demoralisation panic trials and tribulations drag annoyance persecution solicitude doubt butterflies flap pitifulness painfulness willies tragedy jitters shakes cold sweat problem jumps botheration heebie-jeebies devastation pressure crucifixion unrest deploring sullenness turmoil embarrassment resignedness tedium boredom living hell emotional suffering desperateness pining harassment wrench dourness displeasure bummer repining downcastness stew saturninity lowness consternation heaviness morbidity cross to bear abasement discontentment fearfulness dashed hopes qualm heavyheartedness edginess nerves slough of despond darkness jitteriness nag the dumps alarm suspense twitchiness watchfulness fuss creeps shivers ants in pants nail-biting the mopes mistrust goose bumps the dismals fidgets all-overs morosity destitution discord pangs throes distraction strife pitiableness unpleasantness strait tumult disaster awfulness bale resignation terror calvary abyss hellhole inertia apathy disease disagreeableness nastiness punishment victimization killing extreme unhappiness cruelty laceration cruciation impalement unconsolability sting scruple negativity mirthlessness Weltschmerz repentance shame visitation sickness dark night of the soul cataclysm rain sombreness cloud execution ills mope sulks sorrowing keening dolefuls wistfulness third degree disturbance mulligrubs mubblefubbles infirmity condition weakness crux plight indifference stupor slump disinterest lethargy torpor stagnation sluggishness inactivity yawn lassitude inquietude wailing spectre specter shadow pall a low low-spiritedness needles sense of foreboding pins and needles grievousness sarcasm cynicism extreme upset turbulence nuisance down trip being bummed blue Johnnies disconcertment pest black mood shiva responsibility irritant hassle disillusionment disenchantment soreness victimisation disgruntlement frustration presentiment moaning languishing blackness aching crying burdens provocation nagging disfavor indignation a nightmare an ordeal a trial disapproval disillusion disfavour distaste resentment aggravation exasperation disaffection discontentedness suspicion pathos pain in the rear thorn in someone's side pain in the backside thorn in someone's flesh pain in the neck pain in the bum yips dubiety abdabs butterflies in the stomach anger dislike disrelish disgust unfulfilment phobia bogey Joe Blakes screaming abdabs jim-jams collywobbles butterflies in one's stomach a difficult experience dysthymia hallucination malcontent malcontentment discomposure disapprobation megrims low vapours troubles hump vapors lugubriosity fantasy vision phantasm dream illusion pet hate succubus fancy ill-humor piteousness clinical depression tizzy a frustrating experience tizz fluster a unpleasant experience state bad dream tenderness feeling sentiment intensity emotion endogenous depression night terror reactive depression dither tiz-woz twit evocativeness emotionalism plaintiveness postnatal depression one's black dog expressiveness sentimentality nostalgia trembling state of fear fright

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