Synonym of heartsickening


Causing, or suggestive of, melancholy or unhappiness
heartrending depressing dismal drear dreary heartbreaking melancholy mournful pathetic sad saddening sorry tearful teary doleful moving poignant tear-jerking touching upsetting wretched gloomy sombre somber cheerless miserable woeful bleak sorrowful piteous melancholic joyless distressing desolate unhappy comfortless grim funereal glum forlorn pitiful dark rueful disheartening lamentable morose solemn dire pitiable lugubrious disconsolate harrowing painful dolorous sullen depressive dispiriting tragic drab hopeless heart-rending abject black discouraging depressed uninviting woebegone godforsaken distressed dejecting uncomfortable morbid poor blue sepulchral elegiac lonesome elegiacal distressful unfortunate grievous dejected agonizing terrible unpleasant cold oppressive crestfallen despondent saturnine tenebrific plutonian tenebrous lonely dreich sunless afflicted traumatic Cimmerian cast down agonising lachrymose excruciating anguished disappointing spiritless bad dingy gray chill murky grey darkening mourning cloudy down-and-out regrettable dreadful bitter heartbroken dull deplorable drearisome disagreeable grieving affecting austere unwelcoming sorrowing grief-stricken dour dim bare inhospitable stark heart-wrenching gut-wrenching heartsick despairing broken-hearted bland low clinical draggy mopey impersonal wintery institutional wintry jarring in the dumps grave demoralizing troublesome dolesome squalid demoralising downcast tragical appalling awful sordid plangent down weeping downhearted shameful dispirited mirthless horrid horrific discomposing inconsolable lamenting regretful execrable inferior lousy afflictive plaintive indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable scurvy foul rotten saddened brokenhearted heavyhearted droopy hangdog heartsore calamitous low-spirited hurting down in the dumps down in the mouth tormenting emotional daunting desolating sober pain-filled disturbing disconcerting ghastly inauspicious gruesome disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable unlucky unnerving disquieting discomforting hurtful horrible horrendous humourless humorless heavy-hearted bowed down despicable contemptible heart-breaking disgraceful unpromising vile troubling ruthful in pain dolent full of sorrow sick at heart in mourning singing the blues troubled in sorrow weepy trashy shoddy filthy destitute derisory poverty-stricken wistful intolerable worthless blubbering blubbery tear-filled bawling sobbing watery sniveling wet moist whimpering snivelling devastated funeral aching deploring agonized bewailing bemoaning wailing choked grousing cranky crabby grumpy bellyaching beefing cantankerous nostalgic gutted powerless helpless bummed downtrodden sour hapless agonised cut up in the pits chap-fallen long-faced in tears out of sorts difficult shocking crushing vexatious horrifying derisible mortifying pensive frightful darkened shadowy clouded overcast dusky leaden overclouded severe caliginous stern unlit darkish obscured lightless nebulous unilluminated stygian shady pitchy rayless dusk clouded over moody unsmiling beclouded foggy louring pitch-black pitch-dark dimmed misty sedate serious darksome darkling forbidding sulky lowering heavy nubilous obscure off-putting surly earnest weighty macabre poker-faced foreboding staid crepuscular no-nonsense moping Stygian ominous repugnant dragged in low spirits harsh poorly lit stony hazy frowning sourpuss muted subdued glowering repellent uncommunicative stony-faced colorless repulsive hazed offensive sickening unpropitious revolting pessimistic crabbed ugly distasteful unpalatable rainy taciturn opaque lacklustre deep lackluster chapfallen frightening dismaying colourless boring monotonous lifeless God-awful loathsome unexciting uninteresting uninspiring humdrum in a blue funk bummed out blah badly lit pained unamused brooding in the doldrums gaunt scowling bad-tempered grouchy churlish starless moonless phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive oppressed weary mopish broody depressant sable disheartened unfriendly sorry for oneself sunk in gloom demoralized ill-lit unlighted discouraged down-in-the-mouth shot down dirgeful dampening have the blahs downbeat having the blahs having blue devils inky jet black gruff blue funk crushed disappointed bedimmed hideous grisly destroyed bleeding undesirable down and out fed up let-down not happy sobersided lurid unearthly unclear unappealing unappetizing untempting unattractive repressing dissuading hindering inopportune disadvantageous deterring uncomic bereaved flinty fierce intimidating ungentle steely rough mean-looking rugged aggrieved eerie subfusc strict puritanical douce grotesque ghostly terrifying gory nightmarish disapproving unsympathetic demoralised monstrous fearsome unhumorous not hopeful not encouraging pitiless grewsome terrific nightmare nauseating objectionable po-faced serious-minded mephitical hellish irritable unkind repellant bewildering vexing testing unwelcome annoying abhorrent worrying galling perturbing perplexing alarming sinister revulsive frustrating unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating parlous unpleasing irksome hard-faced hard stringent spookish weird scary atrocious spooky chilling threatening sick unhealthy disgusting nasty unenticing death-obsessed dirty menacing promising rain not fair not clear

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